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Sweet Determination

Siddha Yogis Share Their Experiences of Gratitude

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What a great story!
I love how the mother supported her two-year-old son in asking Gurumayi all by himself for what he wanted! As a parent to a young adult, I am still learning to do this. And I am deeply moved by the Guru’s mysterious ways. I did not expect Gurumayi to say “no” to the toddler. Yet, what this toddler has received from Gurumayi is the greatest gift of all—and so much greater than just the sweet he wanted.
This story opened my heart.

New York, United States

Last year, when I first read this share, what stood out for me most was the determination of the little boy to get a sweet.

However, today, when I read this story again, what stood out was how the boy’s initial desire to receive a sweet transformed, through the years, into a desire to offer sweets to others.

I have thought about how it could be that last year I found the first part of the story more important and yet, this year, the second part stands out more. This has made me notice how partial my mind can be. It has also shown me how important it is to revisit stories and teachings. This enables me to imbibe more aspects of them, and, with time, perhaps to better understand them in their entirety.

Hindelang, Germany

This very beautiful story reminded me that the essence of the Guru’s words is often understood much later, and they never have just one literal meaning. To comprehend the Guru’s words, I need more than just listening to them. They are a treasure for me to keep close to my heart. Especially in the moments I feel low, it is the Guru’s words that uplift my mood and everything else, guiding me to deeper discoveries and meanings.

Gurgaon, India

Gurumayi’s “No” must have sounded like a rejection to the little boy in this story. In that way, the first part of the story could happen anywhere in the world. Yet the second part is extremely special, breathtaking, a wonder.
I admire the way that the boy’s parent supported their son’s own effort and his determination. They didn’t spare him “failure”; they didn't even translate for him. They just encouraged him until he reached his true goal.

Hindelang, Germany

Hearing this story reminded me that the Guru has so much more to give us than we can even imagine. The story tells me that I can settle for momentary pleasure and good feelings—or I can approach sadhana with “sweet determination” to receive deeper knowledge and the ultimate freedom of the Self.

New York, United States

This story touched me very deeply because something similar happened to me.

Once, when I was very new to the Siddha Yoga path, I saw Gurumayi distributing japa malas. I also wanted a beautiful japa mala. When I offered pranam to Gurumayi during darshan, she dropped a japa mala on my back, right over my heart chakra. I was shocked, but at the same time this question arose in me: “Inside or outside?” My answer was “Inside”—and so I went back to my seat in the hall without picking up the mala

In that moment Gurumayi did not give me a japa mala; instead, she gave me shaktipat, the awakening of the divine Kundalini Shakti, for which I had waited lifetime after lifetime. And in so doing, she gave me a supreme teaching.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

I felt very connected to Gurumayi while reading this story. In my experience too, I have seen that the Guru knows what our beautiful destination is and will be our “navigator” in guiding us to get there.

Tumsar, India