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My Lord Loves a Pure Heart – Excerpt 1

by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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Yesterday, I received a positive diagnosis of Covid-19. After a very hard and bumpy day, I found myself alone, away from my family, in a room that was well prepared for a guy infected by the virus. My mind was running randomly from one scary thought to another.
Then I saw an iPad that my wife had generously set aside for my isolation period. I opened it to the Siddha Yoga path website and found this first excerpt from My Lord Loves a Pure Heart. It arrived just like an arrow of light beamed directly into my heart. When I had almost reached the end of the excerpt, Gurumayi introduced the word fearlessness. It just made me jump into sweet sleep and incredible dreams.

São Paulo, Brazil

In such a time as this, it is often easy to feel helpless when witnessing the suffering of others. When I see Gurumayi's book, My Lord Loves A Pure Heart, with its cover design in such beautiful colors—which are so like those of the Ukrainian flag—my heart grows strong. I am reminded that I can do something. I can cultivate the virtues and know that my efforts will bear fruit. May this fruit bear the seeds of peace for all beings everywhere.

Virginia, United States

I am so thankful for Gurumayi’s guidance in the ups and downs of wordly life!
I am pregnant and soon to give birth. Because of my fears around being able to sustain this pregnancy, during the first months I prayed intensely every day to Lord Ganesh to help remove my worries. What a blessing this practice was!
Now, new fears around giving birth have surfaced and I was wondering how to deal with them. After reciting Shri Guru Gita this morning, and praying for everyone affected by the Ukrainan war, I was also holding this question in my awareness. I was guided to read this excerpt from Gurumayi’s book My Lord Loves a Pure Heart, and now I know what to do next: read the whole chapter on fearlessness. And then I will see what else will follow after that.
How precious it is to have a living Guru, guiding me through the ups and downs of wordly life!

Schwerzenbach, Switzerland

How does my Shri Guru listen? How can this teach me to listen? Her words here give me an answer. I feel my heart blossom as I revisit again and again the love and respect with which she approaches the professor— respectfully calling his attention to her presence, respectfully keeping her distance. With what tender affection and openness she invites him to speak. And how freely and naturally he responds, unafraid to be heard. How lovingly she perceives his qualities as he tells his story. She gives him all her attention, while remaining open to a message from the higher realms of being.
Reflecting on my own practice, although I plan and intend to listen with love and respect, too often in the moment I find myself wishing I was somewhere else, listening to the stillness of a mind free from thought. Now when this feeling arises, I can remember Gurumayi’s example and allow that sweetness, that openness and respect to color my own state. Here and now, I make that prayer and resolve.

California, United States

For one week, all my fears were very present, even though I didn't yet know about the war in Ukraine. They were so strong that I wrote a prayer to Gurumayi and put it on my puja, asking to live with surrender, to release my fears, to live in fearlessness. It was really a true, deep prayer! But it felt like the fears were embedded in my flesh, like iron.
Then, when I sat down in front of Bade Baba's photo, the sound Om arose from inside. I chanted Om, Om, Om for about ten minutes, and I felt the iron structure in my head begining to melt. It was a beginning!
Today I opened the website to this excerpt from My Lord Loves the Pure Heart, and I read Sai Baba’s words: ”Fearlessness. That is what I give people: fearlessness.” Oh yes! I want to receive this state: fearlessness.
I also see I still have some inner work to do by myself but I know the Guru's grace is always helping me.

Villennes sur Seine, France

I recently received the perfect vessel for containing holy water to sprinkle after reciting Shri Guru Gita: a fragile, yet beautiful sapphire-blue goblet. Days later, I received a white, battery-operated pillar candle. Both went onto my puja. This morning, as I filled the goblet, the bottom broke off, so I ended up placing the goblet’s intact bowl atop the new candle; it fit perfectly!
It was only after visiting the Siddha Yoga path website today, and reading Gurumayi's excerpt and some of the shares about the colors of the Ukrainian flag, that it all came together for me. I really looked at what was before me on the puja: a sparkling vessel of blue united with a glowing column of light! Just then, the image of Sai Baba gesturing in the abhaya mudra of fearlessness came to mind. Taken together, all of this dispelled the subtle cloud of anguish I had been feeling (and carrying) over the crisis in Ukraine.
How powerful and empowering is our Siddha lineage!

Colorado, United States

When I saw this image, I first recognized the colors and design as belonging to the cover of Gurumayi’s book My Lord Loves a Pure Heart. I then realized that these were also the colors of the Ukrainian flag—now flying in solidarity over countless places in the world, with its colors projected onto historical monuments and buildings from the Coliseum in Rome to the Opera House in Sydney, Australia.

I was touched to read in the excerpt how Sai Baba of Shirdi had appeared to Gurumayi, saying, “Fearlessness. That is what I give people: fearlessness.” This reminded me of a familiar picture of Sai Baba holding his right hand up in the abhaya mudra, signifying “Do not fear!”

I view this posting as a tribute to the people of Ukraine, who are demonstrating such fearlessness in the face of great danger. And the fact that this book cover can communicate such a tribute, even though it was published in 1994, just shows me how much the work of the Siddhas transcends the limits of time! 

California, United States

Finding this excerpt on the Siddha Yoga path website has been incredible for me.

Last night a sensation in my chest area woke me up in the middle of the night. It felt a little like my heart was “broken.” It felt very, very tender. I immediately started to pray to Gurumayi. I prayed to experience this life without fear, to live in the heart of God, to live with an open heart. It is so painful for me to know how people are suffering in Ukraine.

This morning when I started my day, I recalled my prayer to Gurumayi in the middle of the night and I felt tremendous gratitude for the Siddha Yoga practices. They somehow allow my heart to be open and strong simultaneously. I am so grateful for this excerpt and the shares about fearlessness. 

New York, United States

Presently I am going through a dilemma due to some false allegations made by someone at my workplace. This situation disturbs me greatly.

Today, acting on instinct, I opened the Siddha Yoga path website and the first thing I saw was the excerpt from Shri Gurumayi's chapter “Fearlesness.” I am so deeply moved by the assurances of my Guru! It was as if she knew what I was going through and telling me to be fearless.

I suddenly feel calm and at peace as I know that, whatever the outcome, it will be for my best.

Indore, India

A few days ago, while I was walking and repeating the mantra with my japa mala, I was about to cross through a village when a dog came out of a house, barking at me. I looked at it and said firmly, “Go back to your house! You have nothing to do here. You have no leash.“ I was amazed to see the dog returning quickly to its house!

This event reminded me of a dream I’d had in which, while immersed in the vibrations of the mantra, I was holding a little dog in my arms. Although an army of huge dogs was barking fiercely all around us, they remained powerless.

Because I know that the divine power of the mantra given by my Guru bestows on me protection, freedom, and fearlessness, I am now repeating the mantra with the intention of offering it for the sake of all those people in the world who are now in despair.

Rodez, France

For me, this exquisite excerpt is full of mystery and blessings. An image that comes to mind is that of a rose in full bloom where each petal is a divine action. Here are some of the petals that fell gently into my awareness as actions I want to embody more fully:
  • Perceiving an open door and responding to the invitation.
  • Entering politely and respectfully.
  • Greeting someone and asking after their welfare.
  • Responding to someone's greeting authentically, sweetly, and openly.
  • Perceiving the face of the divine in an interaction.
  • Staying present and open to hearing and understanding the essence of the Guru's teaching, even when at first it may seem to be something I am not yet able to do.
  • Knowing that the Guru's teachings and blessings flow for the benefit of all, and when I truly listen, I am more able to participate in the flow of grace.

Castlemaine, Australia

This morning I awoke with fear. As I turned inwardly to Gurumayi, this prayer arose within me: “Shri Guru, please help me to know the next step needed to move through this fear.” And now I see this beautiful excerpt about fearlessness from Gurumayi's book, My Lord Loves a Pure Heart!

In the past my response to fear has been to think I should do more spiritual practices. This morning's divine synchronicity reveals that I am connected to Gurumayi and to the Siddha Yoga lineage just as I am! No fear touches me as I pray, chant, offer blessings, or take loving care in my daily actions. In daily actions offered toward the greater good, it's as if my life, in overview, is like a child I am nurturing; I am listening for its needs. Attentiveness toward its health guides my actions, my goals. And I know I am in partnership with Shri Guru.

I am hugging God close. In that embrace there is only God.

New York, United States

We have been working with people in Ukraine for the last thirty years, and feel very connected to the people living there. Nowadays, the normal priorities of life have faded away, and we don’t listen to anything except the news. We are trying to help the people in Ukraine as much as possible and to give them emotional support through repeated phone calls. We are trying to show them a way out of this incredibly brutal situation.

I  was deeply moved to see the excerpt on fearlessness from Gurumayi’s book, since I was already losing my inner pillar, but this posting brought me back to stability and strength.

Yes, we are all connected, and the Guru’s grace is always finding ways to touch us.

Budapest, Hungary

I have always loved this passage in My Lord Loves a Pure Heart. As I visualize Sai Baba's face appearing before Gurumayi again and again, together with his message, “Fearlessness. That is what I give people: fearlessness,” I am filled with a sense of protectedness.

In looking at the image on the homepage showing the colors of the book, My Lord Loves a Pure Heart, I recognize the colors of the Ukrainian flag. At this time of great adversity for the people, land, and creatures of Ukraine, I feel this excerpt contains Gurumayi's blessing for them—and for all of us around the world whose hearts are aching for them. May fearlessness and God's protection pervade the hearts of the people and creatures in Ukraine. May people around the world continue to experience fearlessness and work together to support the best outcome for all.

California, United States

Fearlessness—such a beautiful, perfect teaching for me at this time! This year began with a bang for me: a diagnosis of cancer. By late January I’d had surgery and am now technically cancer-free, although some precautionary treatments lie ahead to prevent a recurrence. 

I have strengthened my practices; I visit the website and listen to the chants; I meditate daily. I have been counting my blessings—the guiding hand of grace as each day unfolds—and feeling such an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my family, my friends, the doctors, and most of all, my Guru.

I remembered Gurumayi's teaching in Courage and Contentment that we are equal to the difficulties we face. But I still felt an anchor was missing, a focus I could hold onto. I wondered whether I would receive an indication that Gurumayi knew what was unfolding in my life. And this is it—her talk on fearlessness! Tonight, I shall pick up my copy of My Lord Loves a Pure Heart and revisit and contemplate this talk every day.

New Delhi, India

Lately I have challenged myself by doing things I have feared, and I have done so because my heart wanted me to. But in the midst of one situation, I was overwhelmed again by my deepest fear; I felt so afraid, I had to pray to survive.

I experienced that each time my fear appeared, I had to choose to connect with my Guru, and with my Self, all over again; this was the only way to be free from the painful fear. And I managed to fulfill the plan that I had been fearing so much, and it went fine! I was released from the fear by choosing again and again to turn within and connect with Gurumayi.

I was so grateful when I read this excerpt from My Lord Loves a Pure Heart, and saw Gurumayi’s focus on fearlessness! It is exactly what I needed and, I think, what the world needs too.

Oslo, Norway

I am grateful to Gurumayi for her teachings on fearlessness. I had been feeling fearful since a family member is now in the hospital, although I have been told they are completely fine now. I opened the Siddha Yoga path website for support and guidance, and read this excerpt from My Lord Loves a Pure Heart. I feel so grateful for receiving Gurumayi’s teaching at this very moment when I needed it most. 

Melbourne, Australia

A few weeks ago at the home of my new neighbors—who come from Pune, India—I saw a statue of Shirdi Sai Baba on their puja. That is quite an unusual sight in my area. I immediately felt warmth and security. Since then, Sai Baba's face has often appeared in my mind, accompanied by a feeling of lightheartness, gratitude, and a big smile at the fact that Sai Baba is worshiped so nearby and that I have nothing to worry about.

This morning I was deeply touched by reading the excerpt from Gurumayi's profound talk on fearlessness. I experienced a deep connection with my Guru and much strength, love, and deep peace. Our beloved Guru and the Siddhas are always with us.

Duisburg, Germany

Gurumayi’s words reminded me of my own experience in Gurudev Siddha Peeth back in 2001. I was standing in line to enter the Ashram to hear Gurumayi's Message for the new year. I was quite young and was visiting on my own; I was very determined to participate in the satsang and to live in the Ashram with Gurumayi ji. A bit tired, I leaned my head on the nearby wall and closed my eyes.

Immediately, I could see Sai Baba's face against a white background, surrounded by rays of light. This was the first time I’d had Sai Baba's darshan, so I got a bit scared. But then I heard Baba saying, “Don't be afraid! It's me.” I quickly opened my eyes and came back to reality. Then I entered the sacred grounds of Gurudev Siddha Peeth for the first time. My joy knew no bounds! My journey on this path had begun.

Today, I feel totally blessed; I am loved by my Guru and protected by her grace.

Pune, India

I relish hearing stories and personal experiences about saints—especially those concerning Shirdi Sai Baba. Back in 1999, I was experiencing a great deal of anxiety and fear about my upcoming trip to Gurudev Siddha Peeth. This was to be my first trip to India and I was afraid of falling sick.

When I arrived at the Ashram dormitory, a locker was assigned to me. By the grace of the Guru, a picture of Sai Baba of Shirdi was on it! I immediately felt that Sai Baba had appeared to grant me the gift of fearlessness. From that moment on, all fear and worry evaporated from my heart and mind.

Ville St. Laurent, Canada

Because my heart and spirit have been so focused on the tragic events in Ukraine, I was both astonished and profoundly moved to see how this excerpt began: by presenting a simple rectangle in the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag—in respectful silence, as if to say wordlessly, “Ukraine, you are in our thoughts and prayers.” It was in that context that I welcomed Gurumayi’s reminder that great beings like Shirdi Sai Baba, just like our own Siddha Yoga Gurus, have the power to bestow on us fearlessness and other “incredible blessings.”
Fearlessness is exactly what so many people in Ukraine have been demonstrating in the face of the unbelievable challenges and threats all around them. They have also been manifesting many other virtues, including courage, compassion, unity, generosity, steadfastness, and discipline. It seems that fearlessness is their superpower in these circumstances. I am deeply inspired by their example.
From now on, when fears arise in me, may I remember how Sai Baba appeared to Gurumayi to remind her of the gift of fearlessness.

Illinois, United States

After waking up to news of a friend having died in the night and feeling low due to the suffering that Eastern Europe is experiencing, this timely posting of Gurumayi’s excerpt from her chapter on “Fearlessness” lifted my heart. It also softened my heart as I read about how Gurumayi gets guidance not only from her own divine Self but from other great beings. It made me understand that their protection is always there.
I hold close my practices and my love for Gurumayi and this path. Through my practices I strive to know fearlessness. I am grateful that this excerpt also highlights the chapter about fearlessness in which it appears; this chapter—and in fact the whole book My Lord Loves a Pure Heart—are certainly timely reading for now.

Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

These words of Gurumayi’s stir my soul. They fill me with a sense of strength. I think of the people of Ukraine and pray for them. They are strong and solidified as a nation and a people. As I journey on the Siddha Yoga path, my heart is strong, the connection to my Guru is deep, and I feel empowered to walk with solidarity as I move on in my quest to know the Self.

South Carolina, United States

In 1977, Baba took a large group of Gurukula students on a pilgrimage to many temples and shrines in Maharashtra. Our first stop was at the Samadhi Shrine of Sai Baba of Shirdi, whom Baba held in the highest regard. We were welcomed with great love by the trustees of the Samadhi Shrine and were all invited to the midday arati. Though I’d never felt a connection to Sai Baba, when I entered his Temple, a special energy, an uplifting vibration, filled me with love and joy.
The arati was a rousing celebration of this great saint, whose unity consciousness had brought together the Hindu and Muslim communities of Shirdi. Immersing myself in the arati, I closed my eyes as a feeling of devotion enveloped me. When I opened my eyes, Sai Baba stood before me in a halo of golden light. He placed a flower garland over my head.
A tear ran down my cheek. Sai Baba lifted the tear off my face onto his finger, saying, “One tear is worth a thousand garlands.” When I came back to my natural awareness, I knew a deep, true, long-term relationship between Sai Baba and myself had been created.

Montreal, Canada

It has never ceased to amaze me that every time I hear stories about Sai Baba of Shirdi, I feel an immediate and profound connection with him—as if I had known him personally. I feel the greatest respect and love for him.
At the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Melbourne, there is a murti of Sai Baba of Shirdi. It was always one of my favorite practices to spend time in the courtyard honoring him, even speaking to him, and then just sitting in his presence. This incredibly uplifting excerpt from Gurumayi has re-ignited that feeling of warmth and affection.
This wonderful excerpt also reminds me of the virtue of fearlessness, given all the turmoil in the world, especially in recent days. Gurumayi’s words provide me with strength, courage, and upliftment. 

Gold Coast, Australia

Early in my sadhana I traveled cross-country to Shree Muktananda Ashram. I knew so little but I had faith that I had finally found my spiritual home. In the Shaktipat Intensive there, Gurumayi led us in a dharana in which we were to offer flowers and gifts to a great being. I approached with my gifts and saw a saint I didn’t know, but was enfolded with such love, I went deeper into meditation.
During a pause, I went to the bookstore to see if anyone might know who the saint was. A woman showed me an array of photos of Indian saints. I was so excited to see a photo of the saint I’d seen. “Who is this?” I asked. She exclaimed, “Why, that’s Sai Baba of Shirdi, of course!”
He has been with me ever since, appearing to me in meditations and at other times. Once he piled orchids around my feet in another Intensive on my birthday. I feel so fortunate to be in his care and in the care of Gurumayi.

New Mexico, United States

I feel very blessed to read this excerpt by Gurumayi. In my sadhana, I’m frequently working on overcoming fear and its related inner enemies. Some time ago, I went to Washington D.C. to live and work. There, I experienced many scary hardships and often felt like giving up.
One night, I dreamt that Baba called me on the phone. I was ecstatic to receive his call. However, he must have been speaking Hindi or Marathi; I couldn’t understand a word! When I told him I couldn’t understand, he said, in English, “Hold on, I'll send a translator.” As I waited, Shirdi Sai Baba's image appeared, his hand held in abhaya mudra—but he said nothing. My dream ended.
Later, I learned that Sai Baba taught, “Have no fear. I am with you.” This was what Baba was telling me—to have no fear, because the Guru is with me. It is this presence and protection of the Siddha Yoga Gurus that always pull me through, supporting me in overcoming my fears.

Oregon, United States

For several days, I kept thinking about a mistake I had made, which had led me to feel fear in the present. When I turned within to connect with Gurumayi, an inner voice told me, “Be strong. Have no fear. Be in the present.” Despite my ongoing fear, I felt a very strong connection with Gurumayi ji and sensed her tangible support from within. In that way I was able to move beyond my fear.
Having experienced this so recently, I’m so grateful for this excerpt because it is a clear reminder for me to be fearless. And I feel that my very strong connection with my Gurumayi ji has brought me into the zone of light.

Nagpur, India