Pathways to the Madhya, the Source of Bliss

Meditation Sessions via Live Audio Stream 2016

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I love to participate in these meditation sessions early in the morning. I prepare by lighting the diya, a small oil lamp made of baked clay, and offering a prayer at my puja where I have a picture of Gurumayi. Then I settle down in front of my computer and open up the Siddha Yoga path website. When I come to the page where the live stream session is about to begin, I pause, and with folded hands I pranam—bow with respect, as the sound of the flute begins.

As someone who loves hatha yoga, I have long made it a practice to pay attention to the breath, so I was especially grateful for Meditation Session II on following the movement of the breath.

During one of the breathing exercises, I experienced a sense of becoming one with universal Consciousness. When the teacher then explained how the breath is one and the same as Chiti Shakti, my heart overflowed with gratitude. As we were led into meditation, I took deep inhalations and long slow exhalations, slowly becoming aware of the breath merging into my entire being. Gradually, my breath fell into a natural rhythm, and I became the breath, gliding into the state of meditation without a sense of effort. I rested within the vision of a blue light—cool, serene, and peaceful.

As I emerged from meditation, my breath once again became long and deep. I offered a pranam to my breath for leading me to the madhya.

Since participating in this session, I have become much more aware of my breathing during the day. I know that it connects me to the tranquility within.

A Siddha Yogi from Nairobi, Kenya

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