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उदार बनो

गुरुमाई चिद्विलासानन्द की सिखावनियाँ

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I was very happy to participate in this satsang, and I’m very grateful to Gurumayi ji that during this lockdown time when people are sad and fearful, she is giving us the light of strength and courage and inspiring us to focus on the good side of it. She is giving us so many ways and so much support to focus on our sadhana.

Kanpur, India

It was good fortune that at this time of the lockdown across India Shri Gurumayi encouraged us to utilize this opportunity to deepen our sadhana. For me, the satsang was so light and joyful that I forgot that we are passing through difficult times and confined to our homes. I was grateful for Gurumayi’s guidance to study sadguna vaibhava, the virtues.

Panchkula, India

Although I was not feeling well yesterday, I participated in the satsang from the beginning to the end. I am alone in Mumbai and taking all the precautions advised. However, during the satsang, I never felt that I was in Mumbai; it was as if I was sitting in the hall with Gurumayi ji. I enjoyed the chant and was inspired by Gurumayi’s teachings about the virtues. When Gurumayi ji said that she is always with us, I felt great. Today I am feeling better. I plan to follow the guidance given by our beloved Gurumayi ji to make the best of this time.

Panchkula, India

During meditation, when I repeated Gurumayi’s Message with each inhalation and exhalation, I saw a small dot of light. It became larger and then engulfed me in its rays. It seemed to move through me and then dissolve in the atmosphere, purifying all the negativity present around me. I am so grateful to Shri Guru, who led me to this eternal light.

Varanasi, India

How blissful to be in the company of our beloved Guru; the memory still lingers on. Gurumayi's love and compassion for all of us in India was so tangible. With her words and laughter, Gurumayi seemed so delighted to speak to us. We are blessed!
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your teachings, blessings, and love.

Bangalore, India

What stood out for me is Gurumayi's sweet love for us. It's clear we are all in her thoughts. Gurumayi finds beautiful ways to express her love for all of us, and this satsang was one more way. Though the satsang came to a close, the memory of Gurumayi's love lingers on. Every time I think of her love for the sangham, it's there in my heart; I can feel her love.

Bangalore, India

When I heard the news about the live stream with Gurumayi ji on Ramanavami  I was thrilled, enthusiastic, and charged up. We were told that the satsang was for the Indian community, and this touched my heart immensely.
As Gurumayi spoke in Hindi, she connected with my heart, and her words and jokes reverberated within me with ecstasy; I could feel the oneness with my Guru.
The namasankirtana and Gurumayi’s majestic dance around Bade Baba were extremely blissful. I was enthralled to see Gurumayi showering her blessings on us.

Hyderabad, India

After the live stream satsang with the Indian sangham, I felt steeped in Gurumayi’s love. She spoke with so much love, gentleness, and joy! Watching and listening to Gurumayi made me feel that this is the way to be, this is the way to live—no matter what my outer circumstances are. If I keep my attention, my awareness on studying, practicing, and implementing Gurumayi’s teachings and practices, I can laugh and dance not just through this time, but throughout my life!
Thank you, beloved Shri Gurumayi, for your infinite love and guidance that keeps us anchored to you -- who are our own inner Self.

Bangalore, India

The Hindi live stream satsang with Gurumayi was very special in many ways. Gurumayi’s words, “Tension mat lo, Don’t worry” put me in a space of serenity. I now feel a sense of responsibility instead of fear. Since the satsang with Gurumayi, I notice that my mind and being are more relaxed. This state, which is free from worries, agitation, and uncertainty, is a boon.

Thane West, India

What a pleasure, what a great blessing to learn from Gurumayi about generosity on Vasant Navaratri day!
It was so special for me because it is on this day that my family and I visited Gurudev Siddha Peeth for the first time and were introduced to the Siddha Yoga path. Since then, we always celebrate this day to express our gratitude.
Thank you, Gurumayi! We promise to follow your instructions. We know that you are with us and we are with you.

Mumbai, India