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Bounty of trees and plants purifies the air I breathe. Gurumayi's bounty gives unceasingly.

Resourcefulness of this air gives oxygen I need to live. Gurumayi finds so many ways to transmit her teachings. 

Oxygen brings energy to every cell of my body and mind. Gurumayi's teachings inspire me and I feel strength and enthusiasm.

My lungs and my blood work to assimilate oxygen. It is my responsibility to assimilate Gurumayi's teachings.

I express thankfulness by repeating the mantra with my breath, by offering seva, and by cultivating the virtues. 

Without this air, without my heart and lungs, my body doesn't exist. I bow with immense respect and gratitude before the One who has given me life.

My breath knows how to calm my mind and give me the peace of the heart. May my efforts in sadhana and life be strong enough for Gurumayi’s grace and teachings to bear fruit.


Sarrebourg, France

This morning when I sat for meditation I was more aware than usual of the movement of the breath in my body. I made an intention to become even more aware of this, and I gently watched as the flow of the breath, as prana, flooded into and nourished my cells. I was filled with gratitude for the bounty of nourishment that came from the assimilation of prana by my cells.

Alaska, United States

The beautiful image of Breathe brought my mind into my heart as I experienced being showered with golden sunrays. Focusing on the calming image of turquoise and amber waves rising up and merging into the sunset in a clear sky, my mind stopped chattering. My entire being started filling with gratitude for each breath and for the loyal companionship of Mother Earth and the sun. 

Texas, United States

Through engaging with Gurumayi’s reminders of the components of the verb breathe, I have come to see the stages I can go through to overcome challenges and difficulties. First, I can recognize the bounty of resourcefulness and energy that I already have within. From there, I focus on assimilation of what I have learned and experience thankfulness for that learning. Finally, there comes the practice of humility as I reflect on my own evolution.

Madrid, Spain

This morning, as I followed meditation instructions to breathe in deeply and breathe out long, I suddenly realized that my whole body was expanding and contracting as my lungs usually do. I became immersed in the power of the breath as deep peace permeated my body and my mind found more easeful repose in the heart. 

Geelong, Australia

I see Gurumayi’s teaching Breathe as a process. 
First, the great bounty we receive, the power of grace.
Second, resourcefulness, the power of my self-effort. 
Together, these create energy. I am inspired and energized, infused with shakti
A period of assimilation follows. I honor what I have been given by staying close to it, allowing it to infuse my entire being. 
When I realize what I have received, thankfulness arises.
From thankfulness comes humilty. I experience tenderness and openness in the presence of something greater than myself, and I am willing to learn more.
The result is evolution. I evolve, reach a higher level, and begin again. 

 New York, USA

As I was looking at the beautiful design that accompanied the word breathe, I started to look at each letter, and I realized that contained in the word breathe was the word heart. My breath connects me to my heart. With just one in-breath I enter the heart, and then very naturally with the out-breath, I offer from my heart.
Thank you, beloved Gurumayi, for filling our hearts so abundantly with your love so that we, in turn, can offer that love to the world around us. 

Windsor, United Kingdom

These days, as a participant in the Pilgrimage to the Heart Retreat in Gurudev Siddha Peeth in India, I am in silence, and breathe is my best and only companion. This gives me strength, courage, good posture, and a fresh start in every moment.

Thank you, Gurumayi!

Mumbai, India

My son's board exams are near. Seeing that he was not giving his best to his studies made my mind impatient and restless. When I opened the website and saw “Breathe,” it brought my mind to rest and allowed me to breathe. I saw the waves, which washed my mind and made it feel fresh, and then I could breathe even more. The rising sun was like Gurumayi bestowing her grace, as if she had heard my prayers.
Now, I am breathing more gently and feeling calm. Thank you, Gurumayiji.

Chittorgarh, India

On the day this teaching was posted, I was having a very stressful day at school—I had a very important test or a presentation in every class. All day long I kept reminding myself to breathe, to take deep breaths. Later, when I came home, I saw this post and I thought, "How did I know?"  
The breathing had really helped and by doing this I was able to calm down and regain composure and it prepared me for what I had to do.

a seventeen-year-old Siddha Yogi from California, USA

Yesterday my husband and I were exploring a stretch of isolated oceanfront in rural Hawaii. As we climbed across ridges and folds of dark black lava, our only companion was a whale not far offshore, whose breath was visible as clouds of spray shooting up from the water.
We came upon a small pink pool filled with smooth round boulders, connected to the sea by a spiral-shaped chasm, alternately filled and emptied by waves surging through a deep tunnel in the lava. We sat in the pool as the waves flowed in and out. It felt as though the ocean was breathing, cleansing and healing us with each in-breath and out-breath. I aligned my own breathing with the ocean's surge, and found her pace to be that of a long, deep, calm human breath.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for teaching us to turn within and align with the breath of the universe.

California, USA

I found out this week that I will have to be finding a new job soon. Gurumayi's words, humility, bounty, resourcefulness, energy, evolution, thankfulness, assimilation, and breathe, are the perfect contemplation to help me through this time of transition!

Thank you, Gurumayi, for showing us the path to steadiness and light!

Oklahoma, USA

I love how the word breathe is at the heart of the image, and how the wave makes a heart around breathe. Gurumayi's teachings and instructions about easy breathing indeed lead me to the Heart, the core of who I truly am.

And how much fun it was to gaze at this particular teaching from Gurumayi and then, by clicking on the arrow to the previous teachings that lead to this one, to realize that they all led to breathe. A complete circle of fun!

Thank you, Gurumayi, for teaching us through words, images—and in every possible way!

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Two months ago I was swimming in the sea, when suddenly the waves pulled me far from the shore. They were big and strong, they started to roll me up and down, and it was hard for me to breathe.

I called to mind Gurumayi's story about the lions and tigers swimming in the waves with her, from the Message talk, Wake Up to Your Inner Courage and Become Steeped in Divine Contentment. This gave me the peace of mind to let the waves move my body, the strength and determination to continue breathing, and the confidence that someone would help me—which did happen.

Today, when I saw the wave together with the teaching "Breathe" in the image on the website, I could recognize—once again—that I am alive because of my Guru's grace.

Thank you, beloved Gurumayi, because one of your teachings kept me alive.

Mexico City, Mexico

When I saw the photo with a soft, pinkish breathe on it, I was taken with its exquisite beauty—the water, the golden sunrise, the little diamonds dancing in the air, the myriad colors—such a glorious, bountiful expression of nature! 

When I decided to meditate on breathe and seek a deeper meaning, my breath instantly became like waves, rising and subsiding, a never-ending, steady rhythm, just like the rise and fall of waves on the ocean. It was very soothing and I knew it would help me, throughout the day, to come back to my breath and be comforted by its continuous rhythm and steadiness.

Washington, USA

When I first looked upon the image this morning, I saw the bounty of the earth and sky and all the elements, with the blue heart formed by the water—so beautiful! I then wrote in my journal about my experience of  breathe and set an intention to keep an awareness of my breath throughout the day.

Now, as I look back at the end of the day, I am so grateful. There were actually several moments when I needed the support of my breath to relax and center myself. I stopped and listened to Gurumayi's voice inwardly saying "Breathe," and I felt how Gurumayi's love and grace were behind the word. I see how focusing on studying, practicing, assimilating, and implementing the teaching "Breathe" was a sadhana in itself today. I intend to bring "Breathe" along tomorrow with the next word of the day.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your grace and support. Thank you, everyone, for your shares. And thank you, website sevites, for your seva.

New York, USA

This exquisite picture reminded me of a phrase I learned years ago in French: être dans l'oeil de l'ouragan, "to be in the eye of the hurricane." Yes, indeed, whenever I remember breathing, I recall the serene presence of my beloved Guru within me—whatever the circumstances and the agitations might be around me.

Algiers, Algeria

What an exquisitely beautiful and powerful image with the word breathe at the center. When I first saw it, it took my breath away!  And then I remembered to breathe, and I smiled, relaxing and taking it all in. 

This image of a powerful and energetic wave with the sunlight streaming through seems to me to be the culmination of all the other teachings. As I scroll through, taking each word into my being as I breathe, they become a part of me. I see each letter of each word contains colors and textures that are in the image—the letters and words are separate and yet a part of the whole. Breathe is what holds everything together and brings everything alive.

Washington, USA

Another reminder to breathe—this so alive visual of wave, water, distance, depths, playfulness, possibility, light. I feel Gurumayi’s tender, patient, continuing love as I sit and allow this teaching to penetrate my being and experience the Guru’s healing company within me.

Thank you, dear Gurumayi.  

Melbourne, Australia

Thank you for the awesome “Breathe” teaching. I instantly breathed deeply, smiled, and soaked in God's spectacular beauty. I love the threefold metaphor!

Which comes first?

Focusing on the heart reveals the light within, seeing which we breathe easier.

Pausing to glimpse the light of the moment instantly connects us to the heart and we breathe freely.

Breathing deeply stills the mind, centers us in the heart, and we experience the light within.

Thank you beloved Gurumayi.

California, USA

The word in itself makes me conscious of my breathing, which has a power to center me in the present moment. It is with the breath that the ajapa japa, as we learned in the Shaktipat Intensive, goes on in the space of inner tranquility.

London, United Kingdom

This beautiful image and teaching reminded me of something I heard Baba say in Santa Monica in 1981. Someone asked Baba why he liked to sit on his balcony and look at the sea. In his reply, Baba spoke about how a yogi knows how to extract prana from nature—from the sea. This teaching from Baba delighted my heart and mind, and I have experimented with it over the years. When I am in nature or even gazing at a picture of nature, and I breathe consciously, I feel that I am drawing in, with great appreciation and respect, the life-giving prana of nature.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for constantly bringing my focus to this great ecstatic truth through the exquisite images of nature you show us.

Castlemaine, Australia

After seeing this posting I took a deep breath in and a long breath out and contemplated the beautiful image of the water heart and the sun.

Immediately my attention was drawn inside and my mind became silent. My breath led me to a state of peace and surrender.

I took another deep breath in and long breath out and, as I saw Gurumayi's name on the bottom of the image, gratitude arose from within.

Thank you, Gurumayi. Thank you for your guidance.

Mexico City, Mexico

This morning was gray and cold, as if even the air had clenched like a fist, and my own mood seemed gray and cold and tight. As I went through my tasks, I tried to remember the mantra moving inside me with each breath and myself moving inside the protection of the mantra, and soon I felt my posture soften and my heart area open up.

This practice has come to my rescue so many times, but I was still a little chilly when I sat down to look at the website. The warm and colorful picture of water, sun, and air immediately dissolved the lingering gloom and let me breathe free. How perfectly this single image embodies all the powerful teachings that have come before it.

Thanks again and again to Gurumayi and this path. And thanks to all who work to maintain this precious web resource, and who share their own insights.

Massachusetts, USA

Upon seeing the word breathe this morning on the website, I immediately recalled how just after my recitation of Shri Guru Gita earlier in the day, I'd counselled myself to relax afterwards, and feel the effects of the chant. Then I took a breath which was sweet and easy, and I sensed my entire being bathed in the benefits of Shri Guru Gita on a cellular level.  What a difference one breath can make!

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this most practical and beneficial of teachings, as it truly galvanizes all of the others!

Maine, USA

Just seeing this word, this beauty, I am filled with gratitude and relief.  Whatever I have been holding onto is released, and I remember that to breathe is to live and to breathe is to allow Kundalini Shakti do her work unimpeded by my mind. When I breathe, the mantra comes in, carrying the invisible shakti, just as those beautiful ocean waves carry the invisible currents and tides.

I look forward every day now to see what gifts Gurumayi has for us through the Siddha Yoga path website.  How fortunate we are in this global satsang.

California, USA

When I wake up in the morning, my first spiritual practice is to visit the Siddha Yoga path website. My heart thirsts for Gurumayi's teachings. This morning, after seeing the teaching, I made a resolve to do the breathing technique of pranayama. With each breath I inhale and exhale, I repeat the chaitanya mantra, the mahamantra. The mantra is assimilated into my being, and I experience inner silence. The rasa of happiness is released through my senses. I feel energetic. The Self, my inner Guru, is the supreme resource. All of this is bounty from Gurumayi. It is the process of evolution toward the supreme Self. My humble heart is soaked in thankfulness, in gratitude. Thank you, Gurumayi, for this life-transforming teaching.

May we all be connected through “Breathe.”

Pune, India

This teaching could not have come at a better time for me! This week, there has been lots to balance and juggle in my life.This word with the motion of the wave vibrantly cresting and hugging the sun was just the image and word I needed to see and read. Immediately, my whole being felt wrapped in Gurumayi's grace. A rush of calm (and I use those two words on purpose) overcame me, and I sat for a moment. All it took was a moment—to sit and be with the breath and the wave and the sun to realize that it's all going to be just perfect. Why? Because I have Gurumayi's grace in my life as a constant!

California, USA


Gurumayi's teaching on bounty reminds me, as an actor, of some of Juliet's famous words to Romeo in Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.

Standing on her balcony, Juliet tells Romeo, "My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite."

With all my heart, thank you, Gurumayi, for your boundless teachings and grace. Yours is the love that is truly infinite.

New York, USA

I think of the Self as the great wealth, the great bounty within, which shines with the virtue of generosity. 

As I quietly held the word “bounty” in my mind, I could feel a shimmering sense of fullness expanding in my being. I remembered moments when I initiated being generous with others or myself even while I was dealing with feelings such as judgment or anger, and the generosity helped so much to diffuse a mounting contraction on both sides. Giving, even when I can’t initially feel the fullness in the moment, can transform challenging situations. It can heal.

I am grateful for the reminder to bring the bhav, the attitude, of generosity and bounty in my life.

Montreal, Canada

For me, bounty is shaktipat initiation, the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices, the Siddha Yoga website, the global sangham, the infinite blessings of the Siddhas, Gurumayi’s boundless grace.
I am deeply humbled by the bounty of the Siddha Yoga path, and so very grateful to have met Gurumayi in this life.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your guidance and love.

New York, USA

An alternate definition of the word bounty is "a reward given to someone for catching a criminal." I started to disregard that definition, but then had the thought, "Yes! The ‘criminal’ is when I feel I am the doer. When I catch that criminal and go back to the witness, I receive the bounty.”  I was amused and delighted at this thought.
Thank you, dearest Gurumayi. 

Colorado, USA

One definition of bounty that resonates with me is "good things that are given or provided freely and in large amounts." These words immediately made me shift my thoughts about a situation in my life where my focus a day before had been on the opposite of bounty: on what I do not have, on what others are not providing me with. I have so much to be grateful for, countless blessings. Just one word, bounty, made me realize that instead  of thinking about what I do not have, I can focus on all that I do have, and in so doing, I can fill my heart with gratitude and compassion.
Over and over again Gurumayi's guidance has been so palpable in my life, teaching me how to protect myself from thoughts that create unhappiness for me and others. Now I also have the bounty of the support of so many people all over the world who offer sharings that help me to discover deeper meanings of the teachings.
Thank you, Gurumayi; thanks a million!

Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles

The bounty of my life is my Guru's grace!

New York, USA

As I consider the qualities of “bounty” and “resourcefulness” I realize that the greatest resource I have is the Siddha Yoga path—a path rich with the Guru’s grace, the Siddha Yoga path website, books, Siddha Yoga courses, Shaktipat Intensives—the list is very long. So many resources and so much guidance on how to live in the bounty of an awakened life.   
I read the shares that people write and the chapters of the Siddha Yoga books that people refer to, and I view the artwork and reflect on the words that the Guru gives, and in this way I become rearranged from within to be able to serve my world with greater respect and love.   
Thank you, Gurumayi, for giving us the knowledge of the Siddhas. 

Washington, USA

I have discovered that the word bounty has two general meanings: "a generous gift" and "generosity in giving."

For me, Gurumayi is the embodiment of bounty. She gives the generous gift of shaktipat and continuously gives grace in the form of her teachings so that we all can live and serve from an expanded, happy and free state. Because of Gurumayi’s bounty, I, too, experience bounty and am experiencing more and more ease in sharing my bounty with others.

Perth, Australia


I was visualizing the word resourcefulness and I saw the word source within it.

So clear and simple: resourcefulness is returning to the fullness of the Self again and again.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

New York, USA

A haiku on resourcefulness:
snow, wind, flag, temple
a great heart has everything
return to the source

New York, USA

When I scanned the letters of the attribute of resourcefulness, I kept returning to the word our.  It reminded me that while individual resources (talents, skills, personalities) vary, we all have "our"common resource, the inner Self. 

When we meet each other in "our" space, we are truly free to appreciate and honor the unique resources that each of us possesses as individuals.

Alaska, USA

When I woke up this morning, I was facing a difficult situation in the household and I didn’t know how to handle it. After sitting for my morning swadhyaya and meditation, I felt very peaceful and quiet. Immersed in this state, I reconsidered the situation. A voice came from within, saying, "You can handle it. All you have to do is handle it differently."

At that point, I thought of visiting the Siddha Yoga path website. When I did so, I was so happy to see the teaching, "Resourcefulness."  I knew the meaning, but looked it up in the dictionary anyway. I got my answer! Yes, all I had to do to approach the situation differently was to use some of my creativity. And it worked!

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the great teachings that you give us. Every teaching is exactly what I need at that particular point of my life.

Vadodara, India

As I read the attribute "resourcefulness," I was delighted to remember, "Yoga is skill in action," one of the classical definitions of yoga. Then I saw there was a button to continue to a new slide. When I clicked on it, the attribute "humility" appeared, with another button to show a new slide. And..."resourcefulness" appeared again, and then “humility," and then...

I see how this play of balance between these two attributes is the play of yoga, doing without doing, performing the yoga of action without the sense of doership.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for teaching these truths in such playful ways, with so much fun.

Mexico City, Mexico

As soon as I saw the new word, resourcefulness, I immediately recognized that I have a new understanding of the meaning of that word. I used to think of it in terms of using money wisely, how to very cleverly obtain what I needed in the material world. I realize that I now think of it in terms of being very simple, going inside, receiving the information I need by visiting my heart, and acting out of that deep Self place. My resource is the Guru within.

California, USA

When I viewed the new teaching, Resourcefulness I was drawn to the word our contained within it and then fullness Immediately came the understanding: only when I am aware of "our fullness" of light and love in the one Self, can I draw the strength needed to live life fully.
Thank you, Gurumayi.

New York, USA


I have recently become aware of how much what I eat, drink, think, do, look at, and listen to affect my energy level. I need to balance the energy I give to my own well-being with the energy I give out to others and to external activities. I want to have the energy to enjoy quiet moments and free time. I notice when I take time for quiet restorative practices, my energy is renewed.

California, USA

Yesterday, I was on vacation on an island with my family and I went swimming with dolphins. I knew dolphins are playful and loving animals; and the guide told us that dolphins were full of energy, and I thought, it's so cool, because the teaching of the day is "Energy"! And it is special because energy is not only what you need to walk, run, and play; but it is necessary for spiritual practices, like when you chant, you use energy, and when you play an instrument, you use energy, not just to play it, but to actually get into the chant and feel it. And also, spiritual practices give you energy in return.

a nine-year-old Siddha Yogi from New York, USA

While contemplating in the early hours of the morning, I had the insight of the connection among these teachings. It is with humility that I surrender to the Guru and open myself to be receptive to her grace. It is with resourcefulness, self-effort, that I study, practice, assimilate, and implement the teachings, applying them to the variety of events that occur in my life. I then experience the bounty of my efforts as I align with Guru's grace. Because the practices are enlivened with the Guru's awakened energy, my efforts are potent and fruitful. Because the Kundalini Shakti has been awakened in me through shaktipat, with steady effort I come to more fully recognize the energy awakened within me as the presence of the Guru.   

Washington, USA

What a wonderful contemplation I have had today.
What sort of energy do I want to have this week? A forgiving energy.
How can I let go of my stagnant energy? More conscious japa.
How can I energize each situation with wonderful positive energy? Soften my heart.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for giving us so many different exciting ways to experience our lives. It is so uplifting.

Nairobi, Kenya

This morning, I spent some time viewing the word energy. Again and again I saw the sun rising and shining brightly over the first part of the word, and the ocean waters within the last two letters. How beautiful is the work done by the website sevites! Thank you so much.
The sense I had of the sun rising over the ocean in the visual reminded me of how the Guru's shakti rises in ourselves, as we do the practices day by day and follow the Guru's teachings. And when we make this self-effort, the Guru gives us energy to be strong no matter what the circumstances.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for the gift of this shakti, this energy. 

Gandhinagar, India

Last night, I had just finished participating in A Sweet Surprise for a glorious second time when I viewed the new teaching, "Energy." I saw it as composed of vibrating, shimmering particles of light, an echo of the scintillating Self I experienced when I heard the New Year's Message.
I instantly felt pulled back into the universal hall for a third time, and heard Gurumayi laughing. It was as if she were saying to me, "Did you get it? Do you understand now?" In deep gratitude, I heard my heart humbly reply, "Yes, Gurumayi, I do." I experienced all of creation as energy, a vibration of the Supreme Self.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your never-ending grace.

New York, USA

After contemplating Gurumayi's teachings, I visualized the divine virtues as beads threaded together on a string of self-effort.
When I've practiced being resourceful, I could see myself building a strong inner constitution. And when I consider the teaching "Energy," I feel encouraged to increase my enthusiasm for the Siddha Yoga practices and the Siddha Yoga teachings.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for revealing the golden path of self-effort.

Sydney, Australia

Ahhh, now I see clearly how one quality leads to the next: humility to resourcefulness to bounty to energy. I can only say, "What could possibly be next, Gurumayi? This is so energizing!"

California, USA


When I saw the word assimilation, I thought of eating a meal. If I am to digest the food properly and then assimilate it into my body and being, it is necessary to pause and prepare myself. In this period of pausing and preparing, I become aware of what and how much I need to eat. I am able to invite the food into my body one hundred percent.

So it is with the teachings from the Guru. These teachings are spiritual nourishment, and if I am to fully assimilate them, a pause and preparation are necessary for me to give myself fully to what they have to offer me.

Alaska, USA

Our Guru has given us a new word this morning: assimilation. When I explored definitions for it, I found one that explained assimilation as the process of receiving new facts or responding to new situations in accordance with what is already available to consciousness.

How energized I am by the bounty of these teachings! The shares are so rich, the artwork so beautiful, the Guru’s teachings so wise! I will walk humbly through the world today, knowing that each moment I can bring the Self, the light of Consciousness, to whatever new situation I meet. In this way, I will evolve and add to the bliss of creation.

Pennsylvania, USA

I teach Educational Psychology to future educators. I was preparing my lessons very early this morning when I went into the website and saw Gurumayi’s teaching of the day. I fell into a profound meditation, and found myself aligned with the stillness I needed to understand how to help my students assimilate the lessons for the day. This happened while I was assimilating Gurumayi’s teachings.

Later on, when I was with my students in the classroom, the interaction was amazingly powerful! I am so grateful and happy, thank you!

Madrid, Spain

When the teachings are assimilated, they become part of me.

The teaching "Assimilation" rang a bell today for me!  It is time for contemplation and meditation. Time to let all of the amazing experiences of the learnings of January 2014 be assimilated in mind, body, and heart.

Montreal, Canada

At various times, Gurumayi has suggested that we memorize teachings. I have taken this to heart and memorized many of the beautiful postings on the Siddha Yoga path website. I am now working on memorizing the current postings. I memorize them in order, and when I go to bed and wake up, I recall them. I have found that doing this enables me to assimilate the teachings on a deep level. Recalling them evokes the beauty and feeling of each teaching on a deep level.

Jai Gurudev!

Colorado, USA

It seems to me that it would require humility to truly assimilate the teachings. With humility one recognizes that one does not know everything. Therefore, with humility, one is available to the teachings; one is endowed with the requisite spaciousness and willingness to absorb and assimilate the teachings. Assimilation implies having the humility to take the time to make the teachings one’s own.

Thank you, dearest Gurumayi, for these beautiful words that catalyze greater awareness and give profound guidance.

Florida, USA

Contemplating the teaching “Assimilation,” I had the insight that all these teachings are essences from which we can extract the rasa of happiness! That's what we are all doing—giving ourselves a moment to decoct the rasa of happiness! Thank you, Gurumayi, for this wonderful experience!

I couldn't imagine that such a mysterious process would be available to us in such a playful and joyful way. That's only possible because of Gurumayi’s amazing grace.

Thank you always!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When I first hear a divine truth, my heart leaps up with the joy of recognition. But it is only with my Guru's grace and my efforts in sadhana that, little by little, my being assimilates its profundity until it fully resonates, silently sparkling within my being.

New York, USA

Humility, resourcefulness, bounty, energy, evolution, and assimilation sound like the perfect formula to create an ideal human being.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this wonderful exercise and teaching.

Iowa, USA


I experience thankfulness as an intimate inner dimension, which brings me closer to the source of the ocean of love within. It makes it easier for me to access the joy, love, oneness, and so many other attributes of the Self.

At the beginning, this experience arose in me spontaneously as an inner gift. Since then, just the practice of remembrance of my thankfulness helps me to access that inner state again and again. I feel there are so many events to be thankful for. By disengaging from situations, reactions, and attachments, I discover that what remains is the perfection of the inner gift: the encounter with one's true Self.

Padua, Italy

Thankfulness was my first deep feeling when I saw Baba for the first time.

Thankfulness has accompanied me, as a friend, all these years.

Thankfulness is the driving force behind that I do in my sadhana.

With deep gratitude—thank you, Gurumayiji, Baba Muktananda, and Bade Baba.

Ingolstadt, Germany

I teach mathematics. Earlier in my career I used to have a very dry feeling whenever I had to deliver a lecture to my students based on a rigorous mathematical proof. I am astonished that I am now able to deliver such lectures with humility—and effectiveness. For me, the key was to observe the behavior of numbers and the existence of equations through my Guru’s teachings, that is, with love and respect for all.

My students are now participating more actively and grasping the subject much better than before. I am not aware of exactly when and how this transformation took place in me. But now, as I eagerly look forward to the next challenge, I find myself full of happiness in my life.

Due to the bounty of my Guru’s grace, my understanding is growing and getting clearer and clearer. I find that this evolution is a result of my assimilation of the Guru’s teachings.

Gurumayiji, you have all my thankfulness for giving me energy and activating my resourcefulness.

Lucknow, India

I had such a wonderful insight about thankfulness this morning during meditation. It's obvious to me all the things I am thankful for. Then I realized thankfulness is a virtue that covers the full spectrum of life, not just the things that are going well, or things that make me feel good. So I turned my thankfulness to a project that is currently a challenge for me  and to a small health issue.

Already my attitude has shifted about the project, and this is helping me to be more positive and have a good exchange with tech support. And my health issue is reminding me to be vigilant and disciplined in my eating habits. When I do this I am fine.

I am curious how thankfulness will show up in other ways today!

Washington, USA

Reading the responses engendered by Gurumayi's amazingly generous teachings is like sitting with other devotees in a global satsang and sharing thoughts and experiences inspired by Gurumayi and the Siddha Yoga path. I realize that I have longed for this sort of satsang for a very long time.

Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for creating this forum of sharing.

Pennsylvania, USA

I have been finding Gurumayi's teachings so applicable in my life. “Thankfulness” was particularly perfect. Seeing this word while tending to a sick family member pulled me out of my busy-ness and into a space of gratitude for all the love my family brings me.

I am so very, very thankful to you, Gurumayi.

Colorado, USA

I woke up this morning and read a beautiful article in a DARSHAN magazine from 1987. The theme was discipleship and surrender. After reading it, I was so full of gratitude that when I began to meditate with the So'ham mantra, the syllables turned into "Thank you" and remained that way through my entire meditation. Then I went to the Siddha Yoga path website to see that the teaching for today is "Thankfulness!"

It just keeps getting better and better!

Massachusetts, USA

Thankfulness, as with assimilation, also seems to be preceded by humility.
Humility creates the space to notice—the beads on the japa mala that support practice, feeling warmth on a chilly day, the smiles that come one’s way during the course of a day, and other manifestations of generosity, such as the ability to forgive and wish well. All these and innumerable other moments can give rise to a sweet thankfulness.

And, finally, for the earth below, the vast starry skies above, and the grace of an opportunity to discover and become immersed in the currents of the Message for 2014—for all this, there can be a profound thankfulness.

And humility creates the space that engenders this beautiful awareness of thankfulness.

Florida, USA

I have heard Gurumayi say that it is important to be simple in one's devotion. Thankfulness helps me to become simple. When I abide in thankfulness for this path, I become simple and I come naturally into alignment with the universe and with this life.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for making this possible for me and for so many others around the globe.

Wisconsin, USA

As I was contemplating the teachings, I was delighting in how such seemingly simple words can have such a deep and profound meaning in my life. Gurumayi's teachings, presence in our lives, and divine grace shower me with sparkling thankfulness every day.

With endless gratitude, thank you, Gurumayi.

California, USA

After all of these wonderful virtues, it’s perfect that we now rest on thankfulness. We have received so much from Gurumayi already this year.

I fold my hands in thankfulness for this glorious path and Gurumayi’s magnificent teachings.

New York, USA


I have been contemplating Gurumayi's Message, and realized that one of the best ways to experience the vibration of the soundless sound is in meditation.

As I sit for meditation every day, my thoughts begin to rattle around, and attachments and emotions start bumping into each other. However, little by little, the mental noise settles down, and I begin to feel the meditative energy permeate my mind.

In the A Sweet Surprise satsang, Gurumayi teaches the importance and strength of the virtue of humility. From her teachings, I understand that humility is an indispensable virtue to cultivate on the Siddha Yoga path and that it reveals itself when the ego constructs, thoughts, and attachments have been released.

So, it is my intention to sit for meditation, with humility, and thus merge with the soundless sound.

New York, USA

I remember learning years ago that the word humility was derived from the Latin word humus, meaning "earth, ground." So for years I tried practicing being down-to-earth, without putting on airs of being something I wasn't.

Now, after decades of sadhana, I also realize that humility means being able to put to rest all the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs about separation and differences, and to be in the pause of love between the breaths, whether I am relating to myself or to others.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for reminding me to practice humility.

New York, USA

What a subtle blend of colors for this virtue. I love how this image visually captures my understanding of humility: it's a delicate balance of strength and depth, of personal conviction and yet nondual awareness, of profound love and yet nonattachment. 

Vermont, USA

When I think of humility, I think of how open I am to allowing myself to be gently taught something. When I am humble, I become teachable!

And the more I stay in my heart, the more humility I experience.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

New Jersey, USA

What I understand about humility is that being humble and having humility are two different things. Being humble is having respect and love towards others, no matter what their circumstances. Humility is the acceptance of oneself for who one is, without the need to appear greater or smaller.

Oregon, USA

When I think of humility, I think of plants, trees, bushes, flowers, blades of grass. They rise up towards the sun, towards the moon, towards the sky; and at the same time, there is always a curve, a "bow" somewhere—in the branches, in the leaves, in the petals. And this "bow" gives them their grace, their delicacy, their beauty. When I watch nature, when I notice this "bow,” my heart opens and rises up towards the sky, my tailbone moves slightly down, and I experience this inner "bow," which brings me back to the inner silence and gives me an experience of gratitude.

Humility has an amazing capacity to contain and reveal any other virtue.

With love and gratitude to my beloved Guru. It is her grace that makes that experience possible.

Annecy le Vieux, France

In thinking of humility today, I remembered seeing a photo of Baba Muktananda standing next to Bhagavan Nityananda in Ganeshpuri. That picture radiated true humility—surrender to a higher principle. It was clear to me that Baba knew what true richness was, what true position was, and what true knowledge was.

I understand humility to be the ability to leave behind all your limitations, transcend yourself, and lose all thoughts of yourself and who you think you are.

Florida, USA

When I remember that all is one, that whatever and whoever I meet is God, I experience the beautiful virtue of humility. And I have noticed that when I am in the space of humility, synchronicity and great blessings arise in my life.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for reminding me once again to contemplate, practice, and implement humility in my life.

California, USA

Humility for me is connected to the gratitude I feel for finding a spiritual guide like Gurumayi and the Siddha Yoga path. I feel humble in appreciation.

Iowa, USA

When I opened to the word humility, tears filled my eyes. I saw that the beginning of the word humility is also the beginning of the word human, and it is when I see that the same Self is in others as it is in me, I am filled with love and caring. I begin to feel my oneness with myself, my life, with my loved ones, and with the earth and sky itself. Humility seems to arise naturally in that space of oneness.

In holding the Message for 2014 in my heart, I am aware that we truly are all "connected," and I feel a tenderness that touches my living and being.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for all the blessings you heap upon us.

New Mexico, USA

It is wonderful to see humility posted on the website. Our sadhana circle is reading the chapter on "Humility" in Gurumayi’s book, My Lord Loves a Pure Heart.

Reading and studying this chapter in the context of the Message for 2014 is having a tangible effect on my state. Everything Gurumayi writes in this chapter seems to evoke the experience of humility from a slightly different perspective. Gurumayi’s words are subtly guiding me into an expansive state where I am seeing the vastness of God’s love and protection. What a joy! What sweetness! What a priceless gift!

Thank you, Gurumayi.

California, USA

Seeing today's teaching, I went right away to Gurumayi's book Enthusiasm to read the chapter on “Gentleness.” I find this chapter is so helpful in understanding humility.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

Annascaul, Ireland

I have experienced in my life that when I am humble, I receive respect, I receive love. Practicing Gurumayi’s teachings transforms lives—transforms my life.

Now, I am planning to read the chapter on humility in Gurumayi's book,  My Lord Loves a Pure Heart, to understand more about this virtue.

Ulhasnagar, India

Ah, humility, what a beautiful word. It harmonizes so perfectly with silence. What comes to my mind are the snowflakes, falling and surrendering into the earth, into each other, with total silence and humility, creating a beautiful, serene, pristine world: our world—the world we can honor and enjoy with great humility and love.

Washington, USA


I have heard Gurumayi teach about the importance of protecting our planet, and I often wonder how we do this. Now that the word evolution has appeared, I see that these teachings can guide us as caretakers of the earth.

Humility: This quality allows us to go beyond our own self-interest to have a universal and global perspective.

Resourcefulness: In the silence of deep meditation, we gain access to our own inner resourcefulness. We can then contemplate how to develop and use our own resources wisely.

Bounty: There are both inner treasures and outer treasures of nature. We win the bounty of these treasures by taming our inner enemies, such as greed and selfishness.

Energy: To tame the inner enemies, we need to align ourselves with the supreme energy—Kundalini Shakti. As Kundalini Shakti unfolds in us—through spiritual practices and following the Siddha Yoga teachings—we experience our own evolution.

Evolution: Our own personal evolution and the evolution of the planet are inextricably bound up with one another. We are all part of the same oneness. We are one.

Port Macquarie, Australia

When I focused on the word evolution, I visualized a flower bud gently opening out into a beautiful fragrant flower. I am like this flower bud, and with the greatest gift—shaktipat—that my Guru has bestowed  upon me,  and with my regular sadhana, I can and do evolve, transforming into  a better human being. I can bring out the goodness, greatness, and kindness within me, and share it abundantly with others around me.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for giving me "just a word" to make me go deeper into the teachings.

Nairobi, Kenya

O my silent heart, with utmost humility, may I allow the bounty of divine energy to permeate my resourcefulness and trigger an inner evolution.

Mumbai, India

As we engage with Siddha Yoga sadhana, as we meditate and do the practices, we evolve as human beings. We develop qualities and characteristics that support us to live better lives, to be stronger, to be better people. We grow, we develop, and we improve. We begin to take a quantum leap into a new understanding of who we are. Our evolution happens gradually over time, as we practice humility and resourcefulness, as we learn to enter the silence of the heart. In this process of evolution, we evolve from people who believe we are material beings, defined by our names, our labels, our jobs, titles, and roles, into beings who experience the truth of "humanness." We recognize our divinity and that of others, and we come to know that we are beings of light and energy who can indeed make the world a better place.

Pune, India

I just gave myself a moment to contemplate all together the 2014 teachings from Gurumayi, and it dawned on me that I can take the first teaching, "Give yourself a moment to decoct the rasa of happiness and drink it to your heart's content," and replace the word happiness with the next word, and I'll have a new teaching. And in so doing, I understood the meaning of decocting the rasa of something.
Jaya Gurumayi!

Sao Paulo, Brazil

When I looked up the meaning of the word evolution, one definition in particular caught my attention: "A pattern formed by a series of movements." I thought of Gurumayi's reminders to have a daily practice of chanting and meditation. This pattern of movements will develop a life-changing gift within me. It will give me the gift of my own evolutionary process towards love and freedom.
Thank you, Gurumayi.

New Mexico, USA

I awoke this morning and embraced the word today: evolution.  I looked it up in the dictionary and was delighted to find this as one of the definitions: “An opening of what was rolled up.” 
The evolution of a disciple is the unfurling of the heart, like a sail perhaps, which becomes filled by the winds of tremendous grace. When our heart is unfurled, we are propelled by grace across the ocean of this world.
Thank you, Gurumayi. It is a gift to have these teachings. And thank you, website sevites.

Pennsylvania, USA

Evolution—the ever-creative awesome power of Kundalini Shakti. All things come forth and then are absorbed back into her, the ocean of bliss.

California, USA

Tonight, I came across a photo of myself at about three years old.  A gentle, amusing smile came from within my heart, as I thought,  "I'm becoming a child again: more open, spontaneous, trusting—joyfully  adventuring in a bountiful world of wonder, dancing in bubbles and sparkles of light!" 

Then, I viewed the new teaching, "Evolution." Immediately,  I remembered the picture I came across earlier. I pondered: I spent years of my life, supposedly evolving while I matured into a young adult. I felt equipped to face the world with judgments, ideas, and beliefs of separation and differences that would protect me. Little did I know, my process of so-called "evolution" was actually isolating me from the most precious treasure on earth—the Self.

Now, after receiving shaktipat initiation, with my Guru's grace, the Siddha Yoga teachings, and an earnest desire, I am humbly and gratefully evolving back home to the Self.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your grace that leads to true evolution.

New York, USA

Evolution is the natural outcome of meditation. Baba Muktananda told us about this revolution!

Gracias, Gurumayi!

Tulum, Mexico

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