Siddha Yogis Share about Gurumayi’s Message Artwork for 2016

The Flow of Love

Gurumayi’s Message Artwork captures, for me, a sense of the ever-present flow of Gurumayi’s love and the power of grace. Each time I look at the Artwork I think of a waterfall. I can even feel the gentleness and sweetness in the movement of the water as it falls.

During meditation, when I breathe in, I see in my mind’s eye this waterfall of grace, and I breathe in Gurumayi’s love. When I exhale, I surrender to the all-encompassing movement of the water and feel myself dissolve into a formless love—easily gliding into a blissful state.

This visualization extends into my day as well. While I am riding the train to work, I imagine that there is a waterfall of love pouring over and through me. I think of the gentle energy of grace descending from the top of my head and washing through my body. As I practice this, it makes my commute seem magical. It’s amazing how contemplating Gurumayi’s Message Artwork allows love to flow in my being.

A Siddha Yogi from California, USA

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