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My Lord Loves a Pure Heart – Excerpt 27

by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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At first, I struggled to understand this excerpt. So I contemplated it more deeply, returning to it again and again. What stood out for me was that grace was what truly ignited the fire in the young man's heart and changed his life for the better forever.

Later in meditation, I experienced a gentle flame glowing and dancing within me. As I reflected upon this fire, I felt a sense of great love. I soon recognized that this was the flame of divine love that had been awakened within me through Gurumayi's grace through shaktipat.

I believe that this experience has shown me that all my previous limited perceptions about myself and my life are being quietly consumed by this eternal flame burning within me. It has reinforced my conviction to always trust in grace, and reassured me that all is indeed well in my life.

Havant, United Kingdom

There are so many lessons in this story for me. The one touching my heart the most is the simplicity of finding love in everything and living in that love. When I do that, my desires for the things I think I yearn for become like the stars in the sky, just dangling there out of reach. When, instead, I turn inwards to the love of God that exists in me, I find that is real and present and I don’t need anything else.
As I contemplate this story and the simplicity of the life the man became content with as a blacksmith, it helps me live with the current turmoil in the world. No matter what, I can focus on the love of God in everything; I can focus on that divine love in my life and be devoted to that love, letting it be my purpose for living.

Kingscliff, Australia

I have read this story several times over the last few days, each time puzzling over its meaning and how to comprehend the magician’s stern remark about God’s generosity. What in that remark could inspire such a transformation in the young man?
My conclusion is that when the magician’s talisman failed to work for him because of his one good action, the young man realized, “God does exist!” and that recognition transformed him forever. I also saw this transformation as the result of his opening himself up to the reality of God in every moment, in every place, and keeping that reality forever present in his consciousness.
And so I pray to God that I too may open myself up to God’s eternal reality.

Cherbourg, France

Recently I was feeling down about myself and spoke with a friend about it. After listening attentively, my friend asked if I ever acknowledge myself for the good things I do. My answer was no.
Indeed, I spend quite a bit of time thinking about the things I think I have done poorly, and this tendency causes me suffering. So when I read about the man in this story and how his seemingly small act of goodness was seen and valued by God, it reminded me to value and acknowledge the good actions I perform.
I am now inspired to take a few minutes at the end of each day to acknowledge something I did that day that was beneficial. I am excited to discover how this practice of seeing goodness in myself begets more goodness.

New York, United States

Just a day or two ago, before this excerpt appeared on the Siddha Yoga path website, I was walking with my husband on the beach and picking up pieces of glass. I habitually do this, thinking of others who might not notice them and harm themselves. 

As I picked up a piece of glass, I remembered this story from My Lord Loves a Pure Heart. I told it to my husband, and shared with him how deeply it had impacted me. It taught me to perform small acts of kindness; it showed me that each small act of kindness matters.

Willemstad, Curacao

I am grateful for this excerpt, for it shows me that God's love is unconditional, no matter what or where I am in my life. It reminds me that I am always in the sphere of the Guru's ever watchful embrace.

Florida, United States

There are many lessons I recognize in my own life from the story in this excerpt. I see the times that I have pursued things that seemed so important for one part of my brain even though my whole being was telling me the opposite. I see that many times my unchecked impulses, habits, and desires have been detrimental to me and a waste of precious time. 
My favorite part of this story and of my story is the divine intervention. While the young man is acting almost mindlessly, as if hypnotized by his need to stop his pain, God’s protection is acting on his life without his knowing about it consciously—and brings him back to a meaningful life. It’s so sweet to see him freed from that old attachment, flowing with contentment and giving his money to the poor. Truly, such is the gratitude I experience when I remember how my beloved Gurumayi has protected me all these years.

New York, United States

I had read this story recently and had been contemplating its meaning. It was difficult for me to grasp the essential teaching hidden inside that story, so this morning I read it along with my husband and, at the end of our common reading, I asked him what was his main understanding of it. 
His sharing was meaningful and gave me a new perspective on this story. He explained that the love for God overshadows and outweighs every other kind of limited, human love. This explanation ignited inside me the will to experience God throughout my daily activities and to look for him in every action, thought, and speech. 

Rome, Italy

God is always giving me so much. My Guru is always giving me so much. With every little effort I make, I know that I am seen and being matched tenfold. Well, I know this theoretically but after reading this excerpt, I have become aware of a new longing in my heart. 
I long for my own experience of simply living my life in peace and comfort, knowing that God loves me abundantly and that my love for God in return is what matters most. This should help soothe over the sometimes painstaking dance of earthly love and relationships.

Nelson, Canada

Many things touched me in this excerpt, but one subject really stirred me because for some time I have been troubled by the thought of “not being good enough.” 
When I read in the excerpt that God had noticed even that one small act of goodness that the young man had done, I felt such great gratitude for the unconditional and generous love of God. I realized that instead of trying to live up to some unrealistic ideal of a yogini with the hope of pleasing the Guru and God, it is much better for me to love and accept myself as I am. In this way I can implement my understanding of one of Baba’s core teachings: “God dwells in you as you.”

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

For a while, I have been having very strong feelings for someone. On the morning of this posting, I told the person how I truly felt, but my feelings were not reciprocated. I was feeling devastated and really wanted to move on. 
Later in the day, when I went to the Siddha Yoga path website and discovered this new excerpt, I was completely amazed by the synchronicity between what’s been going on in my personal life and this excerpt. It reminded me of my connection to the Guru, of her compasssion and strength, and of the need for me to further cultivate the divine virtues in my own life. 

New Jersey, United States

After carefully reading this touching story, I visualized my own life story and extracted its key stages—the traps of infatuation, the merits of my life, and my encounter with the Guru, illuminated by shaktipat and revealing the eternal presence of God as the pure manifestation of Consciousness and bliss.
And now, I see myself treading the path of sadhana, lined with the flowers of the Guru’s teachings and the divine virtues. The practices of meditation, chanting, and study keep joy and happiness in me and allow me to see the world in the light of God.

Rodez, France