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Meditating on the Column of Light Within

Taught by Siddha Yoga Meditation Teacher Shankari Humphrey

In Session III, “Meditating on the Column of Light Within,” participants will practice traveling to the madhya by focusing on the central energy channel within their being.

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During meditation I envisioned the “column of light within.” Then I experienced the column of light as balls of sparks in my sushumna. Fireworks were exploding and expanding everywhere—soundless, heatless, effervescent lights, becoming and containing the entire universe. I felt I was each tiny, brilliant spark, and the space between the sparks was infinite and glorious—all this existing and happening within me.
What a divine gift! And I can re-visit it anywhere, any time, by turning my attention back to the column of light within.

 Florida, USA

As I closed my eyes and focused on the breath, my stream of thought ceased quickly. As I eased into the mental posture described in the satsang, I became aware of a gentle hazy light, white, yellow, and reddish in color. I focused on this light and allowed my awareness to bathe in and “drink” the joy emanating from within, as my inner gaze became absorbed in the light.

Later, bluish swirls of irregular oval shapes appeared with a black patch emerging from inside of them. I followed these inner movements and the accompanying feelings of joy and contentment until the gong sounded, indicating the end of the session.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this bounteous series that gives the joyous experience of leading us toward the madhya.

New Jersey, USA

In Meditation Session III, my experience of the column of light was profound. As the meditation teacher softly led us into meditation, I focused inwardly and began to envision that within myself existed a column of light, the sushumna nadi.

Shortly, I saw a beautiful column appear. It wasn't a static rod, as I expected. The column appeared as a multitude of very thin strands of light that formed a full, vibrating columnar shape. As I felt the energy move upward, the light moved through the strands as well. Shimmering strands changed in varying hues of gold and soft white. I could also feel the pulsing energy of the column in the center of my being as the shakti moved upward, filling my sahasrara with a gentle force and creating a mild euphoria in my being. Then this column of light began to spread, like gentle fireworks, and sparks of light softly filled me within. There was nothing but golden light, as I felt my physical body melt away.

Arizona, USA