Saba Ghata Ajapa

A Doha by Saint Sahajo Bai

In her doha, Saint Sahajo Bai gives us a way to become mindful of the spontaneous repetition of the mantra within: “by focusing your awareness on the heart.”

On the Siddha Yoga path, when we speak about the Heart, we refer to the center of stillness and bliss within our being. We attune ourselves to the Heart when we still the thought-waves in our mind—enable it to rest in its source.

Stilling the mind is a delicate task. The mind has its habits, and we cannot force it into submission. In her Message for 2019, Gurumayi addresses this challenge, teaching us to approach the mind kindly and respectfully, and to lead it inward, again and again, with gentleness and ease. And it is this ease that saint Sahajo Bai speaks about in her doha. The name Sahajo, in fact, means “easefully.” So, the poet-saint herself embodies easefulness, assuring us that we do not need to struggle.

You may attune to the Heart by just sitting in nature and allowing its beauty to still your thoughts, bringing your focus inward. You may remember and relish the love you have for the Guru. Or you may spend some time watching the natural flow of your breathing. As the mind becomes quieter and you find yourself centered in the Heart, the saint says, “easefully observe this natural repetition.”

The Hamsa mantra repeats inside of you constantly with each breath. Observing this natural flow of your breathing with a mind that is attuned to the joyful stillness of the Heart, you become able to recognize that each breath proclaims your identity with the great Self—Hamsa, “I am That”.

With time, the more you practice focusing the mind on the Heart and observing the spontaneous mantra within, the more you’ll find that the mantra will arise in your awareness, effortlessly.

Doha: Saba Ghata Ajapa