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Shri Hanuman

Anjana's Prayer

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As I read this story, I felt such a synchronicity. A few days ago I was drawn to a stream and waters like the ones in this sacred story. I made prayers and gave thanks, and I felt I received powerful blessings from Gurumayi that are nourishment for my soul to make me strong in my sadhana during this challenging passage.

Ostuni, Italy

As I followed Anjana's journey, I was filled with gratitude for the direction it gives to me and to so many of us as we travel on the Siddha Yoga path.
Focusing on the images of nature on the Siddha Yoga path website calms my mind. Then, just as Anjana follows the instructions of Shri Matanga, I can follow Gurumayi’s guidance more fully.
I may not journey physically up the mountains as Anjana did, but the sacred images of nature shared on the website have most certainly connected me to nature’s greatness. In this way my heart opens, my mind quiets, and I experience the joy of the Self- sweet satsang moment, indeed.

South Yarra, Australia

As I ponder Anjana’s dedication, I understand that I have the capacity to live in paradise, too, the paradise of the Self. I can give myself wholeheartedly to my own breath—the natural and persevering breath—and allow it to take me to my own inner happiness, the Truth within.
I pray for my intention to blossom and become as ardent and pure as Anjana’s.

Kentucky, United States