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My Lord Loves a Pure Heart – Excerpt 30

by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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As I continued to meditate and reflect on Gurumayi’s teachings in My Lord Loves a Pure Heart this month, my awareness became centered in a space where each moment was steeped in the here and now, where there was the joy and bliss and oneness of all things. As I moved from one activity to another, there was no shift in this state of serenity, just a homogenous field of the awareness of happiness. I realized I had entered the space of the Heart.

New Jersey, United States

The poetic words of Tukaram Maharaj—“The heart of a saint is as soft as butter”—stood out for me.

I am resolved to offer my Siddha Yoga practices with the intention of making my heart “as soft as butter.” I trust that in this way my love will support others in being happy, and they in turn will support others to find more love and be happy.

Washington, United States

This month of April has been a very special journey for me because I committed myself to embracing each daily excerpt from Gurumayi’s book My Lord Loves a Pure Heart. As I did this, I kept Gurumayi’s Message for 2022 as a pillar of strength to guide me in absorbing its contents, deepening my contemplations, and remaining connected with awareness to my inner Self. 
Each teaching in these excerpts has polished my mind, helping it to shine with positivity, goodness, and honesty. At the same time, I have experienced my heart expanding with knowledge, truth, and love, nourishing my desire to do good for all.

Nairobi, Kenya

I understand “the vastness of the heart” that Gurumayi speaks of to be the many virtues and good qualities I hold in my being. To allow myself to be guided by this understanding would be to attune myself in each moment to whatever is needed, whether that be discipline, silence, exuberance, laughter, compassion, or an absorption in devotion.

Thornbury, Australia

When I sit silently and look back over my life, I observe a continuing struggle between my heart and mind. However, I consider myself to be fortunate that—thanks to following the Siddha Yoga path and receiving Shri Guru’s grace—ultimately the heart wins and I find myself to be happy and blessed.
During meditation, when my mind continues to flow toward the heart and sometimes completely merges with the heart, I experience a great upsurge of love, serenity, and stillness, as if everything has stopped and only the vast presence of Consciousness is there. 
I still aspire for my mind to become permanently established in the heart and I trust this is only possible through the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices, supported by Shri Guru’s grace. These excerpts from My Lord Loves a Pure Heart inspire me to move contentedly and with a pure heart along this path.

Udaipur, India

As I reflected on this excerpt, I realized that it was only through receiving shaktipat initiation and implementing the teachings of the Siddha Yoga path that I learned to pay attention to my heart, to feel its love, to perceive its voice, and to appreciate its great value.
I then reflected on my life. I realized that whenever I have made decisions from my heart, from my intuition, these decisions have brought me not only success but also fulfillment and joy and have brought me closer to my highest Self.

For me, intuition is the voice of God speaking through my heart. It is an essential help in recognizing the Truth that is hidden behind the illusions of the mind. The partnership between the love and intelligence of my heart, the intelligence of my mind, and the grace of my Guru navigates me safely and with ease through my life.


Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

Once, as I was watching a video of The Prasad Project, I saw Gurumayi feeding a child with a glass of milk. As if I had some extrasensory vision, I saw her love flowing through her arm, and then into the glass, and then into the milk. The milk entered the child as a form of her pure love.
I can remember times when I was also enjoying the vibrant space of the heart’s love in the simplicity of my daily life. The panorama my senses were showing me at those moments shifted into the background. I was drinking with delight the elixir of the heart! Without that elixir, life is bland. I experience an action without heart as empty—empty of divine energy, empty of love. 
To keep returning to that elixir, I need to turn my attention toward my heart and, once in my heart, let my love flow from my heart through my senses and my body and into the world around me.

Rodez, France

How marvelous is this excerpt! Reading it energized me. The Truth it conveys is life-giving. As I read, I imagined the flag of the Heart: the most beautiful flag, representing all that is good. 
When the mind alone rules, there’s no love. For me, the key is the image in Saint Augustine’s words, “To myself, a heart of steel”—that will enable me to let my heart be the ruler. I believe that this is possible, for I am guided and accompanied by my Guru’s love and teachings every day.

New York, United States

Thanks to the grace of the Guru, I have felt that heart “soft as butter.” That pure heart is so protective, so promising, always waiting for me to expand. 

Santa Fe, Argentina