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My Lord Loves a Pure Heart – Excerpt 16

by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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The other day I saw a baby smiling ear to ear with the shiniest and brightest-lit eyes I've ever seen. That light in her eyes and smile reminded me of the great light of the supreme Self that “exists within everyone.”

Ville St. Laurent, Canada

Many years ago, in an inspired, connected state, my husband created a lovely pencil drawing of me as he truly sees me beyond my form.
Recently, in an effort to connect more fully with my own light, I was contemplating what my soul, which inhabits my body, must look like. I realized that to truly embrace my faith in the light within me—that light that Gurumayi speaks of here—it would be helpful to have a visual image of myself to enliven my faith. Otherwise, I can mistakenly place my faith in what I am, in my body rather than my soul.
In flashed the mental image of the drawing of me those many years before that seemed to capture my essence! In my mind’s eye I embellish the drawing to be in living color with ethereal rainbow pastels and a golden, glistening, scintillating light of love emanating from me. It gives me an exquisite vision to hold onto that inspires me to rise to a state of connection with the divine light within me.

Oregon, United States

After reading Excerpt 16, I prayed to Gurumayi to help me understand this teaching from the chapter “Respect” in her book My Lord Loves a Pure Heart, and why it is vital for this time. What arose was this prayer:
May we all return to our heart and know our own light.
May we see the light blazing within and within everyone and all things.
May we recognize God in ourselves and in each other in all situations.
May we treat ourselves and all beings, including Mother Earth, with respect and love.

Sydney, Australia

As I read this excerpt, something in my heart melted. When I finished reading it, I felt an expansion of the Heart and a sense of recognition that my true nature is God himself, who abides in me as me. I experienced a moment of perfection after the reading—I knew I was perfect as I am. That feeling then vanished, but now I know that I can reconnect to it again and again.
I am so grateful to Gurumayi for giving us such powerful and concise teachings that enlighten our lives.

Rome, Italy

Baba’s words remind me to embrace that precious light in me and also in everyone. No matter what I see, I can imagine how we all carry the pure light within. I can also look for that light taking the form of someone’s purpose, love, or best intentions, so I can imagine that light in action—my light, our light, God’s light.

New York, United States

I so appreciate this teaching about the light being in each of us, and the need for us to become aware of and to recognize our own light. I love that this excerpt comes from the chapter titled “Respect.” It's another lesson for me in leaving behind self-condemnation whenever it may arise, and instead respecting my true Self and honoring the divine light that lives in me as me.
I am very grateful to Baba and Gurumayi for these uplifting teachings that are always encouraging us to see the best in ourselves.

Melbourne, Australia

Deep respect and love arise in me when I realize how Bade Baba, Baba, Gurumayi, and many other saints have tirelessly communicated over thousands of years that the divine light exists in our hearts.
In earlier times, some saints were even persecuted for making this statement. We live in a much more open society today and I appreciate that very much. It motivates me to work on myself even more and, with the help of my Guru's grace, to use this rare and precious opportunity to strive for the highest goal of my life.  

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland