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Take Concrete Steps

A Talk by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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The synchronicity between my experience and Gurumayi’s words during this satsang was profound for me. Years ago I began sponsoring a child through an organization that seeks to elevate the lives of children in need around the world. Several of the children I have sponsored are now grown, and it has been so wonderful watching them grow and thrive. As I donate in support of these children, I think of Gurumayi and of honoring her.

New Jersey, United States

Gurumayi’s talk is a balm to my heart. Her words encourage me to trust my true natural state, which is love, and to dare express this love outwardly, like innocent children often do.
I especially appreciate Gurumayi’s words, “When you give a little love to children, it goes a long way.” Oh, what a beautiful world it will then be!

Oslo, Norway

Gurumayi brings such light into my life each time I hear her speak; her teachings are like a soothing balm for a wounded heart. Just as her sweet words encourage me to extend my love to children, I feel that same call and tenderness pulling me and inviting me to explore the inner purity of my being.
For me, the pandemic lockdown has been the opportunity for my own sadhana retreat; I can bring more awareness to the places I let my mind go to, I can deepen and give more time to the practices, and in this way feel closer to the Guru and more attuned to my heart.

Milan, Italy

Gurumayi's talk reminded me that there are concrete steps I can take to change my perspective on, and experience of, challenges that arise. In particular, I found such grace and a profound shift in my inner state about a particular situation in my family life right now. To help one family member, I must temporarily move away from my current home. Because this will mean not seeing my grandchildren during that time, my heart has sometimes felt heavy.
However, Gurumayi's talk reminded me there is something concrete I can do to lighten my heart and connect with my grandchildren. I can and do think about all the good that is present in their lives—their light-hearted enthusiasm for nature, their home, their parents. I offer my gratitude every day, and frequently, for their sweetness, their spirit, their lives. What a huge internal shift happens when I focus my thoughts from my heart, with a complete absence of any fear!
I am so grateful for this reminder to set my intent and focus from my heart.

California, United States

Gurumayi's golden words are full of so many teachings for this moment in our world and for my life. They teach me that I must “clean the mirror” on the path to my heart, and “ride that wave of happiness” instead of waves of worry and fear. These teachings are what I take away with me to put into practice.
I am forever grateful for Gurumayi's love and wisdom.

New York, United States

Reading the words, "My child, you have returned," reminded me of my experience of my first darshan of the Guru. I had seen a photo of Gurumayi for the first time at the local Siddha Yoga meditation center. When I offered pranam, I felt a deep connection. I also strongly felt the presence of divine energy there. When I was about to leave, I felt something was there which was pulling me toward the center and not wanting to let me go.
Reading Gurumayi's words in her talk, I now understand for the first time that it had been her love which was pulling me back to the center.

Khamgaon, India