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About Lilavati Stewart Sutcliffe

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Lilavati Stewart Sutcliffe began following the Siddha Yoga path as a child in 1970, when her mother opened a Siddha Yoga meditation center in their home in Melbourne, Australia.

Over the years, Lilavati has facilitated and hosted many Siddha Yoga teaching and learning events, including Intensives, family retreats, and satsangs. As a speaker, Lilavati inspires enthusiasm for applying the Siddha Yoga teachings in daily life by sharing experiences from her lifetime of Siddha Yoga sadhana.

In her professional life, Lilavati owns a commercial interior design business and also works as an executive coach, supporting leaders in business. She lives in South Yarra, Australia, and is a mother of two children.

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Meditation Sessions 2019 via Audio Stream

The Miracle of the Mind

Taught by Lilavati Stewart Sutcliffe

This meditation session will support you to deepen your practice of Siddha Yoga meditation and to further your study of Gurumayi’s Message for 2019. Participants will learn about the significant role the mind plays in the pursuit of their ultimate spiritual goal to recognize divinity within and to live anchored in this awareness.

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When I participated in this meditation session, I saw brilliant white-gold light and experienced waves of energy moving up my spine. The waves of energy felt like waves in the sea, comforting and warm. I also saw the most beautiful rainbow-colored form undulating up my spine in joyful, unstoppable movement.

Hawaii, United States

What an inspiring meditation session! My mind was engaged, and my heart softened with each subsequent element; it was all woven together so beautifully. The peaceful and compassionate voice of the teacher drew me deep within myself. After participating in the session once, I immediately listened to it again, and will surely do so again and again. 

California, United States

As I did the movement exercises, I felt a very light sensation, as if my body was much lighter than its normal weight. This sense of lightness then carried over into the meditation as I gradually moved deeper and deeper within. Blue and black swirls appeared in my inner vision as my mind became still. I observed the inner landscape that was full of joy and energy. To me, this stillness of the mind was like nectar. As the chimes sounded, I realized I could have continued in this experience for much longer.

New Jersey, United States

As I meditated, lilies made of light appeared. Then the Blue Pearl appeared. I shifted from observing this to experiencing "I am the light. I am bliss." I experienced absorption in the Self while also being aware of absorption in the Self. All the while, I experienced that Gurumayi was within me and was meditating for me, as me. I am filled with gratitude.

California, United States

What a beautiful meditation session! I felt my heart immediately open. Waves of peace flowed from the words in Gurumayi's teaching. The teacher’s sharing of her experience was so inspirational for me.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for these monthly meditation sessions. With each one, my understanding of your Message for the year expands; with each one, my meditation experiences are becoming more profound!

Virginia, United States

The monthly meditation sessions have revitalized everything I have learned on the Siddha Yoga path. From month to month, I am better able to sustain the practice of Gurumayi’s Message for the year.
This meditation session further clarified for me the role of the mind on the spiritual path. My trust in the Siddha Yoga Meditation practices is stronger than ever. 

North Carolina, United States

Listening to the meditation teacher, I was drawn inward into a space of clarity and quietness.
As I became absorbed in the mantra, I felt it building a lighthouse within me and beaming its light all around me.

Rodez, France