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Dharana: The Mantra Guru Om

I will lead you through a dharana,
a visualization to focus the mind inward,
creating the space to experience the light of the Self.
Take a moment to ensure you are comfortable.
Feel your sit bones anchor into
the surface of the chair or floor beneath you.
Imagine your spine gently elongating upward.
Close your eyes.
In this relaxed and open posture,
your breath flows easefully.
Breathe in deep…
Breathe out long.
Breathe in deep…
Breathe out long.
You can go back to breathing naturally.
Imagine that you are on a pristine stretch of warm, glistening sand
along a beautiful shoreline
that meets a calm, vast, green-blue ocean.
You are the only person along this stretch of sand and ocean.
There is a gentle soft breeze.
The moment feels perfect.
The light of the sun is soft and golden
and is reflected on the surface of the water as sparkling gems.
Everything appears as glistening gems of light.
Your attention is drawn to the soothing sounds of the waves
as they come in to shore…
and go out…
come in…
and go out.
You notice that your breath begins to flow in the same rhythm
as the movement of the waves.
Within the sounds of the waves,
as they come in…
and go out…
you hear the sound of a mantra.
Guru Om
Guru Om
Guru Om
Guru Om.
The sounds of the mantra
Guru Om
Guru Om…
Naturally draw your attention within
and you begin to silently repeat this sacred mantra,
 enlivened with the Guru’s shakti.
Sit quietly, in the company of this mantra
and experience supreme blessedness.