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My Lord Loves a Pure Heart – Excerpt 4

by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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I was recently involved in a difficult interaction with a colleague at work. I felt very strongly that my position was correct. Yet, inspired by Gurumayi’s words, I chose not to argue with this co-worker—trying to prove myself right. I realized that if I did so, it could cause long-term negative repercussions on the entire workplace. I was able to step back and recognize that maintaining a peaceful relationship with this person was ultimately better for the well-being of the team than choosing to prove myself right.

Ville St. Laurent, Canada

Reading the above passage, I feel that Gurumayi is directly speaking to me. I have been inspired to read it over and again. Once again I am reminded by the Guru that the Siddha Yoga teachings are for me, for all of us—and not just for “those others.”
I have noticed that each time I respect others and put aside my ego, my heart opens up and I can experience inner freedom. I have learned to cultivate the virtue of being vigilant about detecting my inner enemies so that I can overcome them. This is the path to purification of the heart.

Sydney, Australia

Being able to focus right in on Gurumayi’s teachings during these tumultuous times fills me with strength, joy, and resilience. These excerpts from My Lord Loves a Pure Heart, with the lovely blue and yellow colors, make my heart sing as blessings flow out to the people of the Ukraine.
This fourth excerpt inspired me to set an intention to practice all the ways in which Gurumayi explains what yoga as “skill in action” is. As a first step in implementing this intention, I stopped making excuses for not managing to recite Shri Guru Gita; I got up earlier so I could take care of chores and family, and then sat on the back deck for my recitation. The minute I sat down, a beautiful iridescent-green hummingbird came flying over and hovered in front of me for some time. I think it too wanted to sip the nectar I was experiencing.  
I am very grateful to Gurumayi for helping me refocus my love and energies on my sadhana. May its merits uplift those in need with courage and protection.

California, United States

This excerpt reminds me of how my thoughts, intentions, and actions can make a difference. At such a moment in world history, I turn to the practices.

And so each day at low tide, I walk the beach reciting Shri Guru Gita with the crystal-clear intention for sending out as many blessings as possible. Because I know for something to manifest physically, it must first be created in the subtle realm of my thoughts and feelings, this is how I practice Gurumayi’s teaching on taking responsibility. The rasa is intense and profound.

My prayer in these recent days is: May fearlessness and God’s protection pervade the hearts and minds of the people and creatures of Ukraine and of our leaders. May people around the world continue to experience fearlessness and compassion, working together to support the best outcome for all.

Hawaii, United States

I contemplated what lesson I can take from Gurumayi’s highlighting these specific four excerpts on fearlessness, compassion, steadfastness in knowledge, and now steadfastness in yoga. I recognized that I can view them as a reminder to be vigilant in keeping these four “divine virtues” as vital pillars of my sadhana, so that events in the larger world don’t destabilize me.
Gurumayi’s comments about yoga as “skill in action” also remind me, first, to maintain yogic dispassion—which, in my understanding, entails neither indifference nor inaction—when facing external turbulence; and second, to maintain yogic steadfastness by always remembering the practices, the teachings, and the power of Guru’s grace to uplift me in my sadhana. 

Connecticut, United States

The sentence from this excerpt of Gurumayi’s that entered my mind and heart simultaneously is, “You must learn to rely on your Self alone.” What an extraordinary teaching! I was also really drawn to the saying Gurumayi quotes: “If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it.” What I understood from these lines is that I need to find the answers to my own questions through sustained self-effort and repeated surrender.  
I can feel these teachings working tremendously as a great support, and not just for me. Other friends of mine on the Siddha Yoga path have shared with me about the power of these teachings that they are feeling in their own lives, too.
I’m so grateful for the book My Lord Loves a Pure Heart, as well as for the sequentially posted teachings from it.

Nagpur, India

The teachings in this excerpt of Gurumayi’s are exactly what I needed to hear today. Reading this excerpt helped me see and recognize the difference between doing things for my own benefit and doing things to truly serve others.
In recent days, I have been focused on listening to and helping other people: my children, some colleagues at work, and especially the people arriving in Berlin from Ukraine on trains after traveling for days. So there are people around me I could help and support, because I have so much to give and I am willing to give.
I see now the importance of being aware of my motivations and of making my offerings be genuine and only with the intention to help, instead of following my own agenda. I can totally see how a pure and consciously selfless offering becomes immediately more powerful than when I give with less noble motivations.

Berlin, Germany

I woke up in the early hours this morning with a heavy heart. I asked myself why I felt this way and concluded it was the state of the world and recent events. I sent prayers to those who are suffering.
Daytime came and I read this excerpt from My Lord Loves a Pure Heart, loving the way Gurumayi describes how people act. As I read, I was chuckling as I thought of people who are that way. Then, as grace would have it, I realized that Gurumayi was describing me in recent times! I saw how I have often been wanting to be right lately, resisting others’ opinions and asserting my ideas. I saw how in fact this had been the source of my heavy heart.
Now I am determined to stay alert—and to acknowledge myself each time I succeed in identifying and overcoming this tendency of my lower self.

Hampton, Australia

When I studied political science at the university, I came across the term “radical otherness” in the study of international politics. And it always flagged itself in my mind, because I realized that the division between “me and mine” and “other people”—those who were different from me or whom I might see as wrong—was like bringing petrol to a bonfire. Not the best solution to the problems of this world!
As I read Gurumayi’s teachings in this excerpt, I thought to myself, “If only we could be with the peace and love of the Siddhas on the inside as well as in the outside world, creating sustainable peace within and letting the peace within become the peace of the outer world too.” 

Hørsholm, Denmark

I really needed to hear this advice! I have many expectations about how the world and others should be. Now I see that I must practice asking myself whether I am acting from these expectations—or with the intention of being of benefit to others and the world. When I act with the intention of being of benefit to others, I feel so much more peaceful than when I am acting from a state of dissatisfaction.

Alaska, United States

I read this excerpt by Gurumayi before an important meeting in which I had to clarify some things that were being blamed on me. It would have been easy for me to assert myself, throw my point of view in everyone's face, and make it clear that the problem is not me but them! Instead, I made an effort to follow Gurumayi’s teachings: I tried to see my own motives and find a way to clarify matters without harming anyone else. 

The meeting was a great challenge for me, but I managed to restrain my ego and my emotions and propose constructive solutions instead. Now, after the meeting I feel soooo good, because I was strong enough to “keep temptations at bay” and, as a result, I managed to create clarity for others. 

I am infinitely grateful to have a living Master in my life, who helps me to overcome the challenges before me!

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland