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Notes for Harmony

It is such an honor and delight to perform in this “Be in the Temple” satsang during these extraordinary circumstances as a result of COVID 19. These satsangs have been an unparalleled gift and a lifeline. I have loved connecting with Gurumayi and Siddha Yogis around the world in the Siddha Yoga Universal Hall.

I have studied music from a very early age, offering Siddha Yoga music seva. Especially when I have had the opportunity to perform for Gurumayi, this seva has really helped me connect with the joy within music in a deeper way and to share that joy with others.

Today, I will be performing two movements by Johann Sebastian Bach. The first is a siciliano, which is a slower, dance-like movement, and the second is marked presto, which is much faster. Bach is one of my favorite composers, and these are two of my favorite pieces of his. He wrote these in order to honor the divine energy, a force greater than himself. You can really feel it in this music. He made sure that no single note was emphasized. Rather than glorifying just one note, he wanted to bring the listeners’ attention to the whole sound.

When you’re performing Bach, to bring out this whole sound it is important to make sure that flow and connection come through.  These two pieces are meant to be played one right after another, with just a few seconds of pause in between.