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Shri Hanuman

In Honor of Hanuman Jayanti

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While delighting in the selection of golden images in honor of Hanuman Jayanti, my attention was drawn to the devotional sculpture of the older, bearded Hanuman. I could see how, after many steady years of devotion to Lord Rama, the fruit of Hanuman’s seva and love was evident in his whole demeanor, as he sits deep in meditation with his focus inward on the Self. I recalled that Hanuman’s sage wisdom and inner peace unfolded from steady devotion, and from living with a pure heart and following the instructions of his Lord.

May all beings, including myself, learn from this profound example of the gentle but powerful servant.

California, United States

I am grateful for this beautiful gallery! As I watched it, my mind and heart became quiet as my attention was drawn inside to a place that resonated with the deep devotion of Shri Hanuman. Whenever I spend time reflecting on Shri Hanuman or invoking his presence, I become aware of his unwavering loyalty to his beloved, and I feel deeply moved. Today, through the images, I realized how his commitment to serving God was filled with light and strength.

Guildford, United Kingdom