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About Swami Vasudevananda

Teacher Photo Copyright SYDA Foundation

Swami Vasudevananda has been following the Siddha Yoga path for more than forty years. In 1980 he took monastic vows to become a Siddha Yoga Swami. Throughout the decades, Swami ji has been widely appreciated as a thoughtful and compassionate teacher, and a wise and inspiring mentor of other teachers, writers, and speakers.

He is the author and co-author, respectively, of two year-long courses in the Siddha Yoga Home Study CourseThe Power of Siddha Yoga Meditation and The Power of Siddha Yoga: Path of the Heart. In 2015 and 2016 he was the teacher overseeing the series of Siddha Yoga Meditation Sessions via Live Audio Stream on the Siddha Yoga path website.

Swami ji is also author of the book Darshan: The Presence Within. He continues to share his deep understanding of the Siddha Yoga teachings in his role as an educational content developer for the SYDA Foundation.

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Meditation Sessions 2019 via Audio Stream

Discover the Network of the Mind

Taught by Siddha Yoga Meditation Teacher Swami Vasudevananda

In Session I, Discover the Network of the Mind, is taught by Siddha Yoga meditation teacher Swami Vasudevananda. In this session, participants will learn about the nature of the mind. They will also put into practice the means Gurumayi has given each of us in her Message to bring the mind to rest in its source.

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Swamiji’s voice conveys such love, patience, and kindness! I find myself listening to this session again and again, each time gaining a deeper insight into every word and a better understanding of Gurumayi's Message for 2019.  
I am deeply grateful to have these precious meditation sessions available.

Washington, United States

I had participated in this Meditation Session a couple of times. However, today I sat with the intention to listen carefully and to understand what Swami ji was saying. The understanding I got today reignited my understanding and love for sadhana. I now realize why studying, understanding, and giving myself the opportunity to experience the teachings and practices are so important for me to continue to grow.

CuraƧao, Netherlands Antilles

Throughout this Meditation Session brimming with grace and benevolence, I felt I was going directly to the heart of Gurumayi’s Message for this year. Also, the grace of listening fully in this sacred atmosphere was there for me and it seemed that each word had the power of mantra.
I felt pulled inside easily by the power of love, with my mind centered in serenity, humility, divine simplicity, and clarity, all pouring forth from the words I was listening to and from inside myself. After the session, I felt refreshed, as if my whole being were breathing with light and contentment.
Thank you with all my heart, Gurumayi, for your benevolent gifts.

Ramonville-Saint-Agne, France

I am so grateful for this meditation session. Last night, I listened to Gurumayi's Message for 2019 for the second time. Then, this morning, I felt inspired and drawn to this theme, “Discover the Network of the Mind.”
It was perfect for me since I’d had a challenging day and was sorting through the limitations of my mind. So to receive the teachings around this theme helped me see the big picture and to step out of my limited self and into my essence of love and appreciation. I feel renewed and grateful. 

Hawaii, United States

I experienced a deep sense of gentleness and peace in Meditation Session I as I listened to the teacher’s voice and the experience he shared. His story took me back to a similar experience of my own in which I suddenly realized that everything I was witnessing on the outside had merged into a perception of unity that included me. This was my first experience of God and of my oneness with God’s creation.
Everything I experienced and remembered made this a profound session for me. It aligned perfectly with my study and appreciation of Gurumayi's Message for this year.

New Mexico, United States

While I was listening to Swami Vasudevananda’s summary at the end of today's meditation session, suddenly my perception of the chair in front of me shifted. It seemed to me that the chair had lost its density and began vibrating for a moment. Later, I realized that by engaging in the meditation session, I was able to experience a subtler level of reality that went beyond my limited conditioning. At the same time, I received confirmation of the simple truth of the teachings in the session.
It is with the awareness of that simple truth that I wish to continue exploring Gurumayi's teachings in this year’s ongoing, guided meditation sessions.

Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Canada

The Meditation Session took me deeper and deeper into myself. I felt like I was in a tunnel, and as I repeated the mantra, the walls of the tunnel widened and my whole being expanded with it. When the meditation ended, I felt peaceful.

Mexico City, Mexico

After listening to the teachings and being guided into meditation, I feel I am beginning to enter Gurumayi’s Message for 2019 in tangible ways. In my first meditation I experienced a deep stillness that I haven’t felt for a long time. After I emerged from the Meditation Session I felt quietly fulfilled and inspired to practice. This session is a deep well I can return to again and again.

South Australia, Australia

As the teacher guided us into meditation, the gentleness of his voice led me to a state of softness and gentleness with myself. My heart was serene and silent. I experienced deep silence and serenity within.
I had the experience of knowing “I am the source within from which comes silence and serenity. I am the one who observes silence and stillness arising from within. I am.”
I am grateful.

Niteroi, Brazil

Participating in the first Meditation Session brought an unexpected sense of comfort to me. With the new understanding I have gained from the session, it is now possible for me to find peace with the thoughts in my mind. I feel freedom from the need to judge myself, and I carry myself a little more gently today. 
The depth of Gurumayi’s compassion for her students overflows in my being. With bowed head, I offer pranam in heartfelt gratitude for this sacred and eternal Guru-disciple relationship.

West Vancouver, Canada

I benefited greatly from the clear explanation of the theme of this Meditation Session, and particularly from the sharing of the teacher’s personal experience. I felt a resonance with Gurumayi’s Message for 2019 and am grateful to learn tangible ways to implement her teachings in my daily practices.

New York, United States

What a sublime Meditation Session! I am so grateful for this support, and for the chance to actively take charge of my mind’s habitual negative patterns. The teacher’s guidance was a joy to listen to, and the physical exercises were perfect for me.

Ohio, United States

This first of the Meditation Sessions for 2019 enhanced my experience of Gurumayi’s Message for this year. It was like a light going on. Now I want to return to Sweet Surprise and to listen more deeply from my new perspective.
I feel that participating in Sweet Surprise and the Meditation Sessions is a perfect way for me to support my spiritual growth.

Virginia, United States

I am so happy and grateful for this wonderful meditation session. The teacher’s elaboration on the nature of the mind gave me a feeling of calm power. And the short, effective hatha yoga exercise brought a smile to my face, leading me into a deep meditation. As I silently repeated the mantra, it became incorporated with the breath. Then ordinary consciousness disappeared—until the gong softly brought me back to body awareness.

Oregon, United States

This Meditation Session was exquisite, guiding me to further understand Gurumayi's Message for 2019. Once or twice during meditation, I was able to hear the sound of the mantra within, and to sense the inner light.

I feel confident now that I will be able to carry forward these teachings on the mind. I feel I have been given a clear path to unite the mind with the Self.

Virginia, United States

When I read the title of the first meditation session, I felt a whoosh of excitement sweep through me. This was followed by the sweetness of gratitude for the immense support these sessions will offer me in my study of Gurumayi’s Message for 2019.

Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for your never-ending inspiration.

Toronto, Canada