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My Lord Loves a Pure Heart – Excerpt 9

by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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The coals of longing smoldering in my heart leap into flame as I read these words from our beloved Gurus. I feel a fresh urgency to fully participate in sadhana in each thought, word, and action, to live up to my responsibility for the fulfillment of Baba’s promise. Where do I need to focus my attention? How can I break through to deeper levels of understanding and experience? I will pray for guidance and put forth self-effort in order to reach deeper levels of purity in my being.

Connecticut, United States

This passage reminds me of the value of time and the importance of self-effort. It reminds me to focus on achieving the goal of sadhana. I am grateful to Gurumayi and Baba for encouraging me to make steady and sincere effort on the path of sadhana.

Sydney, Australia

The potency of thought is astounding. There is a saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” And whatever I choose to think at any moment is where I am placing my will.
During my first summer with Gurumayi I was floating in a beautiful cloud of love. Everything glistened and thrilled me. One day an older, “more seasoned” roommate at the Ashram cautioned me, “You are in the honeymoon phase.” Without hesitation and from deep within I answered, “It’s an eternal honeymoon.”
This thought, this understanding has been my companion all these years through my ups and downs, through thick and thin. It’s a glowing thought full of encouragement and wonder, exuding the newcomer’s spirit of seeing the Truth. Over the years as I have held this higher vision of the path during the process of changing my identification from my personality to my soul, this knowing has been a saving grace that has held me steady. Yes, where I choose to place my thought can make any situation full of God’s vision.

Oregon, United States

Over the years, I have noticed that, with me, everything happens in my place of meditation. In years past, when I have seen my sadhana companions near the Guru, traveling with her around the world on her tours or living in her Ashrams, doubt would sometimes assail me with the feeling “But not me...” At those times, and ever since, I have taken refuge in following the teachings, doing the practices, and remembering the Guru.

I understand that, while I meditate and my spine rises due to the vibration of the Shakti within me, allowing me to access very deep states of peace, by the Guru’s grace, with me everything happens in my place of meditation.

Mexico City, Mexico

After meeting Gurumayi many years ago, amazing changes started happening in my life, things I had never dreamed possible. Addictions began to fall away, and self-loathing manifesting as anger was gradually replaced by self-respect. A whole new world of grace unfolded before my eyes and in my heart, and I discovered I was not built for darkness. It’s hard to put into words how huge a revelation this was.

I remember sharing with a friend about my experience of meeting Gurumayi. My friend said, “I wonder if your Gurumayi will meet my expectations.” I said, “No, Gurumayi will not meet your expectations. She will shatter them.”

My most cherished gift and the foundation of my life is the Guru-disciple relationship.

West Vancouver, Canada

As a young teenager and feminist, I was looking for a female role model who had all the qualities I wanted to develop. After studying many famous female personalities, I came across the Siddha Yoga path by chance. When I first saw Gurumayi on a video, I was impressed by her strength and thought, “That's exactly how I want to become.”

When I met Gurumayi in person for the first time, I was amazed by her strength, her knowledge, and the incredible lightness of her being. And so now I have been following the Siddha Yoga path for many years, growing bit by bit toward the greatness of my beloved Guru.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

The gems in this excerpt keep bringing me back to this awareness: I have a choice of what to think of, of what not to think of. I can ruminate about past, present, or future or I can practice the mantra, imagine walking around Lake Nityananda with Gurumayi, chant, have satsang with fellow Siddha Yogis, or visualize myself in the Temple performing pradakshina to Bade Baba. I have endless positive practices thanks to the beneficence of our Sadgurus. The choice is mine.

Vermont, United States

Sattva-samshuddhi—what a beautiful word! Just reading it inspires me to move forward, performing the Siddha Yoga practices with steadiness and gratitude.

For me, these excerpts from My Lord Loves a Pure Heart not only are encouraging, but they carry the blessing that I can change my attitude toward what is happening in my life and toward the people around me. Yesterday evening somebody gave me a call that really upset me. I became sad and angry. My first impulse  was to phone another person afterwards and complain about the call. But I heard an inner voice saying, “Meditate.” So I did, despite some resistance, and I fell into a really deep meditation, where I was able to experience that peace and sweetness of my deep inner being again. There was no anger or pain anymore; there was nothing but my absolutely quiet mind.

Through the grace of the Guru and listening to that inner voice, I was able to overcome a bad habit and instead experience the connection with my inner self.

Gottmadingen, Germany

Yup. Here I am—older than Methusela and slower than a slug, but absolutely delighted with my progress. To start to understand the power of one of the virtues, sattva-samshuddhi, and know I'm living it is to dwell in a field full of diamonds.

New York, United States