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Alexander the Great Visits Diogenes

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2020

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As I listened to the last sentence, where Diogenes declared that he too would want to be Diogenes if he weren't Diogenes, a leap of joy sprang from my heart. His words expressed his allegiance to the Truth and made me feel both relief and inspiration.
Relief because in the deepest part of my being I yearn to experience this Truth in as clear a way as voiced in Diogenes’s last words, and inspiration because of his lighthearted humor. I learned that the Truth does not mean heavy seriousness; rather, it can be a simple expression of mindful joy.

California, United States

Reading this story, I realize that having to stay home at this time offers me the golden opportunity to experience the peace and contentment that arise  from the light of the Heart within.
I also realize that this inner contentment is always available to me.

Montreal, Canada

I love this story, especially the way Diogenes is described as someone who “believed that happiness could be found in personal freedom, living authentically, and speaking the truth.”
This mirrors my own experience—being happy with the freedom to be myself, living authentically, and speaking the truth of my own heart.

Maryland, United States

Oh, Diogenes! What a wonderful way to express your 100 percent acceptance of your own Self!  What a great story for our times!

Florida, United States

Some years ago I met a man who I felt was speaking to me with a sense of superiority. I had heard this story of Alexander and Diogenes, and I responded to the man, as Diogenes did to Alexander: “Get out of my sun.”
Today, reading this benevolent version of the story, I understand that everyone in this world is searching for the Truth, and I have to welcome others with a benevolent attitude.

Rodez, France