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Be Splendiferous

Teachings by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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All of Gurumayi’s words during these satsangs went deep inside my heart. I could feel that Gurumayi was sharing her love, strength, and awakened state with us.
When Gurumayi repeated “Be strong!” I felt as if she were waking me up, showing me an easeful way to be vigilant, responsible, disciplined, and more connected to my true nature in the current circumstances of my life. Gurumayi taught me the importance of taking time to reflect on what allows me, very specifically, to feel strong and what makes me feel weak, and to readjust my choices.
I asked myself how to make better choices to keep my mind stronger, calm, and clear. Many inspirations came up that I wrote down; now I feel more resolved to improve several little things every day, especially in being attentive to the impressions I let enter into me deeply through what I do, read, listen to, and look at.
My heart is full of gratitude for Gurumayi's benevolent presence in my life.

Ramonville-Saint-Agne, France

As I enter the Temple through these livestream satsangs, I bow in tremendous gratitude for the love and grace the Guru bestows in my heart. And I know, now more than ever, that I have an important responsibility to be mindful and to become the embodiment of these teachings so that others too will know they are not alone, they are safe, and they are loved.

Arizona, United States

What remains in my mind most clearly from Gurumayi's talk is the value of readjusting my posture on every level. Physically, this time is a good time for me to rest and practice hatha yoga. While I perform svadhyaya, readjusting my posture allows me to receive the most from the experience. And this is a very good time for me to contemplate the way I used to live, so that I can “go back to the basics,” in order to keep what is essential and renounce what is useless, all that “stuff” inside and out that Gurumayi talked about.
I realize now how my urban lifestyle, my dedication to work, were too intense. They were projecting me into the outside world in a way that made it difficult for me to enter the inner rhythm which allows me to be within myself. I could not fully savor the practices or my family life. Now that I have this time, I see that every moment can be a meditation, every action can be meaningful. 

Marlanval, France

I didn’t know that the satsang was going to take place, and I am still wondering what prompted me to open the Siddha Yoga path website at exactly the moment the satsang began.
All of a sudden, there was Gurumayi, speaking, reaching out to us with her profound wisdom, reminding us again of who we are, and why we are here.
In every word, I felt Gurumayi’s love, deep caring, and unequivocal support. Every word she spoke went deep inside me.
I felt that I was being shown what a spiritual warrior is, and that it will require all my right effort to fully internalize and assimilate her teachings.
It might not be easy to hold firm to the splendiferous qualities in uncertain times, but I have hope and a wonderful Guru who shows me: I can do it!

California, United States