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My Lord Loves a Pure Heart – Excerpt 12

by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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Before I sat for meditation yesterday, I opened this excerpt from Gurumayi’s My Lord Loves a Pure Heart. How profound, how timely was this guidance! I’d lived through the day feeling very tired, and the challenges that Gurumayi spoke of had all been present for me that day.
I first read Gurumayi’s words “Let us rejuvenate ourselves with our own good companion, and that is the prana, the inbreath and the outbreath.” As I followed Gurumayi’s instructions on how to do this, I found toward the end of my meditation that my breath had become very fine. How very fortunate I felt, how blessed!

Melbourne, Australia

As part of my morning practice this month, I've been reading each excerpt by Gurumayi before meditation.
Today, as I began my meditation practice, I became aware that my mind was deeply agitated. It was going over and over the previous day—one which had been long and eventful and had affected me deeply. Then, it would switch its attention to what I needed to do today. After a while, I became aware of Gurumayi’s subtle inner presence. I felt she was gently saying, “OK, time to set that aside now. Time to be with the breath. Time to be with me.”
As I took my attention to the breath, I felt it was Gurumayi who was breathing through me, and waves of gentle energy arose from within. As I settled into this rhythm, I felt love arising. My mind became more and more soothed and calmed, and I dropped quite effortlessly into the witness state.

Havant, United Kingdom

The sound my heart hears is Om Namah Shivaya, mingled with the sound of the breath, the sound of prana, my good old companion. Acknowledging the presence of prana as my companion encourages me to let go of feelings of loneliness, since the prana has always been, and is always, with me.
As I meditate after a long day, as my beloved Gurumayi teaches me, I realize that I am becoming more and more “steadfast in yoga.”

Mexico City, Mexico

Seven years ago I almost lost my life, but I recovered completely. Since then, every morning when I wake up, I thank the Guru for another day in this beautiful life.
After reading this profound excerpt, I want to also remember to focus in on the prana, the in-breath and the out-breath, not only in the morning but all day until the moment I go to sleep—for the prana is a great gift, reminding me of the Guru's powerful presence each and every moment throughout this blessed existence.

Nebraska, United States

I eagerly read Gurumayi’s teachings every day. Today, as I was reading about how to remind myself of the prana, my back immediately straightened out and I became aware of the prana going all through my body. I had once “offered” my prana to Gurumayi to thank her for all the grace she bestows on me. Then I read this line in verse 29 of Shri Guru Gita: “Dedicate to the Sadguru the body, senses, and prana.” How sublime!
I receive nothing but grace from my Guru.

California, United States

When I read this teaching, I bowed with reverence to Gurumayi. My mind became silent; there were no words, but only a silent, deep, reverential pranam to my Guru for her guidance.
For the last few days, my mind had been filled with thoughts, confusion, and indecisiveness. I had felt tired and was praying for clarity. And here with one click, I found the tool—to be in the company of my prana. I will now make efforts to become aware of my prana and give my mind rest in the easeful flow of the in-breath and the out-breath. I have reaped its fruits previously, and they are delicious!

a Gurukula student in Gurudev Siddha Peeth

I had had a day just like the one Gurumayi described in this excerpt. I was experiencing a lot of negativities, anger, and frustrations. At the same time, I was actively praying, remembering Gurumayi's Message for 2022. I was trying to control my anger by looking into myself rather than blaming others.
As I grappled with my emotions and expectations and questioned my ability to live happily, suddenly I thought, “I lack companionship. Who is a good companion? How do I find good companionship?” As I opened this excerpt that evening, I felt immense gratitude for my Guru for answering my prayer with her teaching that the prana is my own good companion.
My intention now is to contemplate and implement this teaching to become steadfast in yoga.

Melbourne, Australia

I am once again in awe of how the great shakti of Gurumayi’s teachings aligns with my state.
I had just spent a few hours wrestling intensely with competing thought patterns and emotions over family and world issues when at last I turned to the Siddha Yoga path website and this excerpt from Gurumayi’s My Lord Loves a Pure Heart. I began reading, and at first I wasn’t fully present with the words, as the emotions were still swirling in my body and my mind. But then I backtracked—because something was triggering a deep response in me, and I realized that Gurumayi’s words were slowing things down. The mental swirling ceased, the mind calmed as I took the first deep breath.
In one short paragraph, Gurumayi led me back to awareness, to sanity, to the Self.

California, United States

For quite some time my schedule has been very hectic and I have had a lot of pressure at work. Even though I have often been taught to be aware of the breath and how it supports one, I still tend to forget it at times. So reading this excerpt was such a pleasant reminder. I have now started focusing more on the breath. 

In addition, Gurumayi’s teaching “Allow your heart to become attentive to the sound of the breath” is making me go deeper and is calming my mind. These short excerpts from Gurumayi have such a strong impact on my life!

Aurangabad, India

I am so grateful for this excerpt from Gurumayi. I often forget the simplest and most basic things in the abundance of possibilities.

Breathing is a very simple yet very powerful tool. When I am excited, I breathe faster; when I am deeply relaxed, I breathe slower and deeper. Now that I have read this excerpt, I want to pay more attention to my breath and breathe more deeply in situations that upset me. I want to bring my experience of this practice more into my awareness. 

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

Today I had scheduled a Silent Retreat Day in my calendar. I was aware that I had been talking too much over the past week, and had a strong pull to give this important practice to myself so I could feel deeply rejuvenated. When I opened the Siddha Yoga path website this morning and read the new Excerpt 12, I thought, “How perfect! What amazing synchronicity!”
Gurumayi’s teaching in this excerpt from the chapter “Steadfastness in Yoga” in My Lord Loves a Pure Heart gave me the perfect practical exercise and invitation to rejuvenate myself. It was such a balm for my mind and heart to experience my own good companion—the prana, my in-breath and out-breath. After observing and listening to the prana for some time, I emerged feeling so peaceful, steady, and strong.
I am immensely grateful for these teachings at this time so that I may contribute my calm, strong, and peaceful energy to this world. 

Sunshine Coast, Australia

The practice of taking a conscious, slow inhale and exhale has become a trusted companion, accompanying me on this grand adventure of life through all its peaks and valleys.
I am grateful for the gentleness and humanity expressed in this excerpt, for the compassion of Gurumayi, and for the boundless blessing of having a living Master.

West Vancouver, Canada

What a simple and powerful teaching! I just finished my work for the day. I did indeed encounter some negativities, some from other people and some of my own. I found myself reading a bit about the conflict in Ukraine and noticed I felt very angry. The feeling was brief but strong. I know it is a normal response to sometimes feeling powerless and in disbelief about the suffering caused.  
However, as soon as I read Gurumayi's guidance, “Allow your heart to become attentive to the sound of the breath,” I did just that. I felt immediate relief and tenderness within—a moment of peace I was longing for. Although I sometimes forget, it is always there—that which never changes.

New York. United States

As I read Gurumayi’s excerpt slowly out loud, a calmness and serenity enveloped me. For the first time in quite a while, there were no interruptions. This was my time to focus on the breath, the prana
I was amazed at how quickly everything that was not “needed” seemed to melt away. Sometimes I forget how deep the connection with the breath can be. I am so grateful for that silence, hearing the breath, feeling the breath slowly moving in and out.
How profound that the beautiful words and teachings of the Guru settled me into a place of such serenity.

New Mexico, United States

In this excerpt my attention was immediately drawn to these words: “Therefore, let us rejuvenate ourselves with our own good companion, and that is the prana, the in-breath and the out-breath.” It reminded me that I have the greatest tool within my being with which I can calm down and settle within myself, no matter what is happening on the outside.
I have experienced this calming down many times and I know that it is only then that wisdom arises, soothing words tumble out, and good actions follow.

Nairobi, Kenya

After reading excerpt 12 from My Lord Loves a Pure Heart, I experienced how calming it is to pay attention to my in-breath. With one in-breath and one out-breath, the energy of stillness filled up my entire room. Then I remembered Gurumayi’s Message for 2022 and I listened to that stillness. The next moment I found myself astonished to notice the tangible presence of peace.

New York, United States

This excerpt was just what I needed to hear at this very moment! Following this easeful invitation and instruction, I feel aware of the prana shakti within and without. May I maintain this auspicious and loving awareness so that I can bring it with me wherever I go. 

South Melbourne, Australia