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Be Disciplined

Teachings by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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Last night, I sat down in a full lotus posture and meditated. When the sounds of the tamboura ended, I was deeply absorbed in the stillness of an inner awareness within me who was just "being," a presence who witnessed my thoughts, my silence, and my breath.  When I looked up, I realized that I had meditated for an hour. And that meant I had attained the goal of meditation I had set for myself during this lockdown period. I was so happy; I thought, “At last, what sweet discipline!”
My eyes shifted to rest on Bade Baba’s picture on my puja. Bade Baba looked radiant, resolute, and majestic. Suddenly, I understood the virtue of mastery for me, and the importance of discipline it takes to attain the state of freedom, strength, and lightness.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Since we have been asked to stay at home in this trying times, I have had a few wobbles in interacting with my family members. After being with Gurumayi in a dream and participating in the live video stream with our beloved Gurumayi, I am tangibly experiencing Gurumayi’s divine hands supporting me fully.
Now I feel my state is much stronger. I am taking my responsibilities seriously, and supporting myself and all my family members and friends from this renewed insight and purpose. My convictions about the power of this beautiful path are stronger than ever.

Eastbourne, United Kingdom

Discipline has always been one of my favorite virtues. Now, newly inspired by Gurumayi’s teachings here, I have been encouraging myself to practice discipline more consciously and diligently in all my daily activities. From the first day of this renewed focus, I experienced the benefits of nurturing my body, emotions, mind, and spirit with a balanced schedule. It feels so good, and it has been good for those around me as well.

Berlin, Germany

When Gurumayi spoke about practicing discipline, I felt inwardly connected despite the many distractions coming in my direction which may be beyond my control.
For me, the value of discipline was one of the most powerful teachings I received from Gurumayi when I first visited Shree Muktananda Ashram in 1995. I learned this discipline in waking up early to meditate, then reciting Shri Guru Gita, reporting to offer seva in a timely manner, offering seva with great devotion and care, and being considerate toward my roommates and others in the Ashram.
I have practiced this discipline ever since. I still wake up early for my daily puja and meditation, and every day I listen in silence to the recitation of Shri Guru Gita. I always try to be polite and considerate with other people.
Hearing Gurumayi repeat this teaching about discipline helped me to make some refinements in my daily routine.  

Bedford Gardens, South Africa

No other words touch me as instantly and deeply as Gurumayi’s. When I sit still and allow her words to sink into me, I have the direct experience of those words. Something Gurumayi said in this satsang exemplified this for me.
At this time, as my family remains in isolation at home to protect one another and our neighbors and friends, the dishes pile up and up! The moment they are washed, they appear again, and then again! In her talk, as Gurumayi spoke about being disciplined, she encouraged us to enter into our hearts during all activities, so we can experience nectar within—even when doing the dishes!
Doing the dishes from the space of my heart and sharing this approach with my daughter has brought light and laughter into our kitchen. From there, I can feel this positive energy entering into our food, the rooms in our house, and our animals.
Gurumayi's wisdom is the most supportive lifelong friend.

South Yarra, Australia

Gurumayi’s teaching here—“What you experience during meditation is a gift you must share with others”—reminded me of a joyful opportunity I’d had to apply it.
Recently I had to renew my driver’s license and retake the road test. When the examiner entered my car, she noticed Gurumayi’s photo, and asked, “Who’s that?” I said, “That’s my meditation teacher.” She replied, “Oh, I should learn to meditate; this job is very stressful!” I told her, “Well, if you have a few extra minutes, I can give you some tips about how to meditate.”
And that’s what we did! After I talked with her briefly about breathing and mantra repetition, she closed her eyes and sat quietly.
After I’d passed the test, she observed, “I feel so calm in your car!” I realized that I too had felt calm during my test.
What a gift it was to share an introduction to this beautiful practice. I felt I’d experienced and shared the generosity I’d received from meditation, not to mention the delight of the Self in the whole interaction.

Illinois, United States