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Joining Hands in Prayer


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Today, while hearing some difficult news, I felt a powerful surge of fear fill my being. Almost immediately, I was graced with the awareness of my breath and the mantra. Taking an intentional, deep inbreath together with the mantra I experienced the energy of fear transforming into the divine vibration of mantra, bathing me in peace and comfort, reassuring me.
Shortly afterwards, while still taking intentional deep inbreaths of 'ham and long outbreaths of So, I experienced a soft, subtle, pulsating glow of tiny particles of light filling the air, and emanating from people and objects. I remembered Gurumayi's words, "The mantra starts vibrating everywhere." My eyes glistened in deep gratitude.
Yes, this is an incredible, miraculous, sacred path!
Thank you, Gurumayi.  The practice of mantra japa has led me to the personal experience of the Self vibrating in light everywhere.

New York, USA

Earlier this year, I immersed myself in the study and practice of Gurumayi’s teachings on mantra japa. During the past few days, as I’ve revisited them here amidst the images of the hands of people around the globe practicing japa, these teachings have been landing even more strongly within me, revealing new meaning.
And then there is the culminating teaching, which galvanizes my attention:
As we become one with it, that mantra starts vibrating everywhere.
These words from Gurumayi remind me never to underestimate the power inherent in the practice of mantra japa Gurumayi has given us, infused with her grace—the power to purify, uplift, and transform not only ourselves, but the world we live in.

a Siddha Yoga meditation teacher

As I was watching the video, I became completely absorbed in it. At first, I was laughing and enjoying it. And then the power coming through the photos of the japa malas slowly drew me into silence.
I felt Gurumayi with me through the power of mantra japa.

Ahmedabad, India

I paused as I read Gurumayi's words every particle of breath. This concept was totally new to me, so I contemplated these grace-filled words and then sat for meditation. While coordinating my breath with So'ham, I had visions of particles of light, accompanied by particles of sound similar to bees humming. 
This is such a wonderful, new awareness for me. Before, I was aware only of the incoming and outgoing breaths. Now, I am also aware of the wonderful expansion that exists within each part, with particles of light and sound—the bliss of the Self!
Afterwards, I did my different chores throughout the day with increased awareness of So'ham. The inner humming continued, and I felt filled with more light and love. When I went to the supermarket, I could feel oneness with each person.
Thank you, Gurumayi.

New York, USA

I viewed this video while I was awaiting the train on my way back home. It was so powerful. As I was watching different images of people repeating the mantra with the japa mala, I felt the mantra arising from within. I did not have to try to repeat the mantra. It was coming spontaneously from within, constantly repeating itself, all the way home.

Sydney, Australia

After viewing the video this morning, I contemplated Gurumayi's words, Mantra: the purifying force. It occurred to me that each mantra repetition by a sister or brother devotee around the world is also the purifying force vibrating through me, releasing limiting thoughts and beliefs that hinder my progress towards liberation. Also, each one of my mantra repetitions helps all.
What a wonderful service I can offer anywhere, anytime, to uplift others—mantra japa!
Thank you, Gurumayi. Your words of grace uplift me throughout the day.

New York, USA

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. after Christmas, my mind occupied with ideas. I sat to write my thoughts on paper, but before writing, I opened this home page. Sitting in front of Bade Baba helped me find the right words. Then I watched "Joining Hands in Prayer." Now at 6:30 a.m. there are no more words to say; there is only my breathing and the mantra resonating inside.
Thank you, Gurumayi. And thank you to the SYDA Foundation for this inspiring creativity and love.

Zurich, Switzerland

Upon seeing the blue fruit yielded by the rudraksha tree, I am reminded of how God blesses us with the means of worshiping, of recognizing our oneness with all. There is a blessed cycle in which we, as human beings, play a role, much as the trees, the crystals, the pearls do. From the rudraksha fruit, humans form malas, and with those malas, offer our love and recognition back to God.
Gurumayi, your grace is ever abundant. Thank you for yet another reminder of who we are and our role of service in this life.

Washington, USA

At the entrance to the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Sydney, there are two huge rudraksha trees. The fruits of the trees drop to the driveway and lie there— so incredibly blue. It's as if the tree surrenders and offers its fruit to us.
I have saved three of those blue rudraksha fruits and they are on my desk at work. When I look at them, it is a reminder to repeat the mantra throughout the day. I take a deep breath in, and out comes the mantra. It feels like such a natural thing to do. This is truly the fruit of Mantra Japa.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for such a vibrant and vital message for 2013.

Sydney, Australia

The images of hands performing japa speak to me of the universal connection of our hearts. The path to the inner Self unites us all.
Merry Christmas to one and all!

North Side, Anguilla

When I view the flowing river, I think of the shakti and grace passed down to us from Bade Baba, to Baba, to Gurumayi, to us. The divine vibration of mantra bathes the earth in peace and joy. 

New York, USA

After a pre-dawn japa walk in the soft spaciousness of the clear summer sky, I opened the website to this beautiful offering. Thank you so much.

There is such beautiful tenderness in the photos, so many different expressions of mantra japa being offered, so much variety in location, in expression, in creativity; yet all are expressions of the one divine love. As I sit with this, I experience the same tenderness, delight, and wonder—love—within myself.

As the day unfolds, the blessings of this greeting will circle the globe—such a wondrous thought.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Kyneton, Australia

What a wonderful gift for these days, a japa mala of images and teachings from Gurumayi!
In the midst of watching the video, I started to think that there are so many of us around the world repeating the mantra, so many in prayer, so many following the Siddha Yoga teachings, so many in silence… and my mind became quiet and still.
This gift is so beneficial. I had not recognized before that there are so many people looking for the Truth within and that this video connects me to the Siddha Yoga worldwide sangham. I can see the light that each one brings to the others, to the planet. 
Thank you, Siddha Yoga students all around the world, for your constant practice of mantra japa.
Thank you, Gurumayi!

Reggio Emilia, Italy

When the video was finished, I felt as if I had traveled around the world on the breath of mantra, in union with each devotee as we held the japa mala together in prayer. 
Afterwards, I sat for meditation coordinating my breath with So'ham.
Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for helping me to realize that the breath of So'ham within me is the same breath of So'ham within all of creation.

New York, USA

This is FABULOUS! What an incredible loving feeling wells up watching this!

Modiin, Israel

After watching this video, I feel so much freedom! So much light! So much Christmas spirit!

Graz, Austria

While I was watching the video and doing japa, my mind became very still. I envisioned a book that I’m writing and have been struggling to organize for weeks take shape before my eyes. I was so grateful for the beautiful images and stillness, and I felt a sense of rest just watching the images.
Thank you, Gurumayi.

New York, USA

What an extraordinary gift to all of us is this video! It offers so many layers of messages and meanings for us to contemplate and cherish.
It seemed to me that the images are like beads threaded on the sacred theme of transformation. The video opens with the transformation promised by the sunrise; then it takes us to the amazing transformations in nature that bring forth the pearl, the crystal, the amber, and finally, the rudraksha bead, all of which become the instrument of our transformation as we perform mantra japa.
Seeing so many striking pictures of nature's power to transform—and to bring forth new fruit—was a powerful and encouraging reminder for me of the power of each chaitanya mantra to transform every one of us.

Illinois, USA

Seeing the photos of Siddha Yoga students offering mantra japa all around the world—night and day, indoors and out, in cities and in nature, the child and the grandmother—created in me a great feeling of peace and contentment.
This peace feels to me like the stillness of the Self that permeated the video, uniting everyone whose praying hands appeared there. And my contentment arises from realizing, once again, how blessed I am to be a member of this universal family.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for all the gifts with which you bless us throughout the year. And thank you to the website seva team for continuing to offer us so much beauty, creativity, and thoughtfulness.

Oregon, USA

When I viewed this splendid, transforming video, I entered into the shakti of its stillness and immediately became aware of the soothing rhythm of So’ham, synchronizing my breathing with each passing photo. Feelings of separation dissolved, as I felt each devotee's hand transform into my hand, with the prayer of mantra vibrating in our one heart.
I realized that, just like the rudraksha bead, each one of us is made from the sun and the splendors of the earth. We are each a bead on an infinite mala circling the globe, vibrating So'ham in unison with the earth—one world, a flower of mantra blossoming into the light.

New York, USA

Thank you for this exhilarating video with its beautiful reminders of our kinship around the globe through the Guru's grace that connects our hearts.

Florida, USA

Oh, the deep, still quiet that this beautiful piece gave me. Thank you for this gift!

Virginia, USA

Thank you for this beautiful video, uniting us once again in prayer, in meditation, in mantra repetition. I love the sacred silence I experienced.
During my review of 2013, I read through my notes following A Sweet Surprise Satsang 2013. I realized that this year I have become kinder to myself. Fears that I carried have subsided significantly. Because it is so portable, the practice of mantra japa has helped me to be more flexible in my sadhana. All this has had a very calming and freeing effect on me.
Because of Gurumayi’s grace and love, which we feel especially strongly right now, my children and I can begin each New Year with A Sweet Surprise, supporting us each year to become—step by step—ever closer to God, the Self of all.

California, USA

This video touched my heart and soul to their core. Seeing the vivid blue fruit of the rudraksha tree, the loving hands making the japa malas, the hands uniting all over the world in mantra japa—stunning!
The Guru's commands are so beautifully and eloquently offered to us all. Of course, 2014 will be an amazing year. How can it not be? The mantra is certainly encircling the world, touching our lives and hearts.
I am so honored to be able to walk this path with a Guru, a Master, who so openly shares the secrets of the universe. 
Thank you, Gurumayi, for sharing your grace with the world.

New Mexico, USA