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Surya Devata

In Reverence to the Sun

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Every morning as I immerse myself in the splendor of these images, I remember the Surya Gayatri mantra and place the image of the sun within my heart.
As I feel it glowing there, flooding my being with warmth and steadfastness, I affirm for myself that this is my anchor, my compass, the source of my being. And as the day goes on, each moment that I wonder, Is this the right direction? What should I think? What should I say?, the inner light reveals the way. I need only turn within and ask.

California, United States

Under the blessed sun
As free as the kite flying with the wind
I trust in my God within.

Miguel Pereira, Brazil

I enjoyed this gallery so much and have visited it numerous times. The image of Bade Baba seems to radiate such intense sunshine, it makes me blink! His smile seems to say to me, “Yes, soon the days will be longer, with more sunlight!”
From the Surya temples in India to the sacred grounds of Shree Muktananda Ashram, each picture lifted my spirits!

Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

I love the Suryashtakam. I have made it a practice to do the Surya Namaskar sequence of hatha yoga postures every morning while the Suryashtakam plays on my phone. I endeavor to do nine rounds of Surya Namaskar while playing the Suryashtakam three times to achieve this. I find that by practicing the two together, I put both my mind and body into the practice and feel very joyful. It is a perfect start to the day—starting with gratitude.

Versoix, Switzerland

I am so grateful for these photos, many of them bringing to me my own vivid memories of the sun rising and setting. The sunset on this year’s Makara Sankranti blessed me with the sight of a blue sky with streaks of brilliant orange and red, heralding the coming year. I remembered the Surya Gayatri mantra and yearned for the continued awakening of my insight, and of my ability to see God in all things.

Washington, United States

Viewing the gallery “In Reverence to the Sun” on this auspicious day of Makara Sankranti feels uplifting. The flying kites in the sky look so playful and glorious. I connect with their aspiration to fly high, while at the same time remaining connected to the center with the thread of intention. They seem to be telling me, “Look! The winds of change are blowing. Know that the rhythm of the seasons continues and will bring a new cycle of sowing and reaping after the winter of rest.”

Vadodara, India

These beautiful images took me gradually deeper and deeper into a state of reverence for the intrinsic power and love within.
Baba gave me the spiritual name of Bhishma over forty years ago. So everything just stopped for me when the picture of Bhishma appeared in this gallery. I am very grateful.

California, United States

My heart smiles whenever I see Bade Baba, as in photos like these; he is so beautiful. As I was meditating this morning on Makara Sankranti, I saw a Surya yantra. Later, while viewing these photos, I was amazed to see a Surya yantra among them. That was a blessing for me.

Allahabad, India

This morning as I walked in the sunlight, I felt the cells of my body regenerating in the warm rays of the sun. I could also sense the plants and trees around me receiving the sun’s life-giving, nourishing rays. I felt thankful to the sun, to Lord Surya, for his generosity.
Later, the photos in this gallery of the beautiful temples dedicated to Lord Surya inspired continuing reverence in me.
Shubh Makara Sankranti!

Pune, India