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My Lord Loves a Pure Heart – Excerpt 10

by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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“Just try it and see what happens” are the words that come to mind when I think an act of self-effort is too small to make a difference. I have learned that every moment in my sadhana counts, and even the seemingly small steps I take are like minor course corrections for a ship on a long journey. A one-degree shift might not appear to affect the direction at first, but over time it has everything to do with that ship’s final destination. 
Knowing these sacred teachings come from a place of pure compassion, from one who sees the entire journey from start to finish, fills me with gratitude, and inspires me to follow Gurumayi’s directions to the best of my ability. Every moment is a new opportunity to embrace grace—and to “begin with the simple things.”

West Vancouver, Canada

At the beginning of the global pandemic, we strengthened our communication here in Mexico. We created a national network via chats, landline, cellphones, email, and virtual meetings, while our usual physical meeting places went into a paused state during this time, just like around the world.
Our communication became vital for us as a Siddha Yoga community.
Every sadhana partner who established communication with me has been my support in my sadhana during this time. I listened to them and accepted their comments with my heart, even when some of them were a great challenge for my understanding. I contemplated them, allowing them to reveal to me the wisdom they bring with them. I learned to listen to the whisper of the Heart—the voice of God.

Mexico City, Mexico

The Sadhana Circle in which I participate discussed Gurumayi’s teaching “Sever your false attachments to impure actions.” We contemplated how we could replace such attachments by choosing to nourish a virtue.
I became aware of my habitual mindset of looking for the next desire, complaint, or worry. I am now replacing this pattern by choosing to infuse each in-breath and each out-breath with beneficial prayers that uplift me and help me be receptive to experiencing the wonder of the unseen in the moment.

New York, United States

I feel that Gurumayi's instructions in this excerpt alone would be enough to guide me through a lifetime of sadhana until I reach a sublime state.

I get a lot of criticism from my partner. But when I reflect on his words, I realize that there are not many people in my life who love me so much that they make the effort to openly and honestly point out my behavior so that I can work on it. In such moments it helps me to remember that he and I are Shiva; we are pure, perfect, and complete love; and thanks to our partnership we have the opportunity to work on each other and so make great progress in sadhana.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

Gurumayi’s book My Lord Loves a Pure Heart is the perfect guide and essential resource for my life. Everything I need and require is there.
Listening to voices of all types and not rejecting them out of hand because “God speaks through many mouths” is one of the practices I’ve been working on. So I appreciate the reminder that this excerpt has given me.

Georgia, United States

What a great and crystal-clear teaching this is on how to attain “purity of being”! I’m so grateful to Gurumayi ji for her compassion in teaching us  through this excerpt—and all the teachings in this book.
I have been tangibly experiencing the truth in Gurumayi’s statement “God speaks through many mouths.” It reminds me of how the Guru teaches  through many different mediums. What I have learned through receiving messages “through many mouths” is that I must always bring my attention back to the heart, and listen to those messages from the innermost chamber of my heart.

Bhandara, India

Recently some unpleasant events have arisen in my life, and I’ve been asking internally what, if anything, is my responsibility or what action is needed. On reading this excerpt, I remembered my morning prayers, when I pray for certain people, offering them into God's hands.
It now occurs to me that there’s no coincidence in the fact that, after I have  offered prayers for these individuals, they are returned to my field of action. I see that when I offer prayers, I must remember them! In answering them, God can ask for action on my part, which becomes my responsibility toward God. To take up the action is to receive the blessing. 
Now I see that prayers are like promises that move in both directions. I can’t just say, “OK, I’ve given it to God,” and then wipe my hands clean. I must listen for unexpected responses to my prayer. 

New York, United States

When Gurumayi says, “You begin with the simple things,” that statement was so reassuring to me; it created a hope inside me that “Yes! I can do it!” The next statement by Gurumayi which entered my heart is: “Secondly, sever your false attachment to impure actions.”
These teachings were just what I needed for where I stand today on my spiritual journey.  

Pune, India