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About Yawu Miller

teacher photo Copyright SYDA Foundation

Yawu Miller began practicing the Siddha Yoga teachings in 1981, and he has been a Siddha Yoga meditation teacher since 2006. In the past, he has offered seva as a manager of the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Boston and a steering committee member for the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in the Greater Boston area. His core practices are meditation and svadhyaya, the recitation of sacred texts.

Professionally, Yawu works as a senior editor for a weekly community newspaper. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Dartmouth College. Yawu lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with partner and two children.

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Meditation Sessions 2019 via Audio Stream

Shepherd the Mind Toward Its Own Light

Taught by Siddha Yoga Meditation Teacher Yawu Miller

Session IV, Shepherd the Mind Toward Its Own Light, is taught by Siddha Yoga meditation teacher Yawu Miller.

In her Message talk for 2019, Gurumayi invites us to use a gentle approach to the mind. In this session, participants will explore the light of their own consciousness and practice engaging with the So’ham mantra to gently guide the mind to stillness during meditation.

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Last night, I revisited this exquisite meditation session for the third time. With each repetition, I've found myself entering into a place of radiant stillness. I love the way the teacher himself gently shepherds my mind through the exploration of the title and teaching from Gurumayi and then, with a steady hand, leads my mind to rest in silence. This has been transforming my own approach to meditation, teaching me to let go of needless striving in meditation and instead, to gently settle into my heart.

New York, United States

When I heard the word shepherd in the title of this Meditation Session, it filled me with compassion and love for my mind. The images of the scattered mind being gently shepherded and guided to the Self helped me to experience this play as full of love.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for teaching me to love my mind.

Maryland, United States