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Be Empowered

Teachings by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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When Gurumayi walked into the Bhagavan Nityananda Temple and glanced at the video camera, I had a feeling she was looking straight at me. And when she repeated “Be strong” over and over, I took it to heart. I didn’t know then how significant these two words would be for me until two days later, when I came down with the COVID-19 virus.
As the coughing intensified and it became harder and harder for me to breathe, I realized how vital and precious every single breath is. I constantly told myself, “Be strong.” I also repeated the mantras Om Namah Shivaya and Guru Om.
As my condition worsened and I became weaker, my connection to the mantras became stronger. One day, when there was only a little space to breathe between coughs, I urged myself to be strong—and suddenly, a powerful breath came with a loud “Guru Om!”
After that moment, I started to feel better and heal.

London, United Kingdom

As Gurumayi spoke and chanted, I could feel her words and her chanting moving things around inside of me. I felt her voice like thunder, adjusting and resetting the places inside me that were holding feelings of fear or insecurity. I had the clear experience that, as Gurumayi was commanding us to “be strong,” to “be courageous,” to “draw on the Guru's grace,” she was installing in us the ability to be and do so.

New York, United States

This poem is inspired by Gurumayi’s words “Bade Baba is love. He is of the fragrance of love.”

I am in the Temple with Bade Baba’s golden murti.
He is wearing the auspicious colors, gold and saffron.
Orange and red tulips and yellow daffodils
surround his beneficent form.
The sitar strings pluck the music of my heart.
Deep breath in, long breath out.
Long breath out, deep breath in.
I close my eyes and enter his space.
Gurubhava, the Guru’s outlook, the Guru’s state.
Slowly, mysteriously, it happens.
I no longer breathe with Bade Baba.
Now Bade Baba is breathing me.
“Bade Baba is love.
He is of the fragrance of love.”

Illinois, United States

The "Be in the Temple" satsangs have been such a profound support for me during my mother's final weeks and since her transition in mid-April. Each one of Gurumayi's talks sank deeply into my heart, and I keep returning to them for sustenance.
I couldn't be with my mother during the final weeks of her life, as she resided in an assisted living facility that was locked down because of the coronavirus. But "I am strong" has become a mantra for me, helping me to remember my strength and stay present with my emotions without feeling sorry for myself. I have felt empowered to walk through this time with the support of the Siddhas' grace and the power of my heart.

North Carolina, United States

A few months ago I had an experience of Gurumayi’s teaching, "The inner strength is not affected by any external condition. It is its own entity.”
It came when I visited a beloved elderly Siddha Yogi who was close to passing. At first glance, her body appeared lifeless. I placed my hands above her heart to offer her a healing treatment, and was surprised and amazed at the strength and vigor of the life force I felt within her. It was a startling contrast to her physical condition. As I continued to offer her the healing energy, she began taking extremely deep, peaceful breaths.
I am grateful for this experience of my friend's very powerful yogic presence and inner strength at the time of death. It has given me great hope about what is possible for each of us when we come to the end of our time here in our physical body.
And I am very grateful to Gurumayi for helping me to more deeply understand this precious experience I had with my friend.

California, United States

I am so grateful for these amazing live video streams! I loved the “Be Empowered” satsang so much. From beginning to end, Gurumayi´s energy and every word were extraordinary. At some point when she was speaking about being strong, I could feel my second chakra whirl with great power, and it enlivened my third and fourth.
These last few years, a big part of my sadhana has had to do with becoming aware of God´s power within me, and during this satsang a very palpable energy became much clearer and more available to me.
It has been wonderful to receive so many invaluable teachings from Gurumayi!

Valladolid, Spain

My home is my sanctuary
purified by svadhyaya, mantras, and the names of God
sanctified by the eternal presence of the Beloved
I am
supported by the loving arms of grace
cocooned in the resilient silk that connects all
fortified by the scintillating wisdom of my Guru
my home is my Heart
my Heart is the home of all

Llwynygroes, United Kingdom

On the morning of the day Gurumayi held this satsang, I had a dream in which Gurumayi appeared. In this dream there was so much love between us and I woke up filled with love. When Gurumayi spoke in the satsang, I realized that there is love in this unusual time—an opening to love—and it is up to us not to fall into fear but instead to live in the reality of love.

Cologne, Germany

The word strong was resonating in my ears after attending this satsang via the Siddha Yoga path website. Strong! Strong! Strong! Then after a little while I began to wonder about the word strong and what it means in the context of spiritual life. How can I more deeply understand my own strength, I thought, and how do I recognize it?
What a delight to find that Gurumayi had actually answered these questions in the note included after this talk! These additional answers to my inner questions allow me to feel the genuine pace and measure of my own inquiry, and they encourage me to continue to ask questions as I continue to seek the Truth.

Hurlstone Park, Australia

Hearing Gurumayi's words, “Be strong!” in the live video stream made a big impression on me. Her words inspired me to cultivate that awareness of my inner strength, nurturing it with increased discipline in my spiritual practice and daily life. Since I heard these words in the live video stream, I’d been looking forward to seeing this particular talk posted here on the website. I was eager to hear Gurumayi’s teaching again and to experience whatever I might have missed the first time.
Then, I saw it posted here—just an hour before an important job interview! It was exactly what I needed to read—so much wisdom that got to the heart of my current experience. After reading the talk, I chanted Om and then went into my phone interview. I felt that strength that Gurumayi spoke about. I was confident, articulate, relaxed, and genuine.
I am so grateful to Gurumayi for the gift of her transformative grace and for supporting us through this extraordinary time. 

Minnesota, United States

Love Another Day
Another day has burst forth
from the depths of darkness,
shedding its light
on this splendiferous planet
revealing its beauty,
strength, peace, joy,
and love.
Another day has risen
from the depths of slumber
manifesting its power
to create, to exemplify
the colors of the rainbow,
illuminating all matter
with love.
Another day has emerged
from the canopy of shadows,
exposing its force
to destroy, to shatter
all that stands in its way,
ready to engulf
everything in love.
Another day has broken
from the invisible silence,
making all in its path visible.
The fragrance of the violet,
the glory of the daffodil,
the melody of the nightingale
bursting with love.
Another day has begun
Shining with grace
that pours with abundance
from the Guru’s compassion.
The golden light descending
from the skies
bathing all in love.

Fitzroy North, Australia

When Gurumayi said, "Have the intention to have strong people around you," my first reaction was, "Oh my, I can't choose my neighbors!" Then I calmly looked at the walls of my house, at the photographs and artwork. I saw here with me photographs of Gurumayi, Baba, and Bade Baba, and many images of saints, sages, and deities.
I placed these “strong people” in my home many years ago for the sake of keeping good company, and I recognized that they have been bestowing their blessings upon me ever since.

Sydney, Australia

Ever since I heard Gurumayi's powerful words, I have been challenging myself to contact my inner strength in order to survive. Every day I recall that I am the supreme Self and that I want to make good use of the Guru’s grace in my life. If negative thoughts invade my mind, or sadness arises, I return to the position of the witness and remind myself: I am That. And I have discovered that even in these times that are so out of the ordinary I am able to experience moments of peace and joy.

I am so grateful for Gurumayi’s tough love and compassion.

Montreal, Canada

Reading Gurumayi's empowering words brought me back to the feelings I experienced during this Be in the Temple satsang—a convincing sense of inner strength and courage, along with inexplicable, all-pervasive joy. I felt confident that I am here to fully live my purpose. I know this gift of understanding will protect and guide me, and I take comfort in knowing that I can return to it whenever I falter. It is always here within me, empowered by my Guru's loving grace. 

New Mexico, United States

I feel fortunate to have been present for the entire satsang, "Be Empowered," in the Universal Hall. I was particularly moved when Gurumayi asked us, “Do you think you are a sheep or do you think you are a leader?” I recognized, through this question, that not only am I privileged to be engaged in the work I am doing, but I am also called to imbibe leadership, to embody leadership in my work. This is how I intend to make good use of the time given to me right now.

Virginia, United States

I am feeling so grateful for the magnanimous benevolence of our Beloved Gurumayi,  blessing us with yet another golden opportunity to receive  Bade Baba's darshan, to sit in "the holy of holies", and to enter the deep, beautiful stillness of his presence. And Gurumayi's teachings about being strong and invoking our inner strength resonated in my heart. I realized that I do feel strong, and that this strength has been nurtured by Guru's grace and the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices.  

Florida, United States

During the Evening Arati I felt the strength of Bhagavan Nityananda supporting my body. Unable to hold my book and chant “perfectly” because of tremors I have, I realized that I had to let go of this perfect image of myself, once and for all. The sweetness of Bhagavan’s darshan and chanting with Gurumayi have given me the deep conviction that I am strong. In fact, I am perfect in my imperfection. Breathing with Bade Baba tells me that we are one. I can just let my heart sing!

Montreal, Canada

This talk from Gurumayi empowered me to step up and reconnect with the inner strength that I have always had, and yet in recent years had lost touch with. Gurumayi’s words have inspired me to reconnect with my life’s purpose. I feel this has given me the energy to approach various situations as a warrior and at the same time be gentle with family members and lovingly let them know I am there for them. This is a wonderful gift from Gurumayi.

East Sussex, United Kingdom