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As Fate Would Have It

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2019

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This wonderful story has taught me that I can steer forward my own destiny—with silent contemplation, praying for guidance, and trusting the Guru's voice within. Then, whatever the outcome, it will be what is best for me.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for giving me right understanding and the courage to face the challenges of life. 

Nairobi, Kenya

I love this story. As I read it, I really identified with how those soldiers felt just before the general tossed the coin: curious and hopeful, wanting to believe that their fate is not predetermined. 
For me, the story affirms that I have the power to change my destiny and that I needn’t be defined by aspects of myself and my situation. Whenever I read or contemplate this teaching, I feel hope and a surge of energy in my being—an elation like the soldiers felt. Yes, yes, anything is possible!
With the Guru’s grace, I can create a chosen destiny. It is in my hands. What a blessing!

Sydney, Australia

What a beautifully rendered story!
As I listened to the story and read along, I watched how my mind was constantly looking to know what would happen next. I watched how it was busy working out what the fate of the soldiers would be.  I was struggling to remain present
I realized that like the General I needed to go to a calmer place in my heart to achieve focus.  So I paused, took a deep breath, and this time simply listened.  I saw that the soldiers’ renewed focus and lack of self-doubt enabled them to harness their capacity to create their own fate.
Through Gurumayi’s teachings, I feel I am truly beginning to understand the power of the mind. And I am learning how to be watchful of my mind, so as to bring it back to its own light.

Versoix, Switzerland

This story leapt out at me as a perfect metaphor for sadhana. We must fight each battle as it arises—regardless of our preferences—and we always have the Guru to give us a “heads up” and bestow grace upon our efforts. If we willingly fight the battle that must be fought, we will always be victorious in the highest sense.

California, United States

This is the story of me! All the elements of the story are in my life too. Sometimes, like the soldiers, my mind feels tired and despondent. It can become droopy and lackluster, and in this way it courts defeat.

Fortunately, there is a wise general at the helm in the form of my own inner Self and my Guru’s unfailing guidance. Like the general, I am drawn to pray, to allow my mind to become still and seek divine protection and solace in the silence. And when I get really quiet, I hear it: "plink." Just like the shiny coin, a teaching pops in, an insight arises, a feeling of peace descends, my heart softens. And then I have the energy and momentum to move forward.

When I turn within in this way, my experience is that, like the coin, grace never fails to arrive and it is perfect from every angle. With this divine vision, there is always only victory.

Castlemaine, Australia