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Today as I was walking back home, I focused on repeating Baba's teaching, "A perfect joy abides in the heart." As I repeated these words again and again, I suddenly felt them vibrating within me, first like a soft caress and then as a point or force entering my heart from the bottom up, filling me with joy. This joy was perfect, lacking nothing, full within itself.

As I focused on the tiny space where the joy was arising from, I began to repeat the mantra Om Namah Shivaya, with the feeling that I was honoring this perfect joy as God within my heart. The more intensely I focused on the joy and the mantra, the deeper and more intense the experience became, until there was nothing but a one-pointed center of bliss. Later that day, when I was feeling upset about something, I remembered to focus on the teaching and the mantra. That bliss was still there, ever-present, and independent from what I was feeling, perfectly full and loving.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your grace-filled Teachings on Mantra Japa and your enlivened mantra that bring me back again and again to the perfect and unconditional presence of divinity within my heart. 

Mexico City, Mexico

For me, the Teaching for Day Two is a command from the Guru to the disciple and is charged with the intention of the Guru, her sankalpa, for the disciple to be successful in his quest.

The previous teaching from Day One was like a prayer from the disciple to the Guru: “Please awaken us.” When both these come together—the command and the prayer—it is a powerful moment for the disciple: joy arises.

Saint Germain en Laye, France

Now that I have all the mantra japa teachings memorized, I love repeating all of them out loud when I am waking up in the morning, going into meditation, out walking, or just sitting on the couch. Each teaching is alive with its own energy and rasa—and is poetry. Each one is like a sparkling gem, and each has its own melody. Each brings my awareness to a different aspect of the mantra and works within me in a different way.

In the end, I am left with So’ham reverberating within, and with full-hearted and deep devotion for Gurumayi, who is guiding me again and again to the fullness of my heart. I feel peaceful, serene, at ease, and protected—more than ready for my day! The beauty is that I can come back to this state at any time by remembering the mantra or one of the teachings.

Thank you, beloved Gurumayi,

Washington, USA

Sitting silently under the southern Arizona sun this morning, feeling the breath go in Om Namah Shivaya and go out Om Namah Shivaya. Listening, watching, experiencing awareness. Then the breath pauses; all dissolves into the sweet stillness of the Heart.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for offering this experience to all!

Arizona, USA

Going over the teachings on mantra japa—memorizing them, remembering them—really transforms my state.
As I inwardly repeat the Guru's teachings, a subtle and finely wrought balance descends on my being. I find myself looking out at the world from a place deep within me: a place of balance, rightness, dharma. I am like a surfer on the surfboard letting the wave move her. I am balanced on that board. I am not ahead of the wave; I am not behind it. I am not falling off my surfboard! I am finely balanced.
Conscious of this inner location, now I am uplifted. The majestic swell of the ocean rises up under my life, my small surface area. It rises and falls on the ocean. I feel empty, yet I am full. I am moving, yet still. I am alone, yet completely connected.
Here it is. The experience of the mantra. The dreamed-for connection.
Repeating the Guru's teachings, under a pink blanket in my suburban bedroom, with the morning birds chirping and the morning trains rustling into town—it is this close.

Sydney, Australia

When I first saw this image, I was completely fascinated by the gentle spirals of the So'ham mantra, surrounding the rudraksha japa mala. Viewing this image again yesterday evening, I noticed that there are two connected spirals of the So'ham mantra in the middle of the japa mala, with a smaller spiral just above them. I was reminded of the eyes of Shri Durga, the Goddess. Her three eyes represent desire, knowledge, and action. With these eyes, the Goddess presides over creation.
It was so sweet to experience Shri Durga's eyes benevolently adorning this teaching and image from Gurumayi, especially today, which is the celebration of Maha Durgashtami, the celebration of Durga during the Indian festival of Vasant Navaratri.

Shree Muktananda Ashram

I woke up this morning feeling a little irritated. I realized that it was the residue of an unpleasant experience I had had the previous day. I said to myself, I'll meditate and chant Shri Guru Gita and I'll feel better. But first, I began my new morning practice of smarana of Gurumayi's teachings on mantra japa, which I perform prior to meditation.

All of a sudden, after reciting Gurumayi's teachings and holding them in my heart, I noticed that the irritation was gone. Instead, I felt the fullness of my heart. Not only was it wonderful to be in a better state of mind, it was also a teaching on the power of smarana. I am grateful to have this new practice and this new awareness.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

San Felipe, Mexico

I recently participated in the Muktananda Dhyana Saptah, the day-long Siddha Meditation event. At the beginning, it felt so luxurious to dive into meditation, knowing I had a full day of meditation ahead. The atmosphere of the center was so quiet and supportive that I entered into meditation quickly and deeply. 

Later in the day, however, I suddenly came out of meditation, even though the session was not over. It was like coming awake from sleep and feeling as if there would be no way I could go back. I decided to sit there quietly and wait for the meditation period to end. I began paying attention to the sensation of my breath, every inhalation and exhalation, and I recalled Gurumayi's Teaching on Mantra Japa for Day Eight. I realized that following my breath could lead me back into meditation. Since I had memorized the teachings, I repeated this one to myself a few times. Then I continued following my inhalations and exhalations, and before I knew it, I glided back deep into meditation.

When Gurumayi first invited us to memorize the Teachings on Mantra Japa, I did not understand the significance of this method of study, but I knew I would find out by doing it. Through this experience, I realized how knowledge received from the Guru can serve as a buoy when I feel lost or disconnected from myself.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the endless gifts and tools that you give us to become firmly established in the Self!

New York, USA

Seeing the image of the japa mala with the mantras Guru Om, Om Namah Shivaya, and So'ham, I immediately began silent practice of mantra japa following the beads and the mantras with my eyes. When finished, I experienced the image as the perfect representation of the deep silence that occurs with mantra japa; and everything within me felt still for an infinite moment.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for the grace of your teachings.

Ancona, Italy

For many years, while I was raising children and acting as a caregiver for my handicapped son, mantra japa in between activities was my main practice, sometimes my only practice. It was my meditation, my chanting, my service, often my sleep.

Lately, it seemed to be slipping away somewhat; so I am so grateful to Gurumayi for renewing this practice for us. Mantra becomes the ocean of support for the waves of daily life and for meditation.

Oklahoma, USA

The rudraksha beads seem to symbolize the diverse beauty of the world God has created. Just as each bead is surrounded by an aura of Om, we are all glowing creations of God. Just as each bead is shaped differently from the next, all life, no matter what form, is God.  Just as each bead has grooves ever so slightly different from the next, no two paths in life are the same. Yet all of these beads, and all of God's creations, are connected to each other by a golden thread; and all move in the direction of attaining the highest, union with God, merger into Om.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for offering the practical method of mantra japa to remember God in our daily lives.

New York, USA

Guru's grace works in mysterious ways. For a long time, I had been thinking about bringing my japa mala to the office so I could repeat the mantra during lunch hours. Up until now, inertia kept me from bringing it. This morning, I finally brought it.

As I opened the Siddha Yoga path website homepage to view the teaching for the day, to my pleasant surprise, today's teaching is the japa mala with Om Namah Shivaya and Guru Om on the mala and the So'ham mantra in the background. Indeed, a surprise!

Georgia, USA

Each day I am experiencing a new understanding of mantra japa. Right now we have summer holidays in India, and my kids are eager to visit the website first thing in the morning. The moment they see the teaching, they say loudly, "Today's teaching from Gurumayi is ...." Then we all practice the same teaching for the entire day, and in the evening we share our experiences.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this wonderful path.

Dombivali, India

Every image we are given for mantra japa stays in the heart. I turn to the mantra as a blanket that protects me, and I feel I am being offered the strength and inspiration to discipline my mind.

Thank you.

Marseille, France

Each morning as I open the Siddha Yoga path website, my heart soars with joy as I read Gurumayi's new teaching for the day. The list in my journal is getting longer by the day. Sometimes, when I practice remembering the teachings, I don't remember them in sequence or I don't remember the full sentence accurately. So I have now highlighted the key words for each teaching. I recall the teachings as often as I can during the day and beautifully connect with the mantra, repeating it a few times in between my activities.
This practice is so magical; it helps me to remain grounded and connected to the light of the Self within. I can see myself making the right choices in my spoken words, my actions, and my thoughts.
Through these daily teachings, Gurumayi's Message for 2013 is indeed my constant companion.

Nairobi, Kenya

Last night, my husband and I were memorizing today’s teaching on mantra japa. We took turns saying it out loud; and each time I said or heard the words, the teaching landed deeper in my being.

This morning, while driving my daughter to school, I attempted to restate the teaching; and I forgot one of the words. I knew it was a word describing one's own heart but I couldn't remember it. So I went through many possibilities: "The brilliance of your own heart?" "The magnificence of your own heart?" "The splendor of your own heart?" As I struggled to remember, I became filled with joy—incredibly full! I even made up some words and made myself laugh!

When I finally stopped the car, I pulled out the orange piece of paper from my purse where I had written the teaching. I burst out laughing when I saw the missing word—"fullness." I realized that it had not been missing at all, but was encompassed in all the words I was saying and more!

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the divine play of words, dancing upon our thoughts, tongues, and hearts!

California, USA

Oh my. The first thing I saw when I opened today's Teaching on Mantra Japa was that it was shaped like a heart that was winking and smiling. I laughed with delight. Thank you, Gurumayi, for all these teachings and all this joy. 

New York, USA

When listening to and repeating the mantra, I feel safe and protected and comforted. A strong feeling of God's grace envelops me.

Pennsylvania, USA

I live and work in Boston. My office is located two blocks from the Boston Marathon finish line. As we all have learned, yesterday was a very sad and tragic day for us here. As I process this experience and my own feelings, I am finding great comfort and support in Gurumayi's teachings on mantra japa. They are helping me (and my mind) stay connected to my heart as I send blessings to the victims and families.

Massachusetts, USA

Connecting with my own heart, wherever I am I'll know what to do; and I can trust my own Self.

Gracias, Gurumayi.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It has become a practice of mine to open up the Siddha Yoga path website homepage each morning for the day's teachings.

No matter what is happening in my life, the moment I open up the page and read the teachings, I instantly breathe easier. I can feel the Shakti stir in my heart, and I remember once again what is really important.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for these nuggets of wisdom. Thank you for reminding us again and again of what is with us at all times—God's abundance, grace, and love. 

Mississauga, Canada

Is there anything more beautiful than this spring of 2013? Each bird's song, each petal of so many hues, is the repetition of Om Namah Shivaya, as my heart wells up in gratitude for the beauty around me, the beauty of the Siddha Yoga path, the wonder of the Guru's love.

Thank you, Gurumayi, with a heart full of love,

Texas, USA

When I saw the teaching on mantra japa this morning, I read it again and again until I could feel the teaching sinking into my heart—and there actually was a sweet and joyful opening, a feeling of divine fullness.

Thank you from my heart, dear Gurumayi.

Cologne, Germany

Thank you for making mantra japa one more reason to Laugh!

California, USA

My heart is smiling! Thank you, Gurumayi!

New York, USA

Growing up on the Siddha Yoga path, I always loved ajapa japa. Especially as a kid who had trouble sitting still to meditate, it was inspiring to know that I could experience awareness of God just by listening to my breath come in ham and go out sa.

Over the years, I have let my practice of the awareness of this divine ajapa japa dwindle, so I am grateful that Gurumayi has reminded me of my love for this mysterious yet simple Siddha Yoga practice.

My whole day has been filled with sweet energy because I have been returning again and again to the knowledge of the mantra riding the movements of my breath.

New York, USA

When I read Gurumayi's teaching this morning, I instantly was in love with the image of the breath being the beads on the japa mala. Then I was led on a path of discovery: "What is ajapa japa?" I had never heard of this before; but when I researched in Siddha Yoga publications what it was, I soon realized I had experienced ajapa japa before, and it was precious and familiar.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

Melbourne, Australia

I began this morning's meditation by repeating the So'ham mantra while dwelling on the teaching, "Mantra is the vibration of the Supreme Self." Soon, it occurred to me that everything is a vibration of the Supreme Self, including my own consciousness. My understanding of other Siddha Yoga teachings began to deepen. The mantra, the repeater of the mantra, and the goal of the mantra are one. God dwells within you as you. I am That. See God in each other. This wonderful experience is a direct result of following Gurumayi's instructions to memorize and dwell on these teachings on mantra japa

Thank you, Gurumayi.

California, USA

Even in the act of memorizing today's teaching, I could experience the teaching. With the grace of the Guru, so little effort reaps such an enormous understanding.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your amazing generosity!

New York, USA

These daily teachings and Gurumayi's guidance to memorize them are helping me to strengthen not just my intention, but also my practice of actually repeating the mantra in the midst of any activity during my day. I might be swimming, and I recall today's teaching—then I begin repeating the mantra with the sense of no effort. I might be driving and remember the teaching—I say it over and over—and I start naturally repeating the mantra. I stand in a soccer pitch with whistles blowing and kids playing, and I recall the teaching—and it's as though the recall of the teaching invites the mantra to appear as a vibrant, spontaneous response. I lie in bed waiting for sleep, and I recall the teaching—and the mantra begins…

Thank you, Gurumayi, for providing us with teachings to not just remember, but to apply in such practical ways.

Melbourne, Australia

As I stood in front of my puja tonight, I wanted to remember the teaching on mantra japa from a few days ago.  However, I couldn't remember one particular word of the teaching: "The power of... in the force of the mantra dissolves all limitations." I decided to relax and focus on every inhalation and exhalation as a bead on the japa mala while repeating Om Namah Shivaya. As I did this, slowly the missing word came forth: "absorption." I started laughing because I had practiced what I apparently couldn't consciously remember. I had been completely absorbed in the force of the mantra, and the limitation had dissolved.

California, USA

Today I started the new practice Gurumayi has given us of memorizing each teaching on mantra japa. As I was waiting in the car for my husband to come out of a store, I went to work reciting the teachings one by one.

Trying to remember them word for word was a challenge, and I realized how important each word is as well as its placement in the quotation.

When I thought I had remembered the exact teaching, I repeated it over and over to make it stick in my brain. I realized that this, too, is a form of japa! The words and meanings began to sink into a deep level of my being, where a divine recognition was slowly taking shape.  

Smarana, "constant remembrance," brings true understanding of these beautiful and powerful teachings.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the incredible gift of this practice and its fruits.

Illinois, USA

I was immediately drawn inside as soon as I read these words from Gurumayiji. As I absorbed the meaning of the words, I noticed it became very easy for me to commit them to memory. Recalling Gurumayi's teaching on smarana (constant remembrance), through the day I often returned to the meaning of these words and I was uplifted easily.

Within the first hour of receiving the teaching, I made a discovery. I became aware of just how much my mind's churning was actually hindering me! The thoughts were visible starkly in the light of Gurumayi's words "thoughts that hinder one's progress." At first I was alarmed and dismayed. And I kept returning my mind to the mantra as I went about my activities.

By nightfall, I saw that there was a new intensity in my mantra repetition. There was also joyfulness that the abhyasa (the continuous practice) of mantra japa is giving my mind freedom, that the mantra is purifying, that the mantra is dissolving limitations.

I am so grateful, more and more with each passing day, to my beloved Gurumayiji for her continuous guidance and her compassionate, living grace.

Thane, India

Each day, I am filled with a sense of wonder and joy as I gaze at Gurumayi's daily teaching on mantra japa. The dance of words creates shapes and forms with color and light that refresh and deepen my affinity for mantra japa.

Today I see green, the element of wood, and words that make the pattern of a ring, as seen in trees, also known as growth rings. Each ring marks a measure of growth; each mala of repetition of the mantra creates one more ring of growth. The rings themselves seem to form a bulls-eye, indicating inner one-pointedness on the mantra, and at the same time create ripples of vibration that emanate into infinity. The peaceful green evokes the awareness of the heart.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the teachings, and for all the creativity, inspiration, love, and support that you ceaselessly give.

New York, USA

This morning I participated in a Muktananda Dhyana Saptah, and in meditation I saw an eye. As I focused on it, it drew me in. I could see a long tunnel; it was warm, inviting, rippling. I felt very safe and secure in this space. I noted my experience in my journal to contemplate later.

Soon after, I opened the Siddha Yoga path website to look at the teaching for today. As I read another devotee's observation that the image looked like an eye, I suddenly realised that this is what I had seen in meditation. It was the pulsation of the mantra!

Today's teaching is, for me, like the cherry on top of a perfect day, spent deep in silence, meditation, contemplation, and japa.

Thank you, Gurumayi!

New Delhi, India

Looking at the concentric circles in the image reminded me of how my thoughts can go in circles, without progress, like a car that's stuck spinning its wheels and how, by practicing mantra japa, I can use this same tendency of the mind to free it from thoughts that hinder progress to enhance my daily life.

I am very grateful to Gurumayi for helping me to understand the importance and benefits of mantra japa in all areas of my life.

New York, USA

To me, this is just amazing. The teachings are taking me deeper and deeper into experience and practice. Each one fills in another aspect so that nothing is left out and nothing left up to chance.

Yesterday, when I read about “the power of absorption in the force of the mantra” and then repeated the mantra right afterwards, I could feel the resonance fully and was able to repeat the mantra with a quiet mind. Today, when I read the teaching, I felt a release of doubt as I realized that life does not get out of control (as I have tended to think) when you let the mind stop thinking so much and concentrate on the mantra. Life actually gets better.

Thank you, Gurumayi!

Ohio, USA

I read today's teaching and immediately practiced it. The result was incredible. I experienced the state of mind free from thoughts.

I am indeed grateful and indebted to you, Shri Gurumayi, for these precise teachings.

a student in Gurudev Siddha Peeth, India

Wow! It looks like the iris of an eye.
Wherever I focus my awareness, I see the same teaching.
Now, with our first warm, sunny day here in Switzerland,
I'll go outside and discover how the mantra vibrates wherever I look.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this mind-stilling view.

Zurich, Switzerland

As I gazed upon today's Teaching on Mantra Japa, I was struck by the depiction of concentric circles drawing the eye to a central point. In this same way, mantra japa leads to our center, our source, and, in this process, we are freed from thoughts that hinder. Thank you for this beautiful visual reminder of the path to the great Heart.

Florida, USA

I chant the mantra every day, I listen to the mantra every day. I experience bliss in the recitation; it makes me want to chant more, more, and more. The rasa released through the absorption in the mantra takes away all my negativities—be they in my thoughts, my feelings, or my actions toward people and things. Mantra is the key to my happiness.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the glorious guidance on mantra japa.

Virginia, USA

As I study Gurumayi's teaching, "Mantra repetition gives the mind freedom from thoughts that hinder one's progress in life," I understand that "freedom from thoughts" doesn’t necessarily mean no thoughts. It means that even if my mind has thoughts which have the potential to hinder my progress in life, repeating the mantra gives me freedom from those thoughts.

Repeating the mantra allows me to step back and re-choose my thoughts and the direction I want my mind to go in so that I may make "progress in life." 

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this feast of teachings, images, and this practice of smarana. Even the vibration of the word smarana itself has power.  Repeating the word smarana gives me the image of holding a teaching within myself and feeling it resonate and vibrate within as it lives and become more and more directly real to me. 

California, USA

I've just started a new job and have been in training for the last 7 weeks. Every day is intense and challenging. Whenever I can, I pause, breathe, and repeat the mantra. With each repetition, I can feel my mind calming down, and my body relaxing and gathering strength. And then I can go back to the task at hand with acceptance, calm, and the full conviction of my heart.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the great gift of mantra japa.

Sydney, Australia

On Saturday, my six-year-old son and I went for what I thought would be a thirty to sixty minute hike in a state park that we’d never been to before. Three hours later, I ended up having to call 911 for Search and Rescue because I had misread the trail signs and didn’t know how we would make it out of the mountains by nightfall.

The Search and Rescue instructed us to sit where we were so they could come and get us. As we sat waiting, I began to blame myself for our situation, and I also worried about how my son would react to being in the woods in the dark and how I would help him if he became too afraid.

While the darkness descended upon us, the crescent moon began to shine brightly in the clear mountain sky. I suggested to my son that we chant Om Namah Shivaya to the moon while we waited. He agreed.

As we chanted the mantra to the moon, my fears and negative thoughts vanished in an instant, and I became filled with gratitude for the abundance of help that was available to us, knowing that there was a large Search and Rescue team on their way to find us.

Shortly afterward, flashlights came from around the bend, and voices were shouting my name. We'd been found! I said to my son, "That was quick!" He responded, "I know why. It's because of the mantra."

Later that evening, I logged onto the Siddha Yoga path website to find Gurumayi’s teaching: "Mantra repetition gives the mind freedom from thoughts that hinder one’s progress in life." I immediately thought of my experience in the woods and how the mantra had turned what could have been a frightful moment into one full of joy and gratitude.

New Jersey, USA

I am so excited about today's mantra japa teaching from Gurumayi. I read it after coming out of meditation this Sunday morning, April 14, 2013. As I listened to the birds chirping, I kept repeating the words over and over again out loud to myself. It seemed as though every time I read the teaching I went deeper and deeper into the inner Self. I smiled knowing that I was receiving a very meaningful spiritual teaching from the Guru that would help me to stay focused on the journey through all of life's ups and downs.

The word hinder really stood out for me because it is a word that I like to use and the sound of it fits perfectly into this teaching. I thought about how we often hinder our own progress in life by the thoughts of the mind.

Now, as I write these words to share on the Siddha Yoga path website, I cannot keep from smiling as I reflect on the beauty of the art design surrounding Gurumayi's words regarding mantra repetition. The soft green tone, with the words printed in a lighter colour going around and around in a circle fading into the background, remind me of how the mantra Om Namah Shivaya rises spontaneously inside of me whenever I am in a stressful or tense situation, or just because I am feeling content. This is what the years of studying and practicing the teachings have taught me to do without even thinking with the mind.

Thank you, Gurumayiji, for blessing all of our lives.

With love,
Anguilla, British West Indies

While I was watering the garden outside today, a sunshiny California spring day, I went through several of the teachings on mantra japa in this way. I would repeat a teaching a few times, focusing on its meaning, then practice mantra japa for about 5 minutes, then move to the next teaching and do the same.

It was very beautiful.  Each teaching lent its own rasa, flavor, to the mantra as I repeated it. Sometimes the experience was deeply inward, sometimes very calming and soothing, sometimes joyful (inspiring me to smell the roses I was watering!).

I remembered the quote from Baba that spoke about "a love like nectar," which brought up, well, beautiful nectarean love in my heart.

California, USA

This profound and simple teaching seems to emanate in the image from its center.

In my heart, I have the clear conviction of the truth of this teaching.

I thank you, Gurumayi, for this powerful reminder to memorize and focus on this truth and not on my random thoughts. 

Vermont, USA

As I read on the website the teaching, "The power of absorption in the force of the mantra dissolves all limitations," I was inspired to share the following experience.

Recently I drove from New York to Florida. I had a 14-foot truck, and a trolley on the back towing my car.

I had set aside ten minutes every hour to chant Om Namah Shivaya with complete focus on my breath and Lord Shiva. I had to limit it to ten minutes because chanting any longer than that made me feel too meditative for driving.

About five minutes into the chanting, a car cut right in front of me. Before I could blink, another car was right there, chasing the first car. To avoid a collision, I had to sharply turn right, off the road. There wasn't time to look—just react. There was a utility road, which I took. The mantra was right there, and I realized I had been in the mantra during the whole episode. I automatically resumed chanting as I had before, and I eased right back into the traffic without stopping.

Although my heart was beating fast, it slowed down quickly. I felt a sense of calm and great gratitude for Gurumayi and the great mantra Om Namah Shivaya.

Thank you, Gurumayi! 

New York, USA

The beautiful variations of color in the image reflect a joyful feeling in my heart. The letters undulate across the page, creating a motif that resembles an uncoiling of living energy, a bud about to ascend to its full glory. The "perfect joy" and “the love like nectar” that are mentioned in the Teaching from Day Two are also evident here. When limitations are dissolved, there is completeness, oneness. The source of the quote, a sacred teaching from the Paratrimshika, is ancient, yet can be accessed at our heart's deepest level in the present moment.

California, USA

The teaching, "The power of absorption in the force of the mantra dissolves all limitations," is beautifully conveyed in what appears to be the shape of a budding plant. It struck me that "the force of the mantra" is not a force like a hammer blow, but rather the gentle and persistent force of a plant's growth that can eventually push through and break apart solid rock.

Thank you so very much for your sublime teachings, Gurumayi, and thank you for the inspiring way that you convey them to us. Thank you also to the wonderful sevites of the SYDA Foundation and all the devotees world-wide for your beautiful shares that so often deepen and expand my understanding of the teachings.

Sydney, Australia

I am a student of Asian Studies. Since reading the quotation, I have been contemplating “the power of absorption” (samavesha in Sanskrit) inherent in the mantra. I found it very interesting that according to the shaiva scriptures, samavesha is both the term for the final state of liberation, as well as for the spiritual practice. During my contemplation, I recognized how this has also been my experience with the mantra. When I do japa, a sweet effort is required; and, at the same time, I experience japa as a pull inward where I can experience the limitless perfection of the present moment.

Heidelberg, Germany

The moment I opened the image on the screen today, I saw it as the head and arms of a dancing goddess. And when I read the teaching from the ancient scripture, I could feel the mantra repeating itself inside and a powerful energy surging through my body. It seemed to me that I was directly experiencing the power of absorbing my mind in the force of the mantra, which is the Shakti herself.

Thank you, beloved Gurumayi, for guiding us ever deeper into the awareness of what you have given us through your Message: Mantra Japa.

New York, USA

When I first saw this teaching on mantra japa—before I read the whole teaching and took in the meaning—what I saw was that the shape of the words forms the Guru bead of a japa mala. I felt the significance and importance of this teaching, before even knowing what it said. This image of the Guru bead of a japa mala has imbued my study—and memorization!—of this teaching with a feeling of prayer and devotion.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for giving us this teaching and for giving us your grace.

New York, USA

When I opened the Siddha Yoga path website this morning, I saw and felt this exquisite Kundalini dance permeating the design of the letters of the teaching on mantra japa. I felt a subtle movement going up my back when I read "force of the mantra."

I was still delighting in the teaching, with my head trying to follow the dancing syllables, when I noticed that there was something more on the homepage this morning.

What a surprise! I immediately clicked on the link to the letter from Swami Akhandananda. As I opened it, I could feel a rush of love and joy entering my whole being; and I was savoring the word smarana.

That beautiful word in verse 69 sometimes passes unnoticed when I recite Shri Guru Gita. But now I realize what Gurumayi means when she says, “learning by heart.” From now on, every time I chant Shri Guru Gita, this word smarana—“a constant remembrance”—will speak to me in a way it never did before.

Thank you, Shri Gurumayi, for your ever new guidance. And thank you, too, Swami Akhandananda, for communicating Gurumayi’s guidance to us.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

After reading "Gurumayi's Guidance about Teachings on Mantra Japa," I was filled with great enthusiasm for what we are about to receive very soon, as Swami Akhandananda shared.

I immediately went back to all the pages and memorized them. Initially, I applied a memorizing technique; but later, as I recalled what Gurumayi said about smarana, I could instantly feel the power inherent within these words. And I understood how, by repeating them throughout the day, I will strengthen my practice of mantra japa.

Thank you, Gurumayi, with all my heart and soul, for giving us such creative and beautiful ways to engage with the practices.

Pune, India

Two days before my birthday, I read on the Siddha Yoga path website that we should memorize the daily Teachings on Mantra Japa. I thought, "This is Gurumayi's gift to me! I will memorize the Teachings!" I decided that I wanted to memorize them by midnight on my birthday. My daughter was joining me in New York City for a birthday weekend, and I asked her if she would help me do this.

What a great time we had!  We repeated the Teachings all weekend long, in the hotel room, on the subway, in the museum, waiting for food to come in a restaurant.

We made up hand signals to prompt each other when we would mistakenly replace one phrase with another. This led to amazing conversations about what every single word, phrase, and sentence meant.

The morning of my birthday, I could recite almost all of the Teachings in order, easefully, without any mistakes. Each Teaching was like fresh water, sparkling outside and inside me. That night, in the darkness, we recited the Teachings again and again, falling asleep wrapped in the happiness of the Teachings, the mantra, and Gurumayi's love.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

Massachusetts, USA  

Today as I was meditating in the morning with the help of the mantra, I experienced a strong gravitational pull within the centre of my chest. I was being drawn into some sort of a void. This is when, for a brief moment, I felt I was not within my body but was free of it completely. It was an amazing feeling! I then came out of meditation and read on the website about the power of absorption in the force of the mantra.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this wonderful teaching.

Goa, India

When I saw Gurumayi's teaching, "The root of mantra is the Guru's word," from Shri Guru Gita, I was fascinated by the teaching and the wonderful picture. I felt the three orange flowers were pulsating with our Guru's love, and they were leading me deeper inside. I had an impulse to learn the words by heart, and I did.

Later, during a satsang at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Sydney, during one moment of my meditation, some thoughts were agitating my mind. I remembered the image of the flowers and focused on it. Then I focused on the teaching, and the mantra began repeating again.

This morning, when I read Swami Akhandananda's letter, I realized more deeply that when the Guru gives us instructions, she also awakens in us the energy to follow them.

Thank you greatly, Gurumayi, for guiding me inside and outside. And thank you to the dedicated sevites on the website team.

Guildford, Australia

In physics, there is a concept known as "perpetual motion," defined as "motion that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy." Perpetual motion devices are described as those that run solely on power or force self-generated by the device, indefinitely. In practice, such a device is considered impossible. However, the infinity symbol formed by this teaching on the mantra shows that the mantra is a force of perpetual motion, whose energy is self-generated.

So, it seems that with its continuous movement, the power of the mantra constantly and indefinitely purifies us. Also, the term "purifying" indicates an ongoing action that actively and continuously brings us through the wash cycle to a more perfect purity. It implies a process that never ends, a process whose goal is the process itself.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for such a profound, multi-faceted teaching on the nature of the mantra.

California, USA

The teaching this morning inspired me to listen to Gurumayi chanting the mantra, and I slipped into a deep space from which I returned rejuvenated.

In looking at all the teachings of this week, I see that the first two direct me to the heart, while the last four remind me of the petals of the heart chakra, where the mantra pulsates within.

I appreciate the forms in which the texts of the teachings are presented to us—the symbol of infinity, an arc from above, an open space created by two curves, a spiral that invites us to go within, and the gentle curve of the new moon. I experience all these forms protecting what is within—as fragile as a flower petal, but strong and present with vivid colors. Any way I look at it, I find the heart!

Thank you, Gurumayi.

Bremen, Germany

Gazing at the message written in the form of the infinity symbol, there appears to be a slight shift in light, a small band, which seems like the horizon. It appears that the horizon is actually a small fold in the petal of light. It came to me that this small fold is our experience in this lifetime as a human being. The light below is the light from where we came, and the light above is that light to which we are returning. The time of darkness we experience is really only a small fold in the fabric of light. The mantra is the infinite purifying power, bringing us through the darkness and returning us to the infinite Light.

Thank you, Gurumayi, with all my love and my heart filled with gratitude.

California, USA

The mantra is infinite.
The force of the mantra is infinite.
The purifying force of the mantra is infinite.

New York, USA

Last night, sleep was evading me as I got caught in the restlessness of my mind. I remembered the image of the white flower petal and the figure eight.

I started to repeat the mantra and envisioned it flowing into the figure eight pattern—without beginning or end, a steady flow of mantra and grace. This is where I found true rest.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your teachings in all forms.

California, USA

I see a peace lily, known to purify air, cradling the purifying mantra. In turn, the mantra infuses infinitude into an ephemeral bract (a modified form of leaf). I see wholeness within wholeness. The layers of teaching that Gurumayi imparts through an ostensibly simple picture are truly extraordinary! 
Thank you ever so much, Gurumayi.

Maryland, USA

The shimmering white light along the lower edge of the mantra flower petal pulsates with love and fills my heart. It also reflects my experience of watching the sunlight play on the surface of Lake Nityananda, of gazing over the sunlit ocean and being filled with its reflection of joy, and of the inner light in meditation. 
As my eye follows around the tip of the petal to the upper line of blue-white light, I drop into a place very clear, very quiet; in fact, very pure and focused. 
And then my gaze pulls back and I read Gurumayi’s teaching: “Mantra ~ the purifying force.” And I understand that this is what I am experiencing in my journey around the flower petal and into the center of her teaching on the infinite power of the mantra.

New York, USA

In contemplating Gurumayi's teaching image, "Mantra ~ the purifying force," I am aware of the contrast between the dark background and the light foreground, reminding me that the Guru's mantra takes us from darkness to light.
The shape of the words forms the symbol for infinity, and I am reminded that the primordial sound is universal and unending.
The white petal holds the blue word mantra like a boat that carries us across the ocean of the mundane. It is also like a beacon of light, pointing the way through a sea of the unknown as we journey through life. The purifying force brings us back again and again to the mantra; and we rest there, complete in its repetition.

California, USA

I looked at the words and my heart said, “Yes.”
I looked at how they were arranged and my heart said, “Of course.”
Repeat the mantra and the force of it purifies
because the purifying force is the mantra.

With much love and honor I thank you, Gurumayi.  

Washington, USA

When I looked at the image of the flower pervaded by the Guru's word, it reminded me of the blossoming of consciousness that takes place in one who repeats the Guru's mantra or puts into practice the Guru's words, the Guru’s teachings.

The three orange stamens of the flower, radiating energy or light, reminded me of the three parts of the enlivened mantra Om Namah Shivaya, the sacred word the Guru gives us.

As I followed in my imagination the stamen back to its root or source, I asked myself, “What is the root or source of the mantra?” The scriptures say that the mantra rises from the deepest level of Consciousness, the para level, which is the level or enlightened state the Guru has attained. The Guru infuses the mantra and all of her words with the enlivened energy of her state.

In this way I contemplated and understood the Shri Guru Gita verse, "The root of mantra is the Guru's word."

Virginia, USA

When I opened the Siddha Yoga path website and saw the new teaching on mantra japa, I was struck by the energy of the color in the center of the image; it seemed like a flame. I looked more closely and saw that it was the radiant center of a flower, laden with pollen.

Then I read the teaching, "The root of mantra is the Guru's word," perfectly circling the center of the flower.

As I contemplated the image and the teaching, what came up for me is that the center of the flower carries the potency to create many more flowers; and even though the pollen may seem very subtle, it travels far and wide, spreading beauty and fragrance.

In the same way, the Guru's word, the Guru's enlivened speech, is productive, giving potency to mantras. The power of the Guru's speech also travels far and wide, spreading the sweet fragrance of Self-knowledge to seekers. It has no boundaries or limitations.

New York, USA

After I received Gurumayi's Message for the year 2013, Mantra Japa, I have been practicing mantra japa with a japa mala every evening. As I do so, I have seen a change taking place within me: I am becoming more silent within and more active in my daily activities. I am able to concentrate more on my business.

One thing I have observed is that if some unwanted negative thought takes place in my mind, slowly, gently, and with love, the mantra Om Namah Shivaya rises above that thought and brings my focus to the mantra. I understand that the practice of mantra japa is continuously going on within, and is guiding me and keeping me focused in my activities.

The practice of mantra japa has filled me with an abundance of love, respect for others, and for my Self. Now I feel more satisfied, peaceful, and happy. 

Thank you, Gurumayiji.

Nasik, India

When I opened the Siddha Yoga path website this afternoon and read the words around the exquisite orange stamen of a purple flower, my eyes went to the source of the teaching, Shri Guru Gita.  It immediately took me back to a moment in my sadhana when I realized that the scriptures are not aloof teachings very distant from me. In fact, the scriptures are about me. In that moment, the distance I felt from the scriptures melted away and my heart became tender with gratitude.  
Gurumayi's teachings on mantra japa have been selected from Baba’s teachings, from Jyota se Jyota Jagao, from Shri Guru Gita—texts I have come to love and cherish. Studying them, I experience that the distance between these words and my Self has melted away.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for these precious, precious gifts.

Hawaii, USA

As I was falling asleep last night, I heard a thunder clap so strong that it shook my house. It continued to reverberate as it moved away, for what seemed to be almost a full minute. I had never heard such thunder before.

I woke in the night hearing the sound of the mantra reverberating within my heart.

Then today, in the late afternoon, clouds rolled in once again. This time there were bolts of lightning with the thunder, followed by a heavy, sweet spring rain.
I feel that Nature is celebrating the teachings on mantra japa that Gurumayi is sharing with all of us. Lightning represents the awakening we pray for and the true flame alive in our hearts. The falling rain represents the teaching that there is a love like nectar in our hearts, and thunder represents the vibration of the Supreme Self. I'm filled with wonder and gratitude.         

New York, USA

Today, when I looked at Baba's words about the mantra being the vibration of the Self, I was immediately pulled inside myself. I started to meditate right in front of the computer.
I went deep inside. I could hear the mantra as the vibration of the Self, and it was very subtle.
For me, through the Siddha Yoga path website, the Guru's grace is flowing abundantly toward all of us. We are so fortunate to be able to receive the Guru's grace just like that in front of our computer.

Thank you to my beloved Gurumayi. And thank you to the SYDA Foundation.

Paris, France

Today, April 10, 2013, is Gudhi Padva. On this New Year’s Day celebration in certain areas of India, flags colored bright orange, golden yellow, or red are displayed in the entrance to homes.

For me, Baba’s luminous words on mantra, appearing on a field of brilliant orange and gold, evoke the vibrancy of the Supreme Self and also reflect the joyful colors of this day.

Shubh Gudhi Padva to all!

Shree Muktananda Ashram

Thanks for such wonderful teachings on mantra japa. Yesterday, when I was meditating at night, during the initial stage I wasn’t repeating the mantra. A little later, I found that even though I was not reciting the mantra, the mantra was continuously repeating inside me.

In the morning, when I read Babaji’s teaching, I realized that it was the vibration of the Supreme Self.

Thank you, Gurumayiji.

Jalgaon, India

As I looked at the Siddha Yoga path website this morning, a happy orange colour popped up.

I felt so much power coming to me from the screen. A smile seemed to come from the letters of Supreme Self, and I smiled back. Then something really funny happened. The purple-coloured letters of Mantra changed into the form of a key. The white letters of Supreme Self seemed to go round and round in a circle. I burst into laughter, and I could not stop. I was just sitting there laughing with so much happiness inside. Feelings of joy and love filled me.

What a great and happy start of the day! I have been feeling like laughing and smiling all day long, inside and outside!

Thank you, Baba! Thank you, Gurumayi, for giving us this happy, happy teaching!

Gentofte, Denmark

I was just contemplating that the mantra is a living force and it is vibrating in everything; and then I opened up to the Siddha Yoga path website, where I saw manifested before my eyes this beautiful golden color and light with the mantra vibrating as the Supreme Self. An explosion of love happened in my heart. Yes, we are all one in that vibration.
Thank you, beloved Gurumayi!

Washington, USA

While I was in deep meditation this morning, I heard the first lawnmower of the season. I was aware it was a lawnmower, but it sounded like Om. And in the silence that followed, I also heard the hum of the universe, the Om that is always resounding.

Washington, USA

Recently, I started feeling down after I let my mind get into some negative thinking. Suddenly, Baba's teaching, "A perfect joy abides in the heart, a love like nectar. Go there and find it," came to my mind. I began chanting the mantra with great focus, knowing that chanting God's name is a way to the heart and to joy. And it worked!

Hawaii, USA

It is a beautiful morning here at the beach, and reading Baba's Shakti-filled words, I could feel the wellspring of love inside me. Seeing God's world as the sun rises—the flowers are in bloom and the expanse is so great—makes me want to turn inside and thank God. 

Having the Siddha Yoga path in my life is having a life full of love.

South Carolina, USA

Contemplating the teaching on mantra japa this morning, I can feel the rasa, the sweetness, the ecstasy within me. 

Thank you, Gurumayi. And thank you to all the people who make it possible to connect with the Guru’s Shakti in this way.

Georgia, USA

Amidst a busy day at work, I’m so glad I took time today to visit the Siddha Yoga path website to look for Gurumayi’s new teaching on mantra japa. I was enchanted by Baba’s words and the image, and I noticed that as I engaged with them, I took several deep breaths and sensed my whole body relax.

Because Baba’s words themselves are chaitanya, reading them, I became aware of how readily I entered the Heart, experiencing the joy and the love within that Baba is speaking about.

With immense gratitude,

Perth, Western Australia

This morning, on the way to meditate, I opened the Siddha Yoga path website for inspiration. There were Baba's words, blessing me, giving me a focus and sending me to the heart to meditate.

With delight and deep gratitude, I'm on my way.

North Carolina, USA

What a joy to read the words of Baba, to close my eyes and taste the sweetness of mantra japa. I could stay there forever.

Montréal, Canada

Since the beginning of the year, my practice of mantra japa has been reinvigorated and renewed. I have been contemplating my experiences of Gurumayi’s Teachings on mantra japa and recording them in my journal. I have been looking for the perfect word to describe the exquisite feelings of tenderness, reverence, and love that I’ve been experiencing. Today, when I read the teaching from Baba, I realised that I have been swimming in the “love like nectar” of my own heart.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for showering us with your grace, and thank you for bringing us together in this way. One heart. One love. Thank you to my fellow devotees whose experiences have inspired and touched me deeply.

Berri, Australia

I have been singing Jyota se Jyota Jagao and loving this beautiful prayer for many years. Yet when I saw the English translation of the verse encircling the crescent moon, I felt I was seeing it for the first time! I realized that I had never memorized the translation, and I was inspired to do just that. Now these sublime words stay with me throughout the day—the prayer, the remembrance, the gratitude.

Thank you, Gurumayi, with all my heart.

Shree Muktananda Ashram

When I saw this teaching last evening, I thought, “This prayer is so true, and so accessible. Why not take it to heart?" I repeated the teaching until I fell asleep. Upon waking during the night, I became aware of the mantra and the tide of my breath, and understood this to be the music of So’ham and my soul. I drifted back to sleep until just after 5 a.m., when I awoke for work. As I pulled up the blinds, a very slight sliver of the waning moon was rising. It looked just like the image on the website. I felt I'd come full circle with my mantra repetition and Nature was consecrating my experience. I started this day by counting my blessings... and that's a great start.

Thank you! 

New York, USA

The day before yesterday, I woke up in the middle of the night with some varied thoughts, images, and people on my mind. In that moment, something within me encouraged me to let go of all those thoughts, and I made a conscious choice to focus on the space of the Heart. It was easy to drop all the thoughts and to focus on silence of the Heart. My mind became completely still. It felt like my mind was receiving true rest in that space within, which was empty and void of all feelings, thoughts, and images. The only sensation was of being alive. Even the mantra dissolved in that space.

Keeping that awareness, I went back to sleep, and I had the most beautiful dream of the full moon. In that dream I was watching the full moon for the longest time, and at one point it turned into the Blue Pearl.

The moon has been on my mind since then. So it was very beautiful to see this image of the moon with the quote from Jyota se Jyota Jagao today on the Heart. It made me realize once again that we all are connected at all times, with each other, with the Guru, with the Universe, by being connected to the Heart.

Thank you, Gurumayi!

Mumbai, India

These beautiful lines from Jyota se Jyota Jagao resonated very strongly with me. A few days ago, I saw a beautiful image in my meditation. I was sitting on the floor of a deep canyon in front of a small bonfire. The fire was blue and burning silently. I looked up at the night sky where there were hundreds of stars shimmering, and I felt that the universe is full of infinite possibilities that can lead us towards our highest and greatest destiny. I felt so hopeful and expanded and uplifted.

May this true flame of ardent aspiration for the Divine continue to rise in my heart, and may I open myself to grace and Shakti and love in order to live that glorious destiny.

Mumbai, India

Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for blessing us with this teaching.

It has made me aware of the sound of my breath. Now I will practise listening to the sound of my breath and get connected to all.

Surat, India