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Shri Hanuman's Quest for Knowledge

Based on a Story from the Shiva Purana

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When I read this story, I could envision Shri Hanuman flying towards the sun. The image was so vibrant and strong, I immediately drew it. I loved visually depicting my experience of this beautiful story.

New Delhi, India

This clear, simple, and sweet rendering of “Shri Hanuman’s Quest for Knowledge” led me straight to my heart and infused deep understanding in me. Thanks to Lord Surya, the lord of the sun, the Earth received the gift of life—and I received a human birth. Knowing that the whole phenomenal universe is within me, searching for the knowledge of the Truth, and guided in my search by the benevolent instructions of my Guru, I have learned to turn my attention inside.
I remember with gratitude my first meditation experience, years ago, when the sun exploded inside my being and spread its light all around—in the form of love. Thanks to this story, I now can imagine Shri Hanuman admiring our blue planet with the same love he continued to express through service.

Rodez, France

I am very grateful for this beautiful retelling of this story, abundant with pure wisdom. Early this morning my mind was occupied with worry about the future of my grandchildren and their need for spiritual guidance in this challenging world. I prayed for guidance on how to help them to feel confident and free of anxiety, since their own education does not seem to be providing much teaching for the soul.
Then, when I opened the Siddha Yoga path website and read this story, I knew I had found some help! From reading this story, I received this simple message: children don't know that knowledge of the Self is their divine birthright and their protection unless we teach this to them.
I feel a new resolution forming that I may remain open to this knowledge and pass it on appropriately. I am very grateful to Gurumayi for this guidance.

London, United Kingdom

In reading this rendition of the story of Hanuman’s quest for knowledge, I experienced a merging between the world of the gods and the world of humans. While human beings may not be able to grow to the size of a tree or fly into the rays of the sun, I felt how we are nevertheless endowed with magnificent powers: to learn, to become steadfast, to express our enthusiasm, to become tall in knowledge and swift in love.
With this dawning sense, I read the story with the conviction that I, too, can imbibe wisdom, can become Lord Surya’s student, can follow Hanuman’s example, can serve God—not for God’s sake, but for my own. And therefore, I can fulfill my destiny. My heart feels fresh with new insight.

Rhode Island, United States

Reading this story, I am inspired by the image of Shri Hanuman gazing into the eyes of his teacher, the lord of the sun, as the two of them circle the Earth. This image so beautifully demonstrates the mystical transfer of knowledge that occurs between the teacher and the student.
It is also a picture of studentship. Shri Hanuman receives the teachings as he gazes into the Sun, the light. And this light is his teacher. What a confluence of thoughts and feelings! The light is one with the teacher, who is one with the highest knowledge, which is one with the very source of life in this universe.
This gives me an expanded sense of the value of studying the Guru's teachings and Gurumayi's Message in particular. In her Message, light and knowledge shine and I can study and learn this knowledge by gazing and listening attentively, just like Hanuman as he circles the Earth at the feet of his teacher.

Shree Muktananda Ashram

This beautiful story of Hanuman illustrates the relationship between the Guru and disciple. Hanuman’s willingness to serve and his complete surrender to Surya Devata inspire me to follow in his footsteps.
Even though Hanuman was imbued with supreme knowledge and utmost strength, he still needed a Guru to unfold his inner treasure. My beloved Gurumayi is my guiding light, for which I am ever so grateful.

Nairobi, Kenya

When Hanuman asked Lord Surya what he could offer back for the wisdom and knowledge he had received, the Lord asked him to mentor his beloved son, Prince Sugriva.
This reminds me that, as a Siddha Yoga student, when I pass on what I have received on the Siddha Yoga path to younger generations, I am making a profound offering of love to my Guru, and the cycle of giving and receiving continues.

Maryland, United States

One important learning from this story for me was understanding how the enthusiasm of a seeker supports the Guru’s bestowal of knowledge and grace. Another important learning for me is how important it is for a student to offer back to the Guru, even though the Guru does not need anything from us.

Thane, India

The fact that Lord Brahma created the Vanaras “to support the forces of light in the epic battle narrated in the scriptural classic, the Ramayana,” gives me a great sense of comfort and purpose. 
In reading this tale, I am reminded of the many times when I have felt Gurumayi's encouragement to be the light, to take the necessary time to send true blessings, to do the spiritual practices so that I can shine. 
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your loving compassion and guidance!

California, United States

What an amazing story! Each sentence touched my heart deeply. I felt myself in the story, saying, “Yes, I will take it all and put it into practice with steadfastness and dedication!”
These precious teachings are a torch, illumining the path to deeper understanding for me. I am so grateful to receive them.

Mersin, Turkey

The image of Hanuman flying backward while always keeping Lord Surya’s radiant face before him is a timely reminder for me.

Beyond the usually predictable things necessary to maintain a daily schedule of tasks, rarely do I know what is coming in life. When presented with a challenge, when fear and doubt arise, I inwardly turn to Gurumayi, and to her love and inner guidance. Only then do I proceed with what needs to be done.

Remaining firmly connected to the Guru’s teachings and love is essential for me to live in the grace of the Guru’s radiant light, no matter what is occurring.

West Vancouver, Canada

The words from this story that most stand out for me are “You will need to face the one who teaches you at all times.” I understand from this that I must face my Guru and not let haste or anxiety stand in my way. Only then will I be able to absorb her teachings fully.

California, United States

What stood out for me from this story is Hanuman’s power of listening. It is this power that I most wish to develop in order to be able to absorb the Guru´s wisdom.

Madrid, Spain

When I read this story, these words of Shri Hanuman to Lord Surya leapt up at me: “…light up my soul with your divine wisdom.” This describes the way I feel about the Guru. From my very first experience of satsang with Baba Muktananda, resonance with his divine wisdom and the recognition of my true nature has lit up my soul. And now, every day I remember at least one teaching from Baba or Gurumayi, and I am filled with gratitude and joy.

Massachusetts, United States

What stands out for me is how everything that happened in Shri Hanuman's journey went step-by-step. His great destiny unfolded one step at a time. 

Washington, United States

What stood out for me most in this story is how Shri Hanuman moved backwards and kept his focus on Surya Devata’s “resplendent light” as he absorbed his teacher’s “every precious word.” And how this light “saturated him and nurtured every fibre of his being.” 

At this point in the story, I could feel the light inside myself.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for guiding me to keep my focus on the light, within and without.

Hinwil, Switzerland

This beautiful rendition of Shri Hanuman's Quest for Knowledge is rich with meaning for me.

I was particularly moved when Lord Surya tells Shri Hanuman, "You have always held this wisdom within you. What I gave you served as a key to open the door to your own wisdom. You will always have access to that wisdom now."

This statement elucidates for me how when we receive shaktipat, that moment of awakening and every subsequent meditation, word, and teaching from the Guru continue to shine the light within me.  

Massachusetts, United States

It is amazing to have a direction now--to fulfill my own quest for knowledge, through the inspiration of Shri Hanuman's story.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As I came to the moment in the story where Shri Hanuman’s mother, Anjana, placed her hands on Hanuman’s shoulders and reminded him of his divine nature, I suddenly experienced myself as Shri Hanuman, receiving his mother’s blessing. My shoulders felt broad and strong like Hanuman’s, and warmth spread across them as I imagined the sensation of Anjana’s hands and read her words to her beloved son: “Dear Hanuman, have you forgotten who you truly are? . . . You are a divine being. You are blessed by the gods.”
The sensation of Anjana’s hands on my shoulders became an awareness of Gurumayi’s reassurance to me, of her blessing my study of her Message and reminding me that, like Shri Hanuman, I am a divine being blessed by the gods.

Massachusetts, United States

Reading this story, I took particular note of Shri Hanuman’s mother telling him, “If you have faith in yourself, Hanuman, you can achieve anything.”
My parents, too, told me that I could achieve anything if I had faith in myself. They encouraged me to study and gave me a good education. But although I gathered academic knowledge, I did not have faith in myself, and felt neither happy nor successful.
When I began following the Siddha Yoga path, I discovered a power in myself I had felt was there but had had no access to. I began to have faith in this power as I drew inspiration and guidance from the Siddha Yoga teachings. Gradually, I became happier and gained more success in my professional life.
Seeing the changes in me, my mother said, “Now I know that having faith in yourself could not come from formal education alone, but from the teachings you received from your teacher, Gurumayi. Now you can achieve anything.”

California, United States

What a rich feast this story is for me! I am deeply moved by its expression of humanity, by Shri Hanuman’s relationship with his parents, and by how, in his mother’s eyes, his childhood flashed by. How I resonate with that!
The sense of humanity that runs through the entire story helps me to connect easily with its profound teachings. I feel inspired to read it again and again, to nod and say to myself, “Yes, my teacher is the light within, and I, like Hanuman, only have to turn my face towards that light to perceive my indwelling wisdom.”
This story has truly ignited my enthusiasm to study the scriptures!

Beccles, United Kingdom