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गुरुमाई चिद्विलासानन्द की सिखावनियाँ

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This one talk by Gurumayi has provided me with so many gems! The word self-reliance emerged as a shining gem, a lifeline at this time, lifting me out of the mire of confusion, rallying my energies to do what I must to take practical steps in my life.

Simultaneously, I feel new compassion moving in my heart to reach out to others to see how they are, and offer my help. I understand that I can have faith, exercise self-reliance, and reach out to others who need assistance.

I am truly grateful for Gurumayi's words, grace, and love at this time.

Connecticut, United States

A few days after the “Be in the Temple” satsang that was live streamed to India, I was feeling anxious and disturbed about a situation. I kept repeating Gurumayi's words, “Have faith. Have faith.” They were resonating like a mantra within me.
Just repeating these words brought a shift in my chain of thoughts. Instead of worrying, I felt myself becoming more relaxed and hence more capable of thinking reasonably. I felt strong and confident that the situation would be resolved once I drew the right lesson from it. And it did get resolved, once I realized that my lesson is not to fear or panic—but to have faith.

a Gurukula student in Gurudev Siddha Peeth

As we were reciting Shri Guru Gita with Shri Gurumayi ji, I was looking up at the screen in between the verses to have darshan of my beloved Guru. After a few verses I noticed that I was just singing them from my memory while looking at the screen the whole time.
Soon after I realized this, I thought, "You are reciting the holy text of Shri Guru Gita in the holy presence of Shri Guru. So make the most of it by reciting it with full focus!" In that moment I realized the value of the moment and gently shifted my focus back to the text and the meaning of the verses. My entire being was filled with waves and waves of gratitude.
Later, when Gurumayi ji acknowledged that we had all recited Shri Guru Gita with gratitude, my heart was filled with joy. I am immensely grateful for this beautiful satsang where I could recite my favorite sacred text with my beloved Gurumayi ji. This satsang was like a soothing balm for me.

a Gurukula student in Gurudev Siddha Peeth

When Gurumayi’s talk, “Have Faith,” was live video streamed to India, I was feeling very disturbed because of financial problems due to the pandemic-related lockdown. My mind was full of negative thoughts. As soon as I heard Shri Gurumayi ji's magnificent voice, my mind emptied—and all my negative thoughts were gone. My heart was filled with lots of joy, confidence, and enthusiasm.
In Shri Gurumayi's talk she told us that this is a very difficult time, that everyone has their problems, and that we can help people in need. The next day one of my husband's friends came to my shop. He picked out some notebooks and pencils, among other things, and then he said, “I am having financial problems and I can’t really pay for these…” So I gave him all the items he’d chosen.
After that, lots of customers came and that evening I saw that the money I’d collected was five times more than usual! I felt my heart had been opened and I felt very light. 

Akola, India

It felt wonderful to recite Shri Guru Gita with Gurumayi. During the recitation I could experience a purification process going on within, as the fountain of love emerging from Gurumayi's eyes seemed to cleanse my whole being. The compassion in her words filled me with gratitude.
My courage and faith are unshakeable because I know the Guru is always there. May my faith and gratitude for the Guru always strengthen with each passing day.

Mumbai, India

Each sentence in Gurumayi’s talk “Have Faith” is full of golden teachings, giving me pure guidance on how I can direct my life, my sadhana. In hearing Gurumayi speak, I strongly felt her concern, her love, and her support. That gives me tremendous courage for leading my life.

Raigarh, India

As I remembered that we are often invited by satsang hosts to share our experiences on the Siddha Yoga path website, I began talking with my husband about my amazing experiences during the “Be in the Temple” satsangs. Our young son heard me say that sharing is an act of generosity and exclaimed that he wanted to write a share. I was surprised at his determination to share with righteous intention. With great enthusiasm, he shared his experience and now his share has been posted! He's very surprised and super happy. 
We are so grateful to Gurumayi for the Siddha Yoga path website, for being able to share experiences with the global sangham and to receive the insights of others. 

Thane, India

During the “Have Faith” satsang when Gurumayi spoke about sharing what we have with others during times of difficulty, I was thinking, “What and how can I share with others?” During the satsang I felt I received the answer when Gurumayi said, “Did you speak with anyone with kindness, courtesy, and graciousness?” I am really thankful to Gurumayi ji for guiding me in such a clear way.

Navsari, India

In the current situation of the pandemic, Gurumayi's words of assurance, “God has given you so much,” made me feel fortunate yet again, and deep contentment arose within me. I was deeply moved, and an intention arose in me to pray for the welfare of others and to help them more in meeting their needs. I am grateful to Gurumayi for her teaching about extending our hands and the light of our heart to bring joy to others.

Hyderabad, India

When I heard Gurumayi's words, I felt really calm. I had been feeling tense because of the situation with COVID-19. But when Gurumayi gave her talk, I felt a huge wave of positivity heading towards me. Afterwards the fear inside me had vanished.

I felt that Gurumayi cares for all of us.

an eight-year-old, Thane, India

I liked reciting Shri Guru Gita with Gurumayi very much and also enjoyed her question, “What do you ask of God?” My wish is that Gurumayi’s blessing and love will be with me and all Siddha Yoga students.

Chalisgaon, India

I was working at my office when I received an invitation to participate in this special satsang with India the next day. I felt very excited. I had the feeling that we would receive Gurumayi’s darshan in this satsang. When I heard “Sadgurunath Maharaj Ki Jay” in Gurumayi's voice at the start of Shri Guru Gita, and as Gurumayi appeared on screen suddenly, I couldn’t contain my laughter and joy. Throughout the recitation and satsang, I felt joy, love, and devotion.
Gurumayi's words in this satsang have become the greatest support for me at this time. I felt Gurumayi’s love for us in each gesture, smile, and word. I commit myself to following the teachings Gurumayi gave.

Gandhinagar, India

During the satsang it seemed as if Gurumayi was sitting right in front of me, and I was reciting Shri Guru Gita with her. I felt she understood and acknowledged the deep devotion in my heart. Those magical hours were suffused with a divine energy which continues to surround me tangibly even now. Since then, each day when I sit to recite Shri Guru Gita, I feel I am in her presence.

Navi Mumbai, India

When I heard about the satsang for India, I was not sure if I would be able to participate because I had lot of deliverables to complete that day at work. So I decided to see my work as an offering to God. In that way, I could still be connected to the satsang.
It turned out that on the day of the satsang, I did not receive the inputs to do my work so I was not expected to deliver my output that day. Therefore, I could participate in the satsang! What a great blessing and wonderful gift. It was sheer bliss to have the darshan of Gurumayi in the month of Gurupurnima.

Chennai, India

For me it was the most happy moment to see Shri Gurumayi ji . During the satsang, I felt that she was looking at me and talking right to me.

Aurangabad, India

I had been yearning to receive the darshan of Shri Gurumayi. I was experiencing challenges amidst the current situation. Reciting Shri Guru Gita with Gurumayi was a precious gift that drenched me with her love. Gurumayi’s teachings on having faith and courage have washed away all my doubts.
I pray that by studying Gurumayi’s teachings and following her guidance with devotion, I may become happy, fearless, and intoxicated with her love during this time of the pandemic.

Nashik, India

As we recited Shri Guru Gita with Gurumayi in the Universal Hall, I blissfully drank in my beloved Guru’s infinite love and compassion.
The next morning in meditation, the words tasmai shrigurave namah kept resounding in my head, bathing me with sweetness. I realized that I had unknowingly imbibed these words—“I offer my salutations to Shri Guru.” I realized in this satsang that I am not alone, that I just have to be my best—to myself and to the world around me—and leave the rest to God.
I pray that I will express my gratitude by living Gurumayi’s teachings!

Mumbai, India

During the recitation of Shri Guru Gita, I saw that my husband, who never recites Shri Guru Gita because he is uncomfortable with the pronunciation, was reciting it with complete confidence! Afterwards in her talk, when Gurumayi said “Shame—no” and “Self-confidence—great,” I understood just how powerful her words are and how they had reached my husband even before he had heard them. I was so happy, and so was my husband—both of us feeling blessed and in bliss.
I feel the deepest gratitude for Gurumayi’s constant blessings, love, and compassion.

Pune, India

I attended the “Have Faith” satsang seated at my husband’s bedside in a hospital as he was awaiting bypass surgery the following day. I was worried and afraid. But when I heard Gurumayi’s words, “Have courage,” and “Fear—no,” I felt her words were addressed directly to me. My mind became peaceful, my fear and worry vanished, and I experienced bliss.
The operation was successful.

Mumbai, India

A few days ago, both my husband and I observed symptoms of COVID-19 in ourselves. We both got scared and started worrying—but because of our trust in the Guru's grace, we decided to face this situation positively.
During the “Be in the Temple” satsang that was live video streamed to India, we heard Gurumayi’s words, “Fear—no…. Self-confidence—great!" These words filled my very being with new energy. My mind was able to get over my worries, as the situation I was going through got dissolved into her words. My new energy supported me to move ahead with steadfastness. Simultaneously, I found the virtue of fearlessness supporting me from within.
Now, whenever I repeat these words inside me, I find myself filled with renewed positive energy. I am grateful to dear Gurumayi ji for her gaze, full of grace and protection.

Erandol, India

Today in the “Be in the Temple” satsang live video streamed to India, I felt myself present in the hall at Gurudev Siddha Peeth. The experience filled me with love and energy. Just for a while I felt Baba Muktananda standing before me, all in a golden light.
After every “Be in the Temple” satsang, I feel immensely loved by my Guru.

Vadodara, India

The “Be in the Temple”satsang, “Have Faith,” was so powerful! When I was reciting Shri Guru Gita, I felt some shakti at my back, and my eyes automatically became heavy—like the divine power in every word of Shri Guru Gita. Every word was shining, every word was divine. I was filled with love, and prayed for the world, sending blessings to each human being, to the animals, and to the planet. I felt steady and centered.
After Swami Ishwarananda ji led us into meditation, I saw the AUM symbol and divine lights within me. And when Swami ji was bringing us out from the meditation, I felt unable to emerge. When I did come out of meditation, Gurumayi ji said that she was very happy to have recited Shri Guru Gita with us, and I also felt the same. When I shared this with my mom and dad, they also felt the same. How beautiful it is to be able to share the same wonderful experience!

Allahabad, India

The very powerful “Be in the Temple” satsangs help me in my sadhana and I find them to be an extraordinary way of receiving Shri Gurumayi's grace and love. When I was a kid, I asked my grandfather, “Why do we worship Gurumayi?” He replied, "We worship Gurumayi because she is the head of our family.” I have always remembered that answer.
When Gurumayi started her talk in the “Have Faith” satsang for India, I immediately started feeling her love and care as if she were asking about each and every member of the family during this global pandemic. As “the head of the family,” she is always teaching us how to sustain ourselves during these hard times, and always showering her love to keep our spirits high. I was overwhelmed to receive her loving darshan.
The grace and love that my family and I have always received from Gurumayi have taught me the full meaning of the answer my grandfather gave me.

Yeola, India

During these tough times of the pandemic, I have sometimes found myself succumbing to stress. But then, remembering that I am a disciple to a true Guru, I realize that my dharma is not to be stressed out, but to bring light and peace to my surroundings.
I brought this insight with me to the recent “Be in the Temple” satsang live video streamed to India. Although my Hindi is limited so that I couldn’t understand all of Gurumayi’s words, intuitively I felt she was confirming some of my inner convictions. After the satsang, as I was immersed in serene peace, these lines arose within me:

Just as coolness is natural for the moon,
Just as brightness is natural for the sun,
Just as patience is natural for Mother Earth,
So peace, joy, and love are indeed my innate “Inner Treasures.”
It’s within me to share
With those hearts which are in despair.

This is the service I am here to render:
To make a difference in people’s lives.


Hosur, India

Two days after Gurupurnima, my heart was longing to have Gurumayi’s darshan. Something inside me said, “Soon another “Be in the Temple” satsang will be announced”—and that morning I heard that India would receive a “Be in the Temple” satsang via live video stream in just a few days!
Once the satsang began, we started to recite Shri Guru Gita. As the camera turned toward Gurumayi, I suddenly thought, “The Self within me is Gurumayi!” As the recitation continued, I felt as if I had bathed in a river. And when Gurumayi later said that our recitation was like the Ganges River, I again had the conviction that she is within me.

Chennai, India

Reciting Shri Guru Gita live in front of my Guru on the occasion of Gurupurnima was the most auspicious moment for me. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Gurumayi ji for giving her blessings in abundance.

New Delhi, India

Yesterday while reciting Shri Guru Gita with Gurumayi in the live video stream satsang to India, I saw that Gurumayi was smiling a lot. So I also decided to smile. Immediately I experienced a wave of joy and delight. Every time I smiled, I felt joyful.
This morning I decided to try smiling while going about my daily work and while reciting Shri Guru Gita at home. Again I experienced waves of joy and delight arising with each smile.

Chennai, India