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Dharana: The Mahamantra

You will now be meditating.

Refresh your sitting posture.

Can you feel the strength in your body?

Can you feel that your body is sitting comfortably
in preparation for meditation?

Feel your sitting bones touching the surface beneath them.

Bring your attention to your spine.

As your breath flows in and flows out,
feel the vertebrae in your spine breathing too.

The soft cushion in between the vertebrae
is being massaged by the gentle movement
of your powerful breathing process.

Let your rib cage broaden with the movement of your breathing.

Allow the back of your neck to gently elongate.

Raise your arms towards the sky.

Feel the light of the heavens streaming into your palms.

Turn the palms to face your body.

Slowly lower the arms and place your hands on your thighs
with the palms down and the thumb and index fingers touching.
Or you can rest your hands on your lap, one on top of the other,
palms facing upward.

You may close your eyes.


Again, become completely aware of your gentle breathing.

Breathe in the light.
Breathe out the light.

Light is within.
Light is outside.

Be seated for meditation
in the scintillating particles of divine light.

As you continue breathing naturally,
silently become aware of the mantra.

Watch how each inhalation is suffused with the mantra
Om Namah Shivaya
and how each exhalation is permeated with the mantra
Om Namah Shivaya.

Om Namah Shivaya is a mahamantra, a great mantra.

As you inhale,
feel the syllables of the mantra enliven your entire being.

Shiva—the lord of auspiciousness, truth, and beauty.
Shiva—the lord who removes ignorance.
Shiva—the lord who dwells in your heart.

As you exhale,
allow the syllables of the mantra to reach every dark corner of your life
and illumine it with knowledge, wisdom, and the virtues.

Be patient as you breathe in and breathe out.

Be patient as you let your mind become calm and serene.

Be patient as you readjust your posture.

Be patient as you let your consciousness become saturated
with the glistening mantra.

Be patient with yourself.

Be patient with others.

Be patient now.

Be patient later.

Be patient as you continue on your way forward.

Breathe with patience.

Meditate with patience.

As you are meditating, let your whole body feel at ease…