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Shri Hanuman

The Treasure within Shri Hanuman's Heart

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Each time I return to this story, it brings tears of joy and gratitude to my heart. As Hanuman reveals his heart to Lord Rama, my heart fills with the love and devotion that Hanuman embodies and that I aspire to embrace in each moment.

New Jersey, United States

One night before going to sleep, we read this tale as a family. When I first saw Hanuman’s picture, I saw that something was written on his heart. Throughout the story, I was very impressed by Hanuman’s actions. When the story ended, I felt that the tale had a great message, and it made me feel a lot of longing. When I looked the picture again, I saw that what was written on Hanuman’s heart represented Rama—and it was written all over Hanuman’s body. What a beautiful teaching, and what a beautiful image!

Barcelona, Spain

As I read this story, my heart feels wide open. I have heard this story told before and I have appreciated it, but it didn't touch me quite the way it does right now.
Each year as I study and practice Gurumayi’s Message, my heart opens more and I connect with the inner Guru. I’ve also become more aware of my true goal and my longing for that goal.
As I read this story of Shri Hanuman and the treasure of his heart, my longing became even stronger. It is my prayer that I may have the courage, devotion, and humility to walk this path all the way to the goal.
I am thankful to Gurumayi for the experience of my heart’s true treasure, and for her grace that will support me in attaining the goal.

Oslo, Norway

This legend reminds me that nothing is greater than Shri Guru, no thoughts are greater than those immersed in love for Shri Guru, no words are greater than those that praise Shri Guru, and no actions are greater than those that fulfill Shri Guru’s command.
My objective as a sadhaka, and as a Siddha Yogi, is to strive for discrimination and to serve Shri Guru with every breath and every particle of my being. My goal is to become one with Shri Guru—not only in thoughts, words, and actions, but also at the very core of my being. May it be so.

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Reading this story transported me to the kingdom of Ayodhya and gave me an understanding of what it means to be “permeated” by my Guru’s shakti and love.
Since reading about Shri Hanuman on the Siddha Yoga path website, I have been inspired to follow Hanuman’s example of offering one-pointed service. This practice is making it much easier to let the inner enemies, like pride and fear, be consumed in the fire of yoga and to let the virtues shine forth and bloom. Previously, it felt like I needed to make a huge effort to stay vigilant about those inner enemies and to cultivate the virtues. But now I can see how much more naturally the process unfolds when I keep my focus on the goal and remember that the Guru's grace is supporting my efforts.

Connecticut, United States

This story ignites my longing to embody Hanuman’s pure devotion and truly selfless service. I took a few minutes to sit with that longing, savoring the sensation in my heart and realizing that this longing itself is a form of devotion and subtle satsang moment.
Then I asked myself, “What can I do to fulfill that longing and to embody devotion as I offer seva?” This led me to read some of Gurumayi’s teachings about seva for inspiration and guidance. I also drew a little picture of Hanuman with a big heart and put it on my computer to remind me to return to the sweet satsang experience throughout the day.

Massachusetts, United States

Thank you for this priceless teaching story. It touched my being with immense love and led me to understand on a deeper level the true meaning of the eternal devotion I have for my Guru.

Mersin, Turkey

I had just finished reciting Shri Guru Gita through which I was offering gratitude for a unique experience of fearlessness. I was savoring this unexpected state of freedom when I opened the website to find the story “The Treasure within Shri Hanuman’s Heart.“ As I read about Hanuman’s full and absolute devotion to Lord Rama, my heart began pounding with yearning for complete absorption in the Guru.

When Hanuman said, “All I wish for is constant devotion to you, my Lord,” and Lord Rama gave him that boon, in that moment, fresh, tangible and boundless devotion flooded my heart where fear had once been, filling me with love for the Guru.

Maryland, United States