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A Book by Swami Shantananda

splendor of recognition
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Recently, I was reflecting on the teaching from Baba, "Mantra is the vibration of the Supreme Self," and the commentary by Swami Shantananda. Quite unexpectedly, my attention was drawn to the image for this teaching.

I found I could extract so much understanding from reflecting on the image, and I found the process fun and creative too. Feelings of joy started to arise from inside me as I engaged with the teaching in this way, and it felt to me that my experience mirrored aspects of the supreme Self—playful, joyous, and creative.

Then, as I returned to reflect on the words, I experienced insights into the meaning of mantra that helped to bring a more concrete quality to my understanding of the teaching.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for offering me a new (and fun) way of learning, for showing me that by immersing myself in both the words and the images, I can experience the teaching itself.

Havant, United Kingdom

After reading Swami Shantananda's Commentary on the Teaching on Mantra Japa for Day Three, I decided to take an inventory on how I have changed since increasing my practice of mantra japa at the beginning of the year. Overall, I am finding that as the days and weeks pass by, I am feeling lighter and lighter, judging myself and others less and feeling more loving to myself and others. It is so very wonderful! I am filled with gratitude.
Before hearing Gurumayi’s Message, Mantra Japa, my awareness of myself was more centered on the physical form of my body. Now, I am more aware of vibrations of love and light expanding through my physical form. Not only is my awareness of my physical self being transformed into my awareness of my divine Self but my environment is also feeling transformed—more peaceful and loving.
Mantra japa—what a simple and miraculous spiritual practice! The more I practice mantra japa, the more it is becoming spontaneous throughout the day. I am realizing mantra japa as the divine vibration expanding from within me out to all. Sometimes, I tell myself I am not alone repeating the mantra; I am part of a divine chorus vibrating mantra japa around the world. I feel so incredibly blessed.

New York, USA