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Clarity of Vision

Siddha Yogis Share Their Experiences of Gratitude

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I am grateful for Prasad Chikitsa. My work with Prasad Chikitsa has been a foundation of my life learning—professionally and personally. The people at Prasad Chikitsa work with a lot of love to uplift others’ lives. I feel I have received more than I have given.

Mumbai, India

Reading this touching story, I recalled an experience I had in 1999 when I offered seva as a pharmacist in the eye camp in Gurudev Siddha Peeth.

There were around eight hundred patients receiving free cataract surgery, some of them blind for more than a decade. I saw them pass by the pharmacy, led in wheelchairs, before and after surgery. I will never forget their faces after the surgery. They were lit up with happiness, smiling widely, their heartfelt gratitude palpable. They could see!

Witnessing these precious moments, I felt immense love and gratitude to Gurumayi and to PRASAD for the eye camp.

Pune, India

I volunteered to offer seva at one of the eye camps providing cataract surgery at Gurudev Siddha Peeth in the 1990s. The seva I offered was to make the logistics of the camp work well. I spent many hours on this and had almost no time to think of other things.
After the patients had left the camp, a ceremony was held in one of the halls for all those who had offered seva for the eye camp. When I walked out of the bright sunlight and into the dark hall, I could see literally nothing. An usher took me by the arm and led me to a seat.
In that moment I started to cry. It was only at that moment that I felt and “saw” the true gift that Gurumayi had given to all those who had had the surgery—the return of their eyesight for them, and for me, a deeper understanding of what it meant to truly see with the heart.

Vermont, United States

I read this piece twice over in one sitting, and both times I had a great urge to cry. I was so moved by this great moment in the young girl’s life, and so touched by the fact that it happened because of the compassion and grace of my Gurumayi. 
As I was contemplating this story, my eyes rested on the last image—the amethyst rock with the word “Gratitude” engraved on it. Looking at it, I noticed the purple and violet rays emanating from this stone. A light bulb went off in my head as I remembered that violet light is the highest-frequency color the human eye can see. I thought, “How perfect it is to represent gratitude!” It has been my experience that gratitude gives me a new “clarity of vision” so that I can see things from the highest perspective. Gratitude indeed gives me new eyes, like the girl in this wonderful story.

Vancouver, Canada

In June, I had just had cataract surgery on both my eyes. Afterwards, my ex-husband said to me, “You can see clearly now.” The last time I saw him, he was peeking in the door. Because I didn’t expect to ever see him again, I inwardly wished him, “Have a good life.” In October he passed away peacefully on his boat.

Since then I have realized the tremendous grace in “seeing clearly.” A few months ago I had a dream in which my ex-husband came to me. We sat down together on my patio and apologized to each other. We’d been divorced more than twenty years. It was so real that the next morning when I went out to my patio, the energy was still there.

The path that we are following is full of so much grace. I am so thankful to the Siddhas for guiding me and my family through this time.

California, United States

As I observed the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico, where all the elements appeared in perfect, peaceful harmony, a feeling of gratitude arose in me for being able to witness this gorgeous scene. In just that moment, the water, the sun, the wind, the moon, and the beach sand all appeared to me in greater clarity.

I concluded that, by Guru’s grace, gratitude bestows clarity of vision.

Florida, United States

Many years ago I offered seva in one of the “eye camps” held at Gurudev Siddha Peeth. With their families, the patients had made long journeys from all over India by bus or train or even on foot. Many of them had cataracts and could see very little or not at all. I was guiding them from one station to the next by holding their soft hands or laying my arm around their tender shoulders. They surrendered completely while they moved from station to station.
When the white bandages were removed from their eyes after the surgery, it was always so moving when they could see their grandchildren and other relatives once again. I cried every night in my bed out of love and gratitude. I felt that Gurumayi had established these eye camps not only to support the patients but also to enable my heart to open. I came to this seva in order to give, but I never can give back the priceless gifts I received. I am so grateful to my Sadguru!

Palzing, Germany

This heartwarming story about gratitude helped me to realize how my daily mundane activities often distract me from noticing the countless blessings in my life. I feel so grateful for my vision, my health, and for every breath of fresh air which God has generously blessed me!

St. Laurent, Canada

When I read about the girl having her sight restored, I thought, “How often do I think about the fact that I can see?” It’s not often.
I was impressed by the brevity of this story. The points were clear—the girl’s loss of hope, her mother's faith, the kindness in the offering of the doctor’s time and skill, the girl’s overwhelming joy and gratitude, and the power of Gurumayi’s grace.
Having read the story, I am now sitting in my bedroom, where everything looks crystal clear and vivid. In addition, my breathing has deepened, my body feels stronger, and I have a better sense of the whole. 

I am grateful for this beautiful story, and for being reminded of the gift of sight and the profound power of gratitude.

Melbourne, Australia