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Mother's Day 2021

In Honor of Mother’s Day 2021

Devi Anasuya, the Mother of the Gods

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Reading this story set in Chitrakuta reminded me of another Chitrakuta—in Gurudev Siddha Peeth in 1991, when my wife and I were offering seva there. Gurumayi was then in residence and many people had come from all over the world to be with her. Eventually all the accommodations filled up and still visitors were arriving.
To provide for the latest arrivals, a tented village was put up in an adjoining field. Gurumayi called it Chitrakut and we were appointed “the Mayor and Mayoress of Chitrakut.” We were to look after people and ensure they were as comfortable as possible. Gurumayi visited Chitrakut frequently. She would walk through the tents to spend time with everyone staying there, speaking and laughing with them. It was a very joyful time.
Neither of us knew this story until now. Reading it brought back so many smiling memories of how Gurumayi’s boundless grace and love transformed what seemed to be an ordinary field in the countryside into “a celestial abode on earth”—like the first Chitrakuta so many ages before.

Hazelbury Bryan, United Kingdom

On page 10 of this story, I read that Lord Shiva and the other gods could tell that the golden white light before them “wasn't from the sun.” This image moved me deeply, for it reminded me of a similar experience I had in Gurudev Siddha Peeth in the early 1980s.
One morning, after Gurumayi had returned from a tour, she sat on a tree ring in the courtyard and we all gathered to sit around her. At some point I saw a golden light illumine Gurumayi's face. I remember looking around the courtyard for a light source yet the whole courtyard was in shadow. Gurumayi's eyes twinkled. Finally I just gave up looking for the source and reveled in the experience.
After Gurumayi left the courtyard, I approached a friend and asked her if she had seen that light on Gurumayi's face. My friend had also been astonished at the light and she too wondered where that light had come from. We both agreed that this light “wasn't from the sun”—it was not of this world.

Hawaii, United States

As I read this beautifully rendered story of Devi Anasuya, I felt as though my entire being was being bathed in effulgent light and tender compassion. How moving that even the gods of creation, sustenance, and dissolution wished to experience the fragrant sweetness of a mother's love.  

I am so grateful to Shri Gurumayi for unfailingly guiding my heart toward the source of all: unconditional Love. Happy Mother's Day!

California, United States

To me, this is such a beautiful and moving story of unconditional love.  

I was so touched to discover in this rendering that even deities, such as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva, “yearned to know this purest, sweetest, unbounded and unconditional love."

My heart is filled to the brim in remembrance of this love.

Sydney, Australia