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Be Responsible

Teachings by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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How much I needed this teaching right now! I was recently released from prison, and I’m having quite a time trying to manage. Just today I got rather frustrated, and it stayed with me longer than I wished. But then I thought, “Well, what is the reason for this frustration? What is happening within me?” And then I went to the Siddha Yoga path website for the first time ever, and the first thing I read was Gurumayi’s talk, “Be Responsible.” I felt God was guiding me.

Missouri, United States

I am a pulmonologist. When the pandemic started, I was bewildered to see all the suffering and I asked God, “Why?” In my sadhana circle, we studied Gurumayi’s teaching “Be responsible.” Gurumayi told us: "Always remember that you are in my thoughts, you are in my prayers. …I always wish the best for you. I always know that you carry the light of God in your heart.” After contemplating these words, I felt renewed and returned to the medical battlefield.
Weeks passed, and suddenly the rounds of applause began. We had the first medical discharge and, as we applauded the patient, immense happiness took hold of me. All my being vibrated inside me; tears of ecstasy ran down my cheeks under my protective suit.
Driving home that day, the sky was dark gray. I remembered the drums of the Arati, and felt the same energy vibrating inside me; those drums were the applause I’d heard—Bhagavan Nityananda had been there in the hospital! Suddenly I felt intense heat on my cheek. The sky had opened and a ray of light, which I felt was Bhagavan Nityananda, caressed me.
So I continue on the path, full of gratitude for my Gurus’ support.

Madrid, Spain

When I reflected on Gurumayi’s talk, "Be Responsible," I recalled a past upset of mine. I asked myself, “Why did righteousness and blame fill my thoughts at that time?" The answer came like a light bulb being switched on. I realized that I had felt left out and not cared for. This understanding triggered a river of love and compassion toward myself. I had been judging myself for so many years and blocking the unconditional love which now suffused my whole body.

I have tried all sorts of methods to love myself, and I am so grateful to Gurumayi for the love that I now feel.

Pune, India

Today I suddenly understood the guidance Gurumayi was giving in this talk in the context of my life. I have been swinging up and down with fear and emotions, but today I got it! I realized that it is my duty to hold the space of the truth and to breathe into identifying with the Absolute. It is my dharma to create a calm space in the eye of the storm and hold that space for whoever is in my life. My attainments on the Siddha Yoga path are my stambha. and I must uphold all that I hold to be true, no matter what happens, no matter what fleeting fears wash through my mind. I am safe in the light of the Temple, in the presence of Bade Baba and Shri Gurumayi!

Texas, United States

I have recently witnessed the power of Gurumayi’s teaching “Be responsible.” With this pandemic preoccupying everyone, a few days ago my husband suddenly started sneezing. I got so afraid that he might have the coronavirus. In that moment, I heard Gurumayi’s voice in my heart. She was telling me, “You are responsible for your own thoughts; you have a choice in what you are thinking.”
Suddenly, I felt so much strength in me! I called the doctor, who told me,  “Your husband is having only allergy symptoms, so there is nothing to worry about.” I could see that as soon I focused on Gurumayi’s teaching, my state shifted and I felt no more fear and panic.
I am so grateful to Gurumayi for being there to guide us in these trying times.

Vadodara, India

When I started sheltering in place, discussions with my dad started to turn into quarrels. Then when I read this talk “Be Responsible,” I decided to take responsibility for letting peace prevail at home. I began to bring the virtue of compassion to my discussions with my dad. Applying this virtue over the past week has brought a sense of calmness, not just in my discussions with him, but also in my interactions with other people. This teaching was so much needed.

Gurumayi’s guidance to act mindfully and carefully reminds me to pause for a moment, think through each situation, and then respond with right understanding.

Gurumayi ji's teachings are blessings to lead a great life!

Pune, India

I am grateful for Gurumayi’s emphasis on the importance of being responsible during these trying times.
To me, this means being responsible towards others as well as towards myself.
What could be considered ordinary actions, such as coughing into my elbow, social isolation, or keeping a 6-foot distance between myself and others—I now regard not only as life-saving, but also as acts of divine love.

Ville St. Laurent, Canada

In this uncertain situation that we are living in, Gurumayi has defined what needs to be my focus and my essential traits. Her teaching, “Be responsible,” has enhanced my bonding with my family, helping me to understand them better. This in turn has helped them understand me better, too. Her teachings have strengthened in me virtues like love, compassion, humility, and kindness.

Hyderabad, India

I felt empowered by Gurumayi’s words “Be responsible.” They were resonating deeply within me when I called my sister after the broadcast to share with her what I had received. We came to a mutual understanding about an important practical matter: namely, that it's not selfish in today’s circumstances to keep our distance from others, even though it may feel counterintuitive to do so while trying to protect someone. With this fresh perspective, my sister has been taking a new approach, one that has positively impacted her family, friends, and colleagues and inspired them to follow her example.
I feel so grateful to Gurumayi that I was able to be responsible by communicating clearly in this conversation.

Echuca, Australia

Again and again, I have observed that when I hear Gurumayi’s teachings, there is an immediate synchronicity with my situation and therefore my experience is deep. The ability to respond to her teachings, and to make a free choice to fill the content of my mind with uplifting thoughts bring me back to the brave, ever-shining Self within. In this way, Gurumayi’s teachings continue to have very helpful, direct, and practical effects in my daily life.

Zutphen, Netherlands

Today a family member didn’t carry out something they’d agreed to do in a certain time frame. Seeing this, I felt angry and helpless. Then I remembered Gurumayi's teaching that how I feel and what I feel is my responsibility. I realized that the reason I wanted them to take this action was that I was concerned for their well-being, and that was why I was upset when they didn’t follow through.
Fortunately, in remembering Gurumayi's teaching, I was able to shift my focus. I first focused on the sounds of Shri Guru Gita, which was playing in my home. Then I connected with a sense of trust that everything would be okay, which let me release my attachment to things unfolding in a specific way. I shifted from worry and fear into a calmer state. Only then did I remind the person about the action. Not long after that, they followed through with the action, and I was able to interact with them in a calm state of trusting that all would be well.

California, United States

During a trip to the market to purchase necessities, I witnessed two young, strong-looking men involved in an abusive conversation with an older man, and it was just about to escalate into physical violence.
Recalling Gurumayi’s teaching, “Be Responsible,” I approached them, and in a calm, compassionate, but strong tone said: “Leave it. This is not worth it. Please don’t hurt him.”
The two young men looked at me, somewhat bewildered, and I could see their anger begin to dissipate. Their fierce words dissolved, and they returned to their car.
As they left, I said, “Have a great day,” and they responded by saying “You’re okay—you too!”
Thank you, Gurumayi, for endowing me with the power of the shakti within, so I may act as your envoy in these difficult times.

Melbourne, Australia

To me, “Be Responsible” means taking care of whatever I’ve been given to take care of, such as my children, my home, my work, and my health.
Contemplating this teaching, I feel more dedicated to my duties in my personal life, and more connected to Gurumayi and the Siddha Yoga practices.

Arizona, United States