A Verse from
Shri Bhagavad Gita

In this verse from Śrī Bhagavad Gītā, Lord Krishna describes an earnest seeker on the spiritual path who has become “a sage of steady wisdom.” Such a person does not mindlessly pursue the transient delights of the senses. Nor do they allow their emotions to rule over them. Instead, they have transcended emotional turmoil and worldly attachments to achieve a state of inner tranquility.

As this verse suggests, the key to such a state lies within oneself: in one’s own mind. Indeed, the very first thing Lord Krishna describes about this “sage of steady wisdom” is their mind, which is anudvigna, “undisturbed by adversity.” In this state, the mind can be a source of support for us. When a wayward desire or a strong emotion—such as anger or fear—tries to take control, our mind can guide us back to the serenity of the Self.

Such serenity isn’t reserved for the saints and sages of old. As the Indian scriptures tell us, and as Gurumayi teaches in her Message talk for 2019, our mind’s true nature is Consciousness, the Self. And as the Self, it shares the same essence with all existence. This truth is the key to unlocking the “steady wisdom” that Lord Krishna describes—and it is available to each one of us, in every moment.

The next time a strong emotion or a feeling of attachment arises, take a moment to pause and bring your awareness to your breath. You may also wish to repeat the mantra So’ham—I am That—that Gurumayi imparted to us in her Message talk as a focus for 2019. Allow the breath and the mantra together to guide you, steadily and surely, back to the knowledge of your own true nature: the tranquil source of inner fulfillment abiding continuously within.

Bhagavad Gita 2.56
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