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As I revisit, contemplate, and meditate on the first two Teachings, the two images for the Teachings, and the commentaries, I feel the mantra take on new life in my breathing, with a joyous expansion in my heart. I have become inspired to start commenting on the teachings in my own words. As I do this practice, it all seems to be taking root in my heart in a magical way.

Virginia, USA

Studying Gurumayi’s Teachings on Mantra Japa and the Swamijis’ commentaries on them has been leading to a fuller unfolding of their meaning for me.

As I began contemplating Baba’s teaching, it stirred up an array of questions within me. When do I feel joyful and experience love like nectar? Deep within me I knew the answer: it’s when I am connected to my heart. And I also realized how often my mind, seeking love and joy from outside, travels away from my inner Self, which is constantly offering love to me.

Today, as I left for my work, I decided to focus on and have complete faith in my inner Self by practicing mantra japa silently and remaining aware of the feeling of joy inside.

I couldn’t stop smiling all day long as even the tiniest detail of my day unfolded magically, simply because I was focusing silently on mantra japa and remembering Baba’s teaching.

I offer my deepest gratitude to beloved Gurumayi for so lovingly guiding us on each step of this journey. 

Pune, India

This afternoon I sat for a longer meditation on Baba's teaching and the commentary on it. Immediately my mind quieted, and I glided inside to a deep place of peace and a natural joy and love inside my heart that was beyond the surface of outer life noise. It was as if I dove from the surface of the noisy ocean of thoughts into a deep, powerful silence filled with happiness. I knew I had touched that state that Baba spoke about and that it was mine to claim.

I plan on dipping into that ocean of nectar again and again until it is my permanent conscious state! 

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your guidance and grace in these sacred teachings, which allow us to have a full experience of them as we apply them in our sadhana.

Massachusetts, USA

Today I studied Gurumayi’s Teaching on Mantra Japa for Day Two. I carefully read the Teaching and the commentary on it, then closed my eyes and let them reverberate in my awareness. An insight blossomed very strongly from within: the Guru's chaitanya mantra is the vehicle that can carry my mind back to its source.

As I breathed in this truth, it felt as if my mind softened and smiled. The mantra is the means; the mantra is the goal. The Guru is with us at the beginning of the journey, during it, and at its culmination.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for illumining the goal and teaching the means to achieve it.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Thank you very much for sharing this clear understanding of the Siddha Yoga teachings. I'm so inspired by reading these words that I’m eager to renew and refresh my commitment to my sadhana. I know that by following these teachings they will lead me to attain what is already inside me, the eternal and true joy and love!

Hermosillo, Mexico