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Swami Anantananda

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The other day, as I was writing down in my journal Swami Anantananda's Commentary on the Teaching for Day Five, I realized the power in the experience of handwriting the text. While writing, I was literally savoring each word, its meaning, and the act of writing it down. In so doing, I had time to contemplate each word I was writing, to think over everything that was being said, and to recall and contemplate my previous experiences of the point I was now taking note of.

Today, this process became powerful to the point that I realized I was experiencing Matrika Shakti, the divine power inherent in words. It was as if she was saying to me, "I am present not only in the mantra given by the Guru, but also here, in every word you are writing down. I am present as this energy that pulsates between the words and is leading you to contemplate and experience your understanding from a new perspective."

Salutations to Matrika Shakti, whose power is purifying my mind and washing away my misunderstandings.

Salutations to you, Gurumayi!

São Paulo, Brazil

As I was meditating this morning, I noticed a heaviness in my heart, and then Gurumayi's teaching, "Mantra—the purifying force," spontaneously arose from within. When the teaching came up, I started repeating the mantra with greater focus. Later, I started chanting the mantra, visualizing it purifying my mind and heart. I felt such tender gratitude for the mantra and for Gurumayi's love and grace. I then noticed a gentle feeling of love rising in my heart.

Later in the day, when I saw Swami Anantananda's commentary, I loved that my heart had already heard it!

Washington, USA