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My Lord Loves a Pure Heart – Excerpt 29

by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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I have been delighting in reading these excerpts from Gurumayi’s book each night and allowing them to move through the field of my awareness. The image of the tiny point of love became very significant for me because of a dream that I had after reading it. In my dream Gurumayi was writing a mathematical formula on a paper. The formula presented numbers and fractions that, in the dream, were related to the tiny dot. I understood that this was the tiny mystical dot of love where the whole universe was concentrated. Contemplating this, I realized the value of such great love, even though it may seem apparently small.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain

Caring for my 90-year-old mother, who is slowly recovering from a fall, has given me time to reflect on and practice Gurumayi's teachings on love and the virtues. 

The other day, facing challenges with the health care system, I immediately knew what to do. I brought my awareness to my breath, and I sat for meditation. Then I was able to deal with the situation and made decisions based in kindness and respect.

I feel immense gratitude for Gurumayi’s teachings, which fill my heart with pure love.

Maine, United States

This teaching of Gurumayi’s has been a beautiful guide for me over the years, as I practice consciously speaking to the divine essence of those I interact with. I have found that people blossom when their good qualities are seen and acknowledged with love. 
In my own life, when I am off balance, I check to see if I am loving and accepting myself as the great Self. Is there love in my thoughts, words, and actions? When I am in touch with divine love, then this love does “shimmer” and sparkle through my life, bringing energy, joy, and enthusiasm that I’m then able to share with others.

Connecticut, United States

To “keep love in sight” no matter what is happening in one’s life is to have darshan of the Truthand is pure grace! To be able to have the extraordinary vision of supreme love, even in the midst of seeming differences, is a haven. 
As I have been reviewing my journal entries over the past year or so, when I was facing one of the biggest challenges in my life, I realize that I was simultaneously awash with love, which was “shimmering everywhere.” I looked, and deep down I knew this was all that mattered and that everything was perfect.
Similarly, during these times of great unrest in the world, I have also been deeply comforted and empowered by these excerpts from Gurumayi’s book My Lord Loves a Pure Heart. I have been experiencing this love as a powerful energy helping me to stay connected to and share in this world.

Sydney, Australia

Through Gurumayi’s excerpt and the experiences described in the shares about it, I was reminded of a time in my very young life when I felt desolate and despairing. I wrote a poem expressing these feelings—yet in the last few lines I wrote, “I see a small clearing, a ray of light.”
The ending to my poem gave me hope, and although my life was difficult for a long time after this, I continued on. Through prayer and the willingness to face things as they were, I was able to turn my life around and adopt more fully the path of hope and love in my life. Thanks to Gurumayi’s presence in my life, I’ve also been able to deepen my spiritual life. Through teachings like this I am reminded that the ultimate goal is love. Even during all the times that I still manage to question, judge and niggle, I am reminded by Gurumayi’s words to simply love.

Melbourne, Australia

I have always loved verse 36 of Shri Guru Gita, which states “Salutations to Shri Guru, by whose reality the world is real, by whose light it is illumined, and by whose joy people are joyous.” I receive a special boost from this since I love my family very much and the verse teaches me that all this love is coming from the Guru’s love. When I remember this, my heart lights up with that sweet experience of Gurumayi’s love.

Colorado, United States

On the Siddha Yoga path I’ve learned that love is a splendorous virtue for me to admire and cultivate. The timeless love of Bade Baba, Baba, and Gurumayi have shown me the path of pure love. While the scriptures have described happiness, joy, delight, bliss, ecstasy, and love, it is the Gurus who have embodied them. Whatever my conduct is, I’ve always experienced myself wrapped in the blanket of the Guru’s love. For me Gurumayi is an embodiment of pure love, which is unconditional, constant, eternal, free from judgment, full of compassion, and a vehicle of grace.
Gurumayi’s priceless teachings have guided me to refresh my experience of pure love—by having equal vision, not considering others inferior, welcoming others and seeing divine light in them, engaging in the Siddha Yoga practices, and maintaining discipline as well as devotion.

Sydney, Australia

Through my journey on the Siddha Yoga path, the most important element of my study and experience is the true love that I have experienced in my heart in so many ways and so very often. Even during painful occurrences in my life, a simple glance at the pictures of my beloved Guru pulls me out of the painful state and inward healing takes place, filled with the Guru's love and compassion.

Nairobi, Kenya

The intensity with which Gurumayi emphasizes in this excerpt how important it is to “keep love in sight” and to remember it touched me deeply.

I have known times when I almost despaired and no longer saw any meaning in life. In those times I would look at a picture of my Guru and restore myself with the Siddha Yoga practices. Thanks to the grace and love of my Guru that I found in doing the practices, I always regained my footing. 
The love of my Guru and my love for my Guru carry me through everything. This flame of love between us can never cease, as it is divine and therefore everlasting.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

Even in the title of this book, My Lord Loves a Pure Heart, love is what is happening! Because of love we are learning to purify our hearts. What a perfect moment in our study to remember love—that precious love that softens the intensity of being human and puts everything into perspective. 
When I reflect on this excerpt, I see my own life going from the simple love of a child, to the elixir of love as a young adult, and later on to the most amazing experience of being awakened to the greatest love—the divine and sublime love of my Guru. To be able to return to that total love, all my efforts are worth it. Truly that love “is the supreme goal,” as Gurumayi reminds us in the excerpt. 

New York, United States

Reading Gurumayi’s words on love, I feel my heart open and a deep warmth fill my being. I thought of my father, who worked hard throughout his life, for many years in menial jobs. 
Just a few days ago, my siblings and I got together to go through some final belongings of my mother’s, now that both my parents have passed away. We came across letters and cards our father wrote to our mother, dating back to the very early stages of their relationship. They were full of pure love. Over and over again, in so many new and poetic ways, he wrote how much he cherished her—right to the end of his life. Their life together was often fraught with challenge; however, reading these declarations of love, we could see that through everything Dad’s love never faltered. 
I can see Gurumayi’s beautiful teaching reflected in Dad’s life. His love made a simple life into something powerful and noble.

Hampton, Australia

This teaching began my day as a refreshing divine wave splashing over my heart. Gurumayi’s words reassure me that God’s love dwells permanently in my heart. What a blessing! 

Ville St. Laurent, Canada

The “tiny spot” of love... I remember a time when I could not find even that tiny spot; all I could see was darkness, hopelessness, with no light at the end of the tunnel. But then, a moment of divine grace revealed that tiny spot of love to me and moved me forward toward the light. 
That was the beginning of the faith that led me to the Siddha Yoga path and to Gurumayi, where the flame of the heart was revealed to me in all its fullness. Even in times when I find myself in the grip of fear, that tiny spot of love always turns my mind toward the Guru, where true love and fearlessness reside. 

California, United States

Last night, I was awakened by love. It wasn’t love for someone or something. There was only love—unconditional, perfect love. Of course, I wanted to stay in that love full of freedom and happiness and, of course, my dear mind was ready to help me. And so, I repeated the mantra Om Namah Shivaya and saw that the intensity of my love remained intact. 
Through that experience, my mind tasted once again the beneficial effects of repeating the mantra. Nourished by this experience, I will certainly strengthen my commitment to this divine practice.
Reflecting on what happened, I realized that my mind also has many other means to stay “in love,” to stay connected to the essence of my being—or to find it again after being distracted. The memory of times that I have felt love for people, nature, music, objects—remembering all these manifestations of Consciousness renews my love for them. And the words of the saints and my Guru make my love shine with knowledge of the Truth. 

Rodez, France

For me, the power of engaging in the teaching expressed in this excerpt streams light into the darkest corners, makes the most painful of difficulties bearable, and reminds me over and over again of the purpose of my life when darkness threatens to obscure it. I know that love is the most powerful force in the world. I see Gurumayi’s love as the commander of the great army of lovers of God, in whose ranks I am, thankfully, deeply and permanently embedded.

West Vancouver, Canada

Yesterday, while repeating Om Namah Shivaya incessantly, I noticed how much love I felt in my heart. Then, as I started walking out of the room, my whole body felt the soft, powerful sensation of love that I have often felt as waves coming from Gurumayi when I have stood near her. 
Then at night, I awoke and returned to incessant repetition of Om Namah Shivaya. But this time I couldn’t help but notice how little I felt its power.
What Gurumayi’s excerpt teaches me about this experience is to not worry about whether or not the mantra seems to be bearing great rewards but rather just to keep repeating it without getting attached to the fruits. The most important thing for me to do is to keep repeating the mantra, knowing that the repeater, the Guru, the mantra, and love are always all one.

Washington, United States

Recently I have not been feeling well and I observed that I was getting into “poverty consciousness,” paying attention to all that I thought I was lacking. I was not miserable but aware of my thoughts, so I started talking to myself in the form of questions and answers. Having this conversation with myself reminded me of my purpose, which is to do whatever I do out of love. And love has no needs; it is an offering. 
When I read this excerpt this morning, I felt “Aahhh.” As I read Gurumayi’s words, “Never lose sight of love,” I felt Gurumayi was confirming that I am in the right place.

New Jersey, United States