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My Lord Loves a Pure Heart – Excerpt 21

by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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Gurumayi's powerful teaching fills my heart with hope and soothes my mind with peace and tranquility. It shows me my own inner power of choice, even in this world filled with the distractions of external events!

Ville St. Laurent, Canada

Walking on the Siddha Yoga path, I’ve learned that setting up an intention has immense power. It helps to channel the mind’s attention and invoke the divine presence within.
I love to set an intention before each recitation of Shri Guru Gita. Without a specific intention to guide it, my recitation can feel like it lacks focus, with countless stopovers for my restless mind. But when I recite it with a specific intention in mind, that allows me to take the reins of the mind into my own hands. I can then remain in the present moment, allowing my mind to resonate in the glory of Shri Guru.
Similarly, studying Baba’s and Gurumayi’s teachings on meditation gives my mind an incredible support. They inspire me and rejuvenate my practice of meditation. They allow my mind to remain focused during meditation and restore my sadhana so that it remains ever fresh.

Sydney, Australia

I read this passage to my five-year-old son. He smiled a knowing smile and said “Thanks, Gurumayi.” 
The Guru’s words remind me, in my role as a parent, that we are not the victim of our thoughts and feelings. So often it can seem like a person or event outside myself is the cause of my negative thoughts or feelings. In the Guru’s words in this excerpt I am reminded, and understand, that my thoughts and feelings are mine to maintain, and this power, this authority is a gift. And my son’s response of gratitude for the Guru’s words reminded me to honor the gift of all the Siddha Yoga practices I’ve been given to maintain a steady mind.  

New York, United States

Gradually, over many years of sadhana, I have become more aware of the kind of thoughts I am having. I see a difference in my state of mind: I experience more serenity and an increased ability to shift sooner from thoughts that make me experience fear or despair to feeling protected and cared for.
Last week I had a moment when I felt inadequate and fearful. These moments have become less frequent. However, they do serve as a reminder of how I often used to feel many years ago. They are also a reminder for me of the importance of doing the practices and studying the teachings regularly. 
I thank Gurumayi for transforming my mind and my life. 

Willemstad, Curaçao

This excerpt was very helpful for me today. I did not have my thoughts and feelings “in check.” At first I felt helpless. Then I remembered the words in this excerpt—they were my saving refuge. “You are in charge. You have the authority…” Aha!
I looked for a solution. I decided to leave my space where I felt disturbed by a neighbor and ride my bicycle on this beautiful warm spring day. I stopped at a chapel, prayed, and sent blessings. Out of the blue I had a friendly talk with some people. Back home the disturbance soon stopped.
I learned that although I couldn’t change what others do, in this case I could be flexible in what I myself choose to do and thus improve my thoughts and feelings—and have a good time.

Hindelang, Germany

Recently, my mind was taking great delight in recalling memories of shame, humiliation, and failure. After a few days of this I stood back and spoke to my mind, “Why are you choosing this focus? Why not focus on times of joy, transcendence, and love?”
As I asked this, it occurred to me that rather than simply replacing the thoughts in my mind, I could go more deeply into them. When I did this, I could see that the memories and thoughts that superficially seemed contracted were made of the same substance and came from the same place as sweet and generous ones.
Thus, I saw this bigger truth: how my thoughts affect me depends on the vantage point from which I observe my mind—and that in choosing this wiser and truer vantage point, I am claiming that authority over my mind that Gurumayi speaks of here.

Hampton, Australia 

In some cars, we can adjust the air flow so that we don’t breathe the polluted air coming from a traffic jam. Many flowers keep their petals closed when the sun doesn’t shine. Similarly, as I have learned from Gurumayi, I also have the ability to stay away from negativities and to give my mind some respite. During this time, even if it’s short, I can relish my breath, repeat the mantra, remember one teaching of the Guru, and in this way get the inspiration to create benevolent and joyful thoughts for myself.​

Rodez, France

When my thoughts “run wild,” I turn my attention to the mantra, and focus on it and the breath. This shift immediately brings me to an open, quiet, and peaceful space where my happiness and well-being dwell—the space of the supreme Self.

Ajijic , Mexico

Gurumayi’s teaching in Excerpt 21 firmly tells me that my behavior, my reaction to external issues, the words I utter, the tone I use, the expressions on my face—all point to what I am holding in my mind! My mind is the culprit, so to speak.
Being on the Siddha Yoga path, doing the practices, and being guided by Gurumayi’s teachings have led me over the years to have control over my thoughts, and to be able to stop them from running amok. However, there are still moments when it takes longer for me to take control of my thoughts, and the pain they create persists until I let go and surrender.

Nairobi, Kenya 

This excerpt brings me to ask the question, “Who am I that I get to be ‘in charge’ of so much in my daily life?” And contemplating that question peels away layers of thought and ways of being, and places me in the essence of my being.

Massachusetts, United States 

This morning I had a direct experience of preventing my thoughts from “running wild.”
When I woke up, I felt very agitated; my heart was pounding strongly and I was trembling all over. Then I told myself, “Meditate!” For perhaps the first time in my life, I did not run away from my fear, but instead asked the Siddhas for courage and sat down to meditate.
Almost immediately the trembling turned into energy, and I felt warm air flow across my face and calm my mind. When I came out of meditation, which had lasted longer than I’d realized, I embraced my puja and repeated “Thanks to infinity!” I am so happy that I have found this path to peace.

San Giorgio a Cremano, Italy

In this excerpt Gurumayi reminds me that I am not at the mercy of outer circumstances, but instead, I have the power to decide which thoughts and feelings I allow in. When I received shaktipat, I experienced an immense gratitude, which is still very strong in me every day. Many times it is this gratitude that helps me maintain composure in the face of adversity.
Now, after reading Excerpt 21, I see how my experience of life can improve even more. I feel a wave of enthusiasm and a sensation of the freedom that is coming. I am grateful to Gurumayi for awakening this in me.

New York, United States 

On my way to work I often listen to Gurumayi’s Message Talk for 1999, A Golden Mind, A Golden Life. I love this talk very much because it gives me a lot of practical help in my daily life. So far I have learned that my thoughts shape my attitude and my attitude determines my actions. In turn, my actions define what comes back to me and how I experience the world and other people. 

As Gurumayi reminds me in this excerpt, everything in my life begins with me—and with my thoughts. This realization inspires me and makes me feel strong and free—because I “have the authority” to shape my life! 

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

My big enemy, created by my thoughts, is my anger. It hurts me and I know it makes me lose the shakti I have stored up. Then I have to work hard to regain a state of serenity.
One way I can control my thoughts is by replacing them with mantra repetition. It’s not always easy, but I know it’s possible through my hard work and practicing the virtue of diligence. Mantra repetition creates a space where I can smile and return to my heart. For me, it’s a powerful antidote to the disease of anger.

Bhandara, India

I have been feeling some kind of anxiety recently, and my mind tried to find out why I had those feelings. But the more I asked myself, “Why? Why? Why?”, the more I felt those feelings.
Then I read Gurumayi’s words: “You have the authority to keep your thoughts in check.” Gurumayi’s teachings always come to me at the perfect time! My “job” is to listen to the teachings and then apply them in my daily life. 
Remembering this just now, I refreshed my posture, repeated the mantra—and kept my thoughts “in check.” And now I feel better!

Gissey-sur-Ouche, France