Meditation with the Surya Gayatri Mantra

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Introduction by Achala Woollacott

I first heard the Surya Gayatri mantra when I was in Gurudev Siddha Peeth, taking a walk around Dakshin Kashi one morning at dawn. The air was fresh, and long shadows from the eucalyptus trees shaded the central field, where dew was still on the grass. Everything felt still yet vibrantly alive. As I rounded the curve to the northern side of the path, I became aware of mantras being chanted and saw a small group of Siddha Yogis facing southeast toward the red-orange sun, which had just risen over the distant hills. I stopped for some time to watch the sunrise and also to listen to these mantras to Lord Surya, the lord of the sun. The powerful words of this gayatri mantra filled my mind and heart with joy. When I continued my walk, I found that the vibrations of the Surya Gayatri had become rooted inside me. Step by step, I began to feel a loving and awe-filled sense of connection with this expression of the Divine.

The Surya Gayatri honors Surya Devata, also known as Savitri, whose effulgence brings life to and illumines all the activities of this world, including our own lives. Savitri is god of the sun and also represents the supreme light of Consciousness, which is our deepest essence. The Surya Gayatri mantra is known as the Adi Gayatri, the original and principal mantra among the many gayatri mantras.

Listening to this mantra with a tranquil inner focus, absorbing your awareness in its vibrations, is a powerful way to draw your mind and heart into meditation. This mantra is recited in the Vibhas raga, which is joyful and energetic, like the first birdsong of the day.

To prepare, take a comfortable and steady posture. Breathe freely and let the muscles in the back of your neck soften and lengthen. Allow your body to be open and relaxed. When you’re ready, click “play” above to meditate with the Surya Gayatri mantra. Afterward, allow yourself to sit quietly and experience the shimmering essence of the mantra vibrating within.

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