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My Lord Loves a Pure Heart – Excerpt 24

by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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When I first read this excerpt, I focused on questioning whether or not I act from a sense of purity of being in my life. By doing this, I was subtly looking for what was broken, wrong, or impure within myself. 

But after contemplating the excerpt for a while, I was able to acknowledge that—after more than two decades of sadhana in very challenging life circumstances—I have begun this past year to work strongly with my mind and to pull my senses inward. 

Much of my sadhana, it seems to me, has been about learning to recognize my own goodness, self-worth, and innate purity of being. I am striving to understand that these are not things that I must work to create, but qualities that already exist within me. The choice to see and focus on my innate purity of being is an act of deep self-love. I am so grateful to Gurumayi for helping me learn to love and honor myself and my own purity.

Nelson, Canada

Reading Gurumayi’s words has inspired me to think about how much the news I consume affects my experience of life. It often creates a residue within my being and colors the way that I perceive and interact with the world.
Recently, I have been watching a TV sitcom with my teenage daughter. It is enjoyable to laugh and to feel connected to my teen in this way. But I have noticed that the show leaves subtle impacts on me that I later need to process.
I have also started to think of how reading my multiple emails affects me. Each one can trigger different thoughts and emotions. It can be so much to take in. That is why I find it so essential to perform spiritual practices and find times to step back, reflect, exercise, and be outdoors. This helps me to process all I have taken in and release it. It also enables me to spend precious time with my inner being, as it separates, heals, and renews itself from all these external influences.

California, United States

This excerpt seems to describe exactly what I have been going through. Recently, I was in an environment that seemed, from the outside, to be benign. But, diving deeper, I soon realized that it was not a sattvic situation. The conversations I heard and the energy around me did not feel pure.

Before long, my senses confirmed this. Everything told me to leave. I knew that it would have been difficult to disconnect or protect myself if I had remained there. Listening to my inner voice, I left.

Days later, even though I am far from that environment, I am still experiencing its consequences. My stomach often hurts, I am sleeping poorly, and my mind has been wandering. I am very fortunate to have the Siddha Yoga practices and the Guru’s grace to help me cleanse myself from the effects of this experience. Normally, I do try to observe and be conscious of what enters my being through the senses. However, after this experience, I realize that I have to be even more vigilant about this.

Berlin, Germany

Gurumayi’s words in these excerpts from her book My Lord Loves a Pure Heart are so wise and inspiring and have really helped me to understand how to live a happy life in this world. This excerpt has made me aware of something that happened in my childhood that has had a big impact on my life. I used to watch other children being naughty, and if I was naughty myself, I really didn’t like the consequences. After such an incident one day when I was about ten years old, I remember making the decision to always try and do the right thing.

This has really paid off in my life. I have gotten myself through a lot of difficult situations by choosing to do what would be the most helpful thing in the long run instead of reacting in the moment.

I am grateful to Gurumayi for shining light on these subtle aspects of behavior that affect our happiness.

Havant, United Kingdom

Sattva-samshuddhi, purity of being, is very precious to me.

Before I became a Siddha Yoga student, I threw myself into life, simply absorbing all the information and experiences unfiltered and without discrimination. As a result, I became drained and felt worthless.
I felt great resistance when I first held Gurumayi’s book The Yoga of Discipline in my hands. Discipline for me had always meant punishment and a restriction of my freedom to do what I wanted. Through studying the book, I was introduced to a new way of dealing with the world and myself. It restored my dignity and awareness of the purity of my being. 
Today I know that discipline is indispensable for achieving happiness, as well as purity of being, and that I have to consciously choose and implement what is good.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

Many years back when I first read this passage from My Lord Loves a Pure Heart, it felt like following this teaching would be a challenging discipline—until the time came when I had to stay away from television. As time passed, I’ve realized that I can live my life much better without it. So I’ve decided to continue this discipline.
Now, after a decade of following this path, I’ve experienced greater love for the Siddha Yoga practices; they are the source of the highest joy for me. I’ve also realized that it’s my sole responsibility to maintain my heart as a pure shrine. Again and again, this passage of Gurumayi’s has inspired me to remain vigilant about what I feed to my mind and things that could interfere with the experience of inner purity.

Sydney, Australia

My attention was immediately drawn to the last sentence in this excerpt. I realized that to implement it, I would need to remember Gurumayi’s teachings from earlier excerpts, such as “You are in charge” from Excerpt 21, and “You have to keep renewing your contract with life” from Excerpt 22.
These are the teachings that are keeping me at peace and giving me the energy to fight against the odds. Gurumayi has brought out that awareness within me. When I fall off the path, I don’t stay there; instead, I try to find ways to return to it as quickly as possible.
All of these teachings of Gurumayi’s remind me of my own abilities and power to make good decisions, even when things are not going well. Because I know that I have to be disciplined about what things I let affect me, I must “renew the contract with my life” every single day so that I can return to that peace, happiness, and gratitude toward my Shri Guru again and again.

Pune, India

This excerpt reminds me that I should stay focused on my inner Self and discipline my senses in order to do pure actions. For me, remaining constantly aware of my breath, together with continuous checking of the flow of information from outside, keeps me away from the clutches of the world’s illusions and blocks the destabilizing power of emotions that could be devastating.
I understand that I must maintain a preventive attitude; I must prepare myself, whether it be in the face of a pandemic, a conflict, or profound changes in the climate or society. I must seal my faith in God. Then, when a problem arises, the best solution comes to mind.

Rodez, France

Excerpt 24 brings home such an important truth to me. As a mother, for years I have tried to reduce the “impure intake” in our home, while still participating in life with school, work, and social interactions. It’s so difficult and I have not always been successful. Just trying to raise my family’s awareness about the media consumption through the internet is a strange battle that doesn’t seem to have an end.
At a certain point I began to offer it all up in my daily prayers. I pray for protection, and then I do what I can. I am very grateful for this reminder from dear Gurumayi; I feel that she knows so well what I am going through.

New York, United States

After reading this excerpt on taking pure actions, I recalled my past experiences of attending retreats at Gurudev Siddha Peeth. During my stays at the Ashram, I had no access to news or any means of “entertainment.” By the end of each retreat, I had become totally disconnected with the outer world—but my connection with the inner Self had become stronger.
This enabled me to feel my life as more meaningful and I was able to rejoice in this experience of inner joy for an extended period. I was getting in touch with the reservoir of inner joy within me, which is independent of any outer means or objects. This independent joy has always been reflected positively in my worldly actions and interactions. Each time, pondering these experiences increases my reverence for the Siddha Yoga practices many times over.

Sydney, Australia

On reading this excerpt from Gurumayi, my mind immediately went off in different directions to past events that mixed joy and sadness—even though I was trying to be in the present moment of calmness so as to really understand what Gurumayi wants me to absorb from her teaching! My breath came to my rescue. Closing my eyes, I began to take a deep breath in and a long breath out. After several rounds I relaxed and my mind quieted down enough so that I could enjoy the stillness of the Self.
Then I spoke to myself, remembering the five cosmic acts of Lord Shiva: creation, maintenance, dissolution, concealment, and bestowal of grace. I recalled that whatever external events may happen, whether joyful or painful, they are all temporary. They are all God’s play and there is a reason for their happening. I also believe they are happening for the upliftment of humanity, that we all may learn to live in sattva-samshuddhi, “purity of being.”

Nairobi, Kenya

I’ve been noticing that negativities have the quality of popcorn: empty of nourishment and yet comfortable in the repetitive munching. Like the familiar presence of popcorn when I watch a movie, my self-criticism is also familiar. I can often feel it looming just before sitting down to study the teachings.
However, this excerpt reminded me of an experience I once had in the Month-long Course at Shree Muktananda Ashram. While offering pranam at the statue of Lord Shiva, I cried out to him that I felt too stupid to learn. As I was pouring my heart out, I suddenly felt my awareness lift. I had run to Lord Shiva, to my dear Lord for help. So it must be that God is my dear friend who understands everything! Then I thought, “I am with God. God loves me as I am.”
Whenever my self-criticism returns to its familiar themes, this understanding brings me back to the awareness of my dearest Self.  

New York, United States

This very profound excerpt renews and refreshes my resolve to walk the straight path and not to give in to various temptations that could lead me astray, especially toward negative thoughts and actions.
This excerpt reminds me of the second verse of the sacred text Pasayadan, in which Jnaneshvar Maharaj offers this prayer, “May the sinners no longer commit evil deeds, may their desire to do good increase, and may all beings live in harmony with one another.”

Ghaziabad, India