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Dharana: Gururpurnima

In this dharana
you will be making a pilgrimage
to a place inside
where you will experience your oneness
with the Supreme Guru.
To begin,
be sure that your physical posture is comfortable and steady.
Allow your shoulders to be relaxed.
Allow the muscles in your face to be relaxed.
Close your eyes.
You may rest your palms on your thighs
with your thumbs touching your forefingers.
This is called chin mudra.
Or you may place your hands one on top of the other,
with your palms facing upward, in your lap.
This position is dhyana mudra.
Allow your entire being to be relaxed.
Readjust your posture whenever necessary
to allow your back to elongate
and the crown of your head
to gently aspire toward the heavens.
Allow the breath to come in deeply…
Allow the breath to release fully…
Breathe in deeply…
Release the breath fully…
Breathe in deeply…
Release the breath fully.
Allow your breath to return to its natural rhythm.
In your mind’s eye,
visualize you are standing before a beautiful temple.
It is nighttime—
and the radiant Gurupurnima moon is shining high in the sky,
illuminating the entrance to this holy place.
You step into this sacred space.
And there, in the center of the temple,
resting on top of a white marble pedestal…
the most beautiful pair of sandals!…
the padukas of Shri Guru!
You realize…
they are the sacred deity of this wondrous temple.
You step forward to approach the padukas
to receive their darshan.
How beautiful they are!
You marvel at the shimmering energy
emanating from these padukas,
which are adorned with beautiful, fragrant flowers.
You move forward to gently pranam,
to bow with gratitude and reverence.
Your forehead touches these sacred and powerful vehicles
for Shri Guru’s shakti and grace.
You raise your head from the sacred padukas…
And you move to the place
that has been reserved and prepared for you
in this beautiful temple.
You take your seat…
You are ready to meditate…
You refresh your posture…
You come in touch with the delicious quality
of your own breath.
The Guru’s shakti
that you have just received from Shri Guru’s padukas
is scintillating in every part of your being.
You become aware of the column of light
extending from the base of your spine
and rising up to the crown of your head.
As it continues to rise,
this energy touches and caresses every chakra,
every energy center, on its way to becoming established
in the highest energy center,
the crown chakra,
the sahasrara.
Riding the golden vehicle of your own breath,
you are now there…
the crown chakra
the sahasrara.
This is the place where Shri Guru’s padukas reside.
This place within your own being
is the source of this entire cosmos—
the whole universe with its various forms,
lights, colors, and sounds.
As you focus on these padukas
in the crown chakra at the top of your head,
become aware of a sacred mantra
vibrating within your being now…
Guru Om
Guru Om
Meditate with this sacred mantra…
Guru Om
Guru Om
Guru Om