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My Lord Loves a Pure Heart – Excerpt 13

by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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I love this excerpt and learn from it something important about myself:

It is easier for me to see God in others than in myself. Fortunately, with the grace of the Guru, I am gradually opening up to embracing my own divinity!

Delaware, United States

Being told that God actually lives within me as me stops me in my tracks.  When I hold this wisdom quietly in the center of my being and imagine this expanded state within me, I am dumbfounded by its immensity, its vibrancy. This then lulls me into a soft repose by the sweetest, peaceful, inner melody of my soul. I feel totally at home and cradled in love.

Oregon, United States

As I read this passage, the word Discover kept reverberating in my awareness. How can I discover the Truth within?
An answer sprang from within and I followed it. Immediately, I turned to the webpage Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom on the Siddha Yoga path website. Each teaching, posted along with an image of Baba Muktananda, contains his compassionate advice on how I can discover the ultimate Truth within. Those teachings reminded me of how Baba went deep within in his meditations, discovered the Truth, and became permanently established in the state of happiness.
This has confirmed for me that, if I go deep within in meditation, certainly I too can discover the Truth.

Sydney, Australia

As I contemplate this excerpt, which affirms that I can access the highest  within my own heart, I am at first speechless. Knowing I can experience “the great Truth” in my own heart in any given moment is an invaluable gem bestowed upon me by my own Gurumayi and the Siddhas—through the precious gift of the awakening of Kundalini. 
Immense gratitude wells up within me at how blessed and fortunate I am to have come to this Siddha Yoga path and a living Master.

Florida, United States

I love how this teaching both creates a sense of awe in me—that the great Truth lies within me—and summons forth the faith that I can discover it. It’s a command from my Guru. It invites me to discover oneness, particularly when I tend to see separation in worldly affairs.
How can I discover it within this human body? For starters, by examining my own reactions to situations, by purifying my mind through contemplation of the teachings, by performing mantra japa, by regularly practicing silence. This teaching from Gurumayi inspires me to keep praying to be able to hear the Truth and be open to divine inspiration in all situations, rather than listening to my own concepts and conditioned responses to what I believe to be the truth in any moment. 
May I enter the Heart and listen deeply with untainted, pure awareness.

Sydney, Australia

The potency of this excerpt stirred my heart deeply as I read these words over and over. To experience the truth of these words in my body is the profound gift of the Siddha Yoga path. I feel more expansive and fuller, closer to the Truth, as well as deep, deep gratitude for having been guided by Gurumayi for many years now.
It has been the greatest blessing to be in Gurumayi’s and Baba’s presence, to have ever more opportunities to allow every cell of my body to be filled with light, and to be aware of God and the Truth in this human vessel. I had such deep longing prior to finding the Siddha Yoga path. It is the greatest gift of my lifetime to be following it.
The power in Gurumayi’s command “Discover it” is a great blessing for me this morning. I will now take this Truth, this stillness into my recitation of Shri Guru Gita. Blessings abound!

Massachusetts, United States

When I was a very little girl, I often looked at the sun. I knew that I was pure light, that this light was God and my true home.

At that time, the adults around me had no deeper understanding of the divinity in everything and molded me according to their beliefs, from which I had to free myself again as I grew up.

The grace of my Guru and the experiences in my sadhana show me again and again how worthy I am to have the unshakable certainty that I am pure, divine light and—like the universe—I am without beginning and end.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

Reading this Excerpt 13, I felt a deep invitation to seek that divine light within. This is a great invitation from a great Siddha Guru to roam in the Heart. In the end everything comes back to the Heart, where supreme Consciousness lives. What a marvelous form of Shiva this is—I marvel at how he himself is hidden within, and yet how he can be found there with crystal-clear visibility.
I’m grateful to Gurumayi ji for giving me such a tremendous teaching to take me again and again to that divine zone.

Bhandara, India