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The Disciples and the Fruit

About the Author
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I enjoyed this beautiful story about the power of the Guru's words and I learned two important lessons from it. First, the Guru’s teachings are not mere words and I must reflect, contemplate, and understand them thoroughly; only then will the fire of knowledge manifest in my own mind. And second, I must create a strong intention to abide by the Guru’s teachings; only such a strong intention will prepare me to carry out the task given by the Guru.

Cuttack, India

In this story I love that the same words of the Guru are interpreted on different levels by different people. It reminds me of the uniqueness of each person’s perspective and sadhana, despite having the same teacher and the same assignment. In a beautiful mirroring, one ate the fruit, then got the understanding, while the other, having understood, then got the fruit. Both received sweet prasad according to their needs!

Sainte Anne de Bellevue, Canada

I am moved by the simplicity of this story, which teaches that God is indeed everywhere. The narrative is a great teaching for our children and for ourselves. I am drawn to close my eyes and feel God’s presence in my breath; then I smile in gratitude.

Valencia, Spain

This morning my  seven-year-old son was participating in his classroom remotely; the students were discussing whether they are all different or all the same. My son spoke up and said that they are neither; he said, “We are all one.” As I paused in my work to listen to this exchange, I heard my son repeating with conviction “We are all one.” When he said that, I felt Gurumayi's presence in my heart.
Later in the day, we came to the computer together. When I clicked on the Siddha Yoga path website to open it, we found this story on the homepage. I started reading the story to him and found the timing of this story and his comment today so synchronistic. We are all one, God is in everything!

New York, United States

This story shows me that the Guru's prasad, the Guru’s state, and the ripening of true understanding in the disciple all come from following the Guru's command. And that true aloneness is being with God everywhere at all times in all people. I'm grateful for this precious understanding.

Connecticut, United States

For twenty-two years I have been on this amazing path, where I am rewarded with Gurumayi’s priceless teachings. They are golden nuggets which have taught me to see God everywhere—like in this story.  I am the disciple and the teachings are the fruits that the Guru bestows on me. I always feel God’s presence in the whole universe, and see his creation as a reflection of him. I also feel Gurumayi’s presence very strongly in my heart, where distances are nonexistent.

Mersin, Turkey

This story reminded me that I have been given commands by Gurumayi that I feel I did not follow directly. After contemplating this story in regard to one of those commands which was accompanied by prasad, I had to realize that the Guru's prasad comes with layers of meaning. In my case, I had limited knowledge at the outset, and so took her command at face value.  
Now, however, as I contemplate the role of this command in my life over the last 25 years, I realize how it has made my understanding expand, enabling me to apply it to people and things that I never before considered part of God. I don't know where the prasad will end, but now I see how it keeps expanding—as long as I continue to contemplate it. 

Washington, United States

This story reminds me of an experience I had at my very first Siddha Yoga retreat with Gurumayi, in 1995 in Palm Springs, California. I was sitting outdoors by myself, resting, and then I heard someone approaching, and calling out to someone else, "Come on, there is no one here!" I recognized the voice and immediately I was puzzled: how could he say and believe that there was no one else around, in light of the Guru’s teachings?
That experience was fundamental in my sadhana and it keeps reminding me of two things: the truth that I'm truly never alone, and the need to keep my awareness open so that I notice how I perceive any situation, and how I label it. This is a deep and ever-challenging practice, but ever so vital in my sadhana and my life.
Today is the twenty-sixth anniversary of my receiving shaktipat diksha, spiritual awakening. I'm eternally grateful to have received this gift and to have been awakened to this deeper awareness and ongoing seeking of the Truth.

Oslo, Norway

This story had a profound and consoling effect on me. At times I experience loneliness, and this story awakened me to another perspective: I can look inside and remember that God is everywhere and in everything. I can recognize that God remains with me always. This understanding brings me great relief!

Madrid, Spain

Meeting Gurumayi dissolved a feeling of loneliness that had accompanied me from a very young age. Since then, her grace has pervaded my life.
From time to time, however, I have felt the sense of consternation that Abhay experienced, that sense of not knowing if I’ve followed the Guru’s instructions. In those moments, I have felt alone. But then I make an effort to embrace the moment and to feel the presence of God. This brings me awareness of a presence that protects me, that nourishes me, that fills the outer space in which I find myself, as well as my inner space. This is the experience I was blessed with the first time I was in Gurumayi’s presence in darshan.

Mexico City, Mexico

What I loved about this story is that Abhay, the boy who came to understand his Guru's teaching, learned something profound, yet so did Kirtan. They both received the teaching. I am so happy to see this!  
This reaffirms my understanding that we all learn in our own time and way. I believe the Truth comes to all eventually. I’m grateful for the generous perspective of this story.

Washington, United States

I loved reading about how Abhay experienced God’s presence in the flow of the water, the wind rustling the leaves, and the birds’ songs.
Like Abhay, when I go outside for my morning walk I feel God’s presence so strongly. Just being outside, feeling the air and the open space around me, hearing the birds, seeing the sky and sometimes the moon, feeling the presence of the trees and seeing the beautiful flowers, I feel blessed. I feel that God is with me in all these forms.
It is such a good feeling to experience this sense of beauty, love, and protection around me. As I drink this in, I feel I am in direct relationship with God and that my day is blessed.

California, United States

This past year of being totally on my own has been rewarding, for it has made me aware of my ability to find happiness. As I read this story, I realized that I haven’t felt lonely. I too have felt that God is always with me.
I am so grateful to Gurumayi for leading me to this awareness through her teachings and the Siddha Yoga practices!

Ohio, United States

I was so delighted to read this story. The other day I was listening to a panel on healing when a member of the audience asked, "Why do I feel so good, so calm, when I sit looking at the sunset or at the ocean?" One answer—because nature is the witness— particularly resonated with me. This reminded me of the Siddha Yoga teachings and, like this story showing me how God is present throughout nature, moved my heart.

Massachusetts, United States

This story is beautiful! It is so simple, so tender, and at the same time it is profound and goes straight to the heart.
Since I read it, it often comes back to my mind, and at that moment I know I'm not alone; I feel the divine presence and the love and peace of God's infinite light.

Napoli, Italy

What stands out for me in this story is that Abhay must have first savored the nectar of his Guru's words by listening to them with his whole being. He allowed his mind to keep their company and they helped him discover that indeed God is present everywhere.
I am grateful for this reminder of the value of taking the time to savor the Guru's words. One way that I practice doing this is to repeat them, allowing their sound to resonate within; then I reflect on them with wonderment, and put them into practice with awareness.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for all the ways that your words guide me to the blessed company of my own heart.

New York, United States

I was glad to see that the Guru in the story nodded and accepted Kirtan's naive understanding even though the boy had not actually understood the Guru's teaching that God is everywhere. The Guru rejected neither his answer nor the boy himself. This, too, I see as the Guru's grace.
After reading that Kirtan got his "new understanding" from hearing Abhay's answer, I saw that Kirtan was not sad about his ignorance, nor did he get angry or envious. This reminds me that some students "get it" right away, while others learn more slowly, at their own pace—but the Guru loves them all. I feel sure that Kirtan, too, then practiced seeing God in everything all around him, and that the Guru was pleased with him.

Hindelang, Germany

Sometimes, like the young Abhay, I experience that God is with me, God is around me, and God is within me. This story reminds me that recently I was making my way to the local Siddha Yoga meditation center when I became afraid that I would be too late and that I might miss the satsang. I was surrounded by many people, but I “paused and connected” with myself, and I prayed to the Guru. My mind became completely absorbed in satsang and I experienced the satsang occurring within me, amidst the people around me. I again paused and connected by repeating the mantra. I perceived God in the noises, in the traffic, and again in the people around me. Once I arrived at the meditation center that day I had a happy face. I had paused and connected, and my perception had changed.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this story and its teaching to pause and connect to God. Pausing and connecting leads me to understand that God is everywhere.

Pune, India

While I was reading this story, an insight came to mind: when I feel alone, it is not that others have left me, it is that I have lost my connection with God!

Bergamo, Italy

As I finished reading this story, I found myself remembering that all things, all nature, and all thought are nothing but Consciousness. As I pondered this, I felt as though my inner chest was opening and the inner sky began to stretch out into infinite space. Peace and serenity engulfed me. My awareness moved into the center of my heart, the place of satsang, and I remembered with love that the Guru’s grace is the basis for this expansion into the experience of my true nature.

How wonderful the Guru’s teachings are!

New Jersey, United States

As I read this story, I understood that there is a teaching in everything the Guru says. I realized that to imbibe each teaching fully, I need to focus with faith, love, and commitment.

London, United Kingdom

This story moved me greatly. It so clearly showed me a tendency I have for words to travel only as far as the surface of the mind when I don’t take the time to let them sink in.
For me, satsang is the means to opening my awareness to a deeper level of truth than I normally access. When the young boy Abhay was able to hear God in the stream, in the wind’s rustle of the leaves, in the songs of the birds, I was inspired to see how he was also able to access that which is beyond the superficial cleverness of the mind. How wonderful that he could perceive the real Truth that God is everywhere and in all things. And how sweet that Truth is!
My awe and gratitude for the Guru-disciple relationship continues to grow with my own understanding. Thank you, Gurumayi, for this experience of the sweet rasa of satsang!

New York, United States