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Shri Ganesh

Worship of Lord Ganesh

You may chant Mangaladata Kripasindhu while viewing the images.

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I love being able to come to this gallery and chant Mangaladata Kripasindhu along with the recording. I find myself coming to this gallery during the day for brief times to chant and experience Lord Ganesh’s darshan in many ways. Each time I find myself letting go of worry and opening up to his embrace.

New York, United States

What a beautiful homage to Lord Ganesh—capturing his various moods, postures, and expressions! This gallery shows me how I can find him and worship him in many ways and many places in the world around me.

Ajijic, Mexico

Loving Lord Ganesh is a meditation in itself. Honoring him opens my heart and grounds me in the knowledge that we are all one humanity. My home is surrounded by Lord Ganesh. Before any new endeavor, I pay tribute to Lord Ganesh. I'm humbled by having his protection always.

South Carolina, United States

Such beautiful photographs of Lord Ganesh in this gallery! I loved seeing the statue of Lord Ganesh outside of Bade Baba's Temple. This picture brought back years and years of memories of bowing to Ganesh every day, offering salutations to him, praying to him, and asking him for his blessings on my journey.
My journey continues and Lord Ganesh is with me. I offer my salutations to Lord Ganesh.

Maryland, United States

Sweet, loving, and protecting Lord Ganesh!

As I lay in a hospital bed in 1998 after having brain surgery, I was in a lot of pain and feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the operation. Just then I had a vision of Lord Ganesh as if he were way up in the sky looking down on me—and he was laughing so joyously that he pulled me into his happiness. I felt like my physical experience was a mere speck of dust compared to the bliss he bathed in. He drew me into that bliss.
Ever since, Lord Ganesh has had a special place in my heart, mind, and soul.

Mullumbimby, Australia

By looking at each picture in this gallery, I immediately felt a sense of calm, of being protected, as if all my anxieties had vanished for a while, and I could touch a familiar inner space of peace and wisdom. The pictures of the waves formed a perfect combination with those of Ganesh, inspiring me to refresh and reflect upon my sadhana, my life resolutions, and what it is that I am seeking.

Mexico City, Mexico

I am grateful for these beautiful pictures of Lord Ganesh. For a moment I felt I was at Shree Muktananda Ashram. Lord Ganesh refreshed my spirit, and I experienced gratitude, protection, and joy! I felt blessed!

Tepotzotlán, Mexico

Usually I think of a protector as a warrior—fierce and physically strong. For me, however, the images of Ganesh, with his endearing face and the round body of a chubby child, are not like this.
From my point of view, Ganesh’s visage exudes sweetness, generosity, and kindness. I am beginning to think that perhaps these gentle qualities and benevolent virtues are a greater protection than I’ve realized.
During this celebration of Ganesh Utsava, I intend to contemplate and practice these virtues that Shri Ganesh so beautifully communicates to me.

New York, United States

As I visited each image here in what felt like satsang with Lord Ganesh, I had a remarkable experience. I felt waves of energy rise from my base up through my center channel to my head and then exit with a little sizzle. I accept this as a most treasured gift at this auspicious time.
I offer deep bows to you, Gurumayi, for your love.

California, United States

I have participated in the celebration of Ganesh Utsava for many years, but with limited understanding. Because of this, I was not able to truly enjoy this great festival—I was only focused on the outer forms and superficial activities. But after reading about Ganesh Utsava on the Siddha Yoga path website, my mind has been opened to a deeper understanding, and I feel as if a blockage has been released from my heart. For me, this gallery is not just providing information, but also a true experience.

Navsari, India

The images in honor of Shri Ganesh Utsava are breathtaking. This morning, as each image in this gallery unfolded, I felt a deep sense of awe and peacefulness embracing me.
Now, I am captivated by the image of Ganesh’s abhayamudra, the gesture of fearlessness. I feel that I am contained within the vast expansiveness of his form and that in the palms of my hands he has placed a sweet ladu, a reminder of all the love and wisdom that Gurumayi has shared with each of us.
The day has begun so auspiciously.

London, United Kingdom

When I opened this wonderful gallery with the venerable presence of Lord Ganesh, I felt I should observe each image very carefully.  I even enlarged the photos in order to observe every detail, especially the beautiful and sacred eyes of Lord Ganesh. While I was doing this, my thoughts vanished and my breathing became very peaceful. I felt I was in the same space and time of each photo. I felt that I was having the darshan of Lord Ganesh. Tears of love, devotion, and gratitude flowed from my eyes.

After this amazing experience, I could see the face, eyes, and body of Lord Ganesh at different moments and in various objects as I went through my day. I feel so blessed.

Cancun, Mexico

This beautiful gallery brought tears to my eyes, as I appreciated how praying to Shri Ganesh has been a source of strength for me. I used to pray to Ganesh as "remover of obstacles," thinking he would make my life easier.

Now I understand that he has helped me to see my own attachments and aversions, which are the real obstacles on my path!

Wisconsin, United States